The Magic Of Red Meaning In Candle Magic

The Magic and Power of Red!

Use red candles in spells to invoke passion, romance and lust
Use red candles in spells to invoke passion, romance and lust
When we want to experience more passion in our lives then red is the color. The magic of red meaning when used in candle magic can invoke the powers of energy, passion, action and vitality. The color red exudes a very strong and powerful energy. For many lovers that want to experience more passion then the color red is where you can use it to create a powerful magic for your sex life bringing in the lust and passion. .Or on the other hand to bring passion into your life.

Creating candle magic with red meaning i.e. passion, lust, energy, vitality.

If you find that your sex life is lacking with passion, lust and vitality, or you are single and want to meet a love partner that will have passion, lust and vitality for you, then this is where you can use a red candle to create it for you. It is good to boost your sex life with the color red as it really does bring out the raw passion from within for lovers.

What you will require for this spell is the following

  • 1 red candle
  • Red jasper crystal

Inscribe on the red candle lust, passion and love, then proceed to light this candle and hold the red jasper in your hand, while the candle is burning think of the color red and feel this color imbue you with its magic giving you, passion, lust and love. As you hold the red jasper crystal in your hand let its wonderful energies be absorbed by you to stimulate your sex drive, and prolong your sexual pleasures, not only that it will also energize and cleanse the sex organs.

You could also consider to use any of the other crystals in your red spell magic as listed below

Pink tourmaline is a beautiful magical stone that will help to stimulate your libido and encourage you to share physical pleasure with your lover.

Red Jasper will stimulate your sex drive and prolong your sexual pleasure it also energizes and cleanses the sex organs.

Orange Carnelian is a brilliant recharging crystal which has power to energize creative centres, overcome impotence and restore vitality to female sexual organs.

Smoky Quartz will assist in helping to heal any hang ups that you may have about sexual matters, will enhance virility and will cleanse the sexual centres therefore passion will be able to flow freely.

Rose Quartz assists in opening your heart centre, and helps to restore love and trust between you and your lover.

It is also good to chant the following while the candle is burning

“Goddess Aphrodite I ask of you to help me to have more passion, lust and vitality with my lover or (future lover) imbue me with your magic and instill in me passion, lust and vitality”.

When you have completed this spell do remember to thank Goddess Aphrodite! Also place the crystal of your chosen choice under your pillow in your bedroom as this will continue to bring out the passion, lust and vitality in you.










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