What Are Binding Spells

Witchcraft: Binding Spells and How They Work

Maybe you've read all of the Harry Potter books and watched every episode of Charmed or Bewitched, so you think you know what witches are all about. Modern witches don't exactly fit most of the TV and movie characters you've seen, however.

How to be a witch - what are binding spells - ribbons for binding

What is witchcraft? Are witches good or are they evil? Do they cast spells to cause bad things to happen? Well you get good witches and bad witches. The good witches practice their craft by creating spells, magic etc with a true intent with no harm to none. Where as bad witches do create spells, magic etc to harm and all they do is generate bad karma for themselves.


Witchcraft calls upon the powers of the universe much like a believer prays and believes in the power of God.

If you believe in God, and believe in what the Bible says, then you must believe in the powers of the universe as well.

You cannot take one side and then completely discount the other side. Therefore, universe power is real and witchcraft is one of the major ways that the universe's agenda is advanced.

Witchcraft, as the name suggest, is a ‘craft’ practiced by witches. The reason why it is called witchcraft and not wizard craft is that women mostly practiced it in ancient times. Therefore, in a way, witch craft is usually associated with women.

"What Are Binding Spells and How They Work"

A binding spell is something that stops a certain person from bothering another or hurting that person's life.

These spells can sometimes be considered curses because they affect another person’s will, but when used in the right context, they can be an effective form of self-defense.

Many people with relationship problems resort to binding spells to solve their problem when most of the time a binding spell should not be the first spell cast for a love problem.

Binding spells can also help to keep someone away from you. They can be used to direct someone's anger, love and attention towards someone or something else in their life so that they leave you alone.

An extreme binding spell is normally used to keep someone close to you so they do not move on with their life and stay to work the relationship out. Again this should be done to the highest good of both involved after all life is about free will. Now, we will learn about some common binding spells and how do they work.

  • A Very Basic Binding

Write the name of the person you wish to bind on a small slip of paper, wrap it with black thread or ribbon while thinking of binding them from doing whatever & pop it into an ice-cube tray & place it in the back of your freezer!

  • Freezer Binding Spell

To do this you will need- Black pen, piece of paper & some tin foil. Write the complete name of the person on your paper & write down everything that you wish for them to stop doing to you.

Wrap the paper in the tin foil & place in the back of the freezer. Whenever you decide that you no longer need this spell, take the tin foil out of the freezer, throw it into a fire & say- "My wish is no more, this person is free, undo this spell, without hurting thee."

  • Freezer Binding Spell to Stop an Enemy

You will need- Ice-cube tray, small pieces of paper, water, pen, sugar & honey. Write the name of the person/people causing you harm onto the pieces of paper.

Place the bits of paper in each compartment, & fill the tray with water. You can put the tray into the freezer now, or add sugar or honey to the water to sweeten them up & then freeze.

  • To Stop Someone Interfering in Your Life

You will need-piece of paper, pen, & a plastic freezer bag with a zipper closure! Write the name of the interfering person on a piece of paper & place it in the bag. Fill the bag 3/4 full with water, zip it shut & place in the back or your freezer.

  • To Stop a Liar

This spell is designed to stop someone from lying about you & indeed may even stop anyone from talking to you at all! Make a poppet of the person you wish to stop from lying. Sew up the lips & as you do so chant the following- "Let nothing of  ill will or lies fall from your lips"

Binding Spells

Binding spells are the most serious magic that a Witch can cast. Bindings can come in many different forms. The most common are cord bindings. Bindings can be either permanent or temporary. Both forms of binding spells are considered bad magic. This is because their sole purpose is to remove the free will of the target. This is nothing more than slavery. Most Witches agree that binding spells should be a last resort if used at all. A great deal of thought should be put in before doing a binding.

Try thinking of all other possible solutions that you can do to resolve your problem. Of course there are women that can be with a partner where they are very scared and frightened for their lives and want to leave them but are too scared to, well then this is where you can do a binding spell to stop them interfering with their life.


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