The Magic Of Pink Meaning In Candle Power

Call upon Quan Yin to bring love into your life
Call upon Quan Yin to bring love into your life
When we want to have love come into our lives then you can use the magic pink candles to manifest love to come into your life.

The pink meaning relates to true love, sweetness, romance, femininity, tenderness, inner peace, harmony, affection, friendship and of course self love.

Using the pink meaning for self love and other attributes of pink for candle magic healing.

To find love we first must find it within ourselves which is called self love, that is the beauty of pink it allows us to have a tenderness for ourselves, to appreciate who we truly are, to explore the deep side of ourselves and gain inner peace as we accept ourselves with our imperfections as we realize that there is no perfect people only imperfect people, and that to experience true love is to see the beauty from within. Once you have been able to attain this for yourself it does open the door for you to love others more freely and with an open heart. You can create your own self love spell using the following:

You will need the following

  • 1 pink candle in the shade that you are drawn to
  • 1 rose quartz crystal set in a ring, or necklace or a chunk of rose quartz will suffice.

This spell will help you to invoke and feel self love for you. On the pink candle inscribe your name and a phrase such as “Krystal you are love” or “I love myself for who I am”. So do inscribe into the candle what does feel right for you.

Place the rose quartz crystal into your hands and light the pink candle, now you can gaze at this candle and continue to stay with this candle till it burns itself out, and through out this time continue to hold your rose quartz in your hands. Throughout the time of the candle burning, think about all the things that you do love about yourself. You can also invoke the following while you focus on the candle

“Goddess Quan Yin I call upon you for your healing power to be bestowed upon me for self love,  and to experience true love, sweetness, romance, inner peace, harmony, and femininity, may I truly love and accept myself for who I am”

When you have finished your spell for self love, do remember to thank Goddess Quan Yin for her bestowing upon you the healing you needed for self love. Keep the rose quartz crystal beside your bed as the beautiful magic of the rose quartz crystal will bring out the beauty of your true self  or where the ring or necklace that has rose quartz set in it that you used for your spell.





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