Understanding Crystal Magic And Their Power

Rose quartz
Rose quartz
The amazing beauty and wonders of crystal magic are vast and unique, each crystal that you choose to have in your life will be drawn to you. When you go in search of a specific crystal there will be a vast array and you find that you are physically drawn to a specific one! Well the crystal chooses YOU!

There are so many crystals that you can pick from, and each one has its unique crystal magic that you can use for spells, incantations, invocations etc. Mother nature has created crystal magic for all mankind to benefit from. You do not need to be a witch to experience the power of crystal magic. We are all gifted to experience and understand the true beauty of crystals.

An experience with black obsidian

There was a time where I was experiencing a lot of negative energy within my own home where it got to the stage where it was becoming unbearable to live in. These energies were there from time past as they built my home over a path that was used in rituals aeons of time ago, where there was a circle that was created for magic. So you can imagine how active my home was from these energies. But there was more negative energies that came to my home compliments of some friends that I had and those energies stayed to interact with the energies that were there already.

So to rid my self of all this and to put peace into my home and lay the ritual path to rest, I lit a gold candle every day for 7 days, and I used a black obsidian which I lay near the candle to absorb these negative energies.

On the seventh day I found that the energies were gone, I lay my black obsidian outside to absorb the energy of the sun and later the energy of the moon. In this way my black obsidian was cleansed and purified. As was my home, the black obsidian created its magic in my home.

The most fascinating part was when I went to purchase my black obsidian there was a vast array to pick from yet there was one piece that drew me to it and when I lay it in the palm of my hand it became alive and active and pulsated away, sending such an incredible heat through out my body. The black obsidian chose me! Today I use this black obsidian in my healing work. Also I use this amazing magic crystal to heal and activate my third eye.

Finding Crystal magic for you

There are so many beautiful crystals that have such beautiful magic within them, and they heal and manifest through their qualities and attributes. Research which crystal it is that you would like to have that will help you with whatever life situation, health issue, financial abundance that you seek. Allow the crystal to pick you when you go looking through the crystal shops. The one that comes alive in your hand sending you their energies this is the one for you.

Cannot find a particular crystal but you really want it ASAP

This is where magic unfolds like you would not believe. All you will have to do is get a picture of it. If you have a crystal book and you have the picture of the crystal or of course get it uploaded on the internet, this is where you can simply lay your hands onto the crystal and experience its magic! Ask the crystal to experience its magic time and again. You will be amazed.

Looking after your crystals

It is important that you do respect your crystals and value them, and give them a great clean from time to time. You can soak them in mineral water, and leave in the sun and moon light this helps them to discharge any energy work that they were used for and then to recharge themselves with natures healing life force.


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