What Is Psychic Energy?

Every living and past plant, animal, human, etc has a psychic energy field around it where it is understood to be the “personal space” of the living and non living. Every country is rich with history and you will find many different places around the world where many mysteries are held and yet they pulsate with psychic energy for us to learn, decipher and understand what they are trying to tell us. Whether it be a tomb, an old village, a pyramid, sacred grounds their psychic energy is much alive today. The psychic energy of people from those centuries or eras still can be felt to this day.

Does your psychic energy get passed on through the generations


It has been found that psychic energies do get passed on through the generations, you can find families that are rich with clairvoyants, mediums, clairsentients etc. Generation after generation you will find members that are very gifted. This is where the psychic energy has passed on to a certain member or members of the family to carry on the psychic energy of the gifts of being psychic in more ways than one.


Psychic energies from mystical places.


There are many places around the world that are loaded with psychic energies such as Lourdes, The pyramids in Giza, Avebury in England, Ayers Rock in Australia, Machu Pichu in The Andes, Sedona in Arizona and Tibet just to name some. These amazing mystical places are loaded with psychic energy fields where we can experience the gifts of healing, inspiration and many blessings.



Your psychic energy field


It is important that you look after yourself in more ways than one as your psychic energy field will benefit from this in a big way. It is vital that you stay in a positive mind set always as this will keep your energy at a positive level. To understand better the impact of your thoughts why not do the following experiment.


  • You will need two bunch of fresh flowers of your choice. One bunch that you are grateful and happy to spend your money on and the other bunch when paying for it feel resentment towards it.


  • Place each bunch in separate vases in separate rooms.


The flowers that you were happy to pay for this is where you will speak lovingly towards these flowers, and show gratitude towards them and that you were happy to buy them and you love their beauty.


The other vase of flowers where you bought them with resentment is where you will speak negatively towards these flowers, that you resented spending money on them, that they look wilted and they have no scent to them and plainly you regret buying them and that they were a waste of your time and money.


Do this for a week and watch the difference for each bunch of flowers. Where you were positive these flowers will have a longer life span and will stay fresh longer, where as the bunch you spoke and thought negatively about will wilt and die much faster.


Now this will make you understand better why it is important to believe in the worth and weight of all positive thoughts as they become psychic energy as you now have become aware of this experiment.


Protect your psychic energy


The more we become in tune with other peoples objects places etc of their psychic energy this is where we really need to protect our own psychic energy centres which are called auras that envelope our body. The energy is invisible to the naked eye.


The best way to protect yourself is with the white light, simply visualize a white light filtering and enveloping your auric field. You can also cleanse your auric field by having a bath in salt water or even go for a swim in the ocean.






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