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Create Your Own Magic Candles For Spells And Rituals

You can create your own magic candles
You can create your own magic candles
There is no need to run out and buy magic candles rather make your own magic candles.

The way a magic candle works is simple really, all you have to do is energize the candle with your own magic that you wish to create, for any spell that you are planning to do.

You can rub essential oils over a candle, inscribe it, hold it in your hands and let your intentions flow through into the candle. So do not disempower yourself do realize that you have the power to create your very own magic candles!

Magic candles and their power

We experience life through our intentions so if your intentions are for a great life you will strive for that where as some people get trapped in the void of negativity and focus on all that is bad and create more distention in their life. This is where they turn to using magic candles to help them get what they want out of life.

The beauty and magic of candles is that it gives us a focus when we choose to align ourselves with what we wish to attain, by creating magic in a candle it gives us the thought that it will come to fruition and this is where the magic candles power lay in your hands, with your thoughts of what you desire! You are the manifestation of the power of the magic candle. So many people believe that they do not have the power from within to create the magic like others can, this is not true, everyone has that power to create magic. At first you may be quite hesitant, not believing that you can do it but the truth is YOU CAN DO IT!

Creating your own magic candle

When you choose to create your own magic candle for a spell, or ritual this is where you need to have an awareness of what it is you wish to make magical in your life, so do sit and have a good think prior to creating your magic candle. As you wish so you will receive! Therefore your intentions must be pure, and for the right reasons and does no harm to no one else.

  • What you will require is a candle of your choice, color is important, so pick a candle for its color that you are drawn to.
  • Now you can proceed to inscribe, rub in essential oils that are significant for your purpose, as you do any of these things you focus on embuing the candle with the energies of your thoughts, hold the candle in your hands, and let it absorb the wonderful energies that you are sending too it.
  • Proceed to light the candle and watch how high that flame will be as it is your energies that have created energies to attract other energies from the universe to come to the “party” as such to manifest the magic you want to create

The power of intention lies within you for candle magic.

Do realize that you make a candle magic, it is up to you, to put the energies into it to make it powerful it is your intentions that give it the power. So be wise, and never rush into it. Rather contemplate how you would like to imbue the candle with your energy.

Candle Magic History

In aeons of time ago, a candle was used in rituals and spells etc. The witches of past also used their mind power to create the magic in their magical spells, and their magical candles, that were imbued with their mind power. It was their intentions that created the candle magic. So things have not really changed much only that we have become more aware of how everything works. Therefore you do not need to be a witch to create candle magic. Empower yourself and be your own creator of magic.







3 Most Effective Spell of Love Potions That You Too Can Prepare at Home

3 Most Effective Free Love Spells Potions That You Can Easily Prepare at Home

It is great that you can create your own easy love spells and potions that do work and are so easy to prepare. For many people the easier the better, some consider that the more involved a spell is the more potent it becomes, not so the truth of a spell all lies in the power of your intention. We have provided the following spells for you to create.

Love Spell no. 1

You can create this love spell when you desire to win the love of your lover. For this particular spell you will be required to have a square shaped piece of aluminium foil which measures up to 10 square inches. Within the centre arrange some arromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, peppermint and marjoram.

Bring love into your life with this spell of love
Bring love into your life with this spell of love

Then fold this foil with the herbs and store it away in a piece of clothing of yours. These specific herbs are related to love and will draw your lover to you by free will back to you.

Love spell no. 2

This particular spell works using candles which will regain lost love. You will need a pink candle and baste it with rose oil or rosemary oil. Then proceed to light the candle.

Then write down on a piece of paper all those great attributes, features, values etc of the man which you like so much, write these down underneath the light of the candle.

Keep your thoughts positive and stay optimistic proceed then to burn the paper to ashes. After a few days you will get positive results.

Love Spell No. 3

You can do this love spell to get a lover into your life! Of course you will need to have a really good think of what you want in a lover. Their qualities and attributes etc. So find a quiet spot sit down and write them down on paper.

Next get a gold candle and etch into the candle "bring my true love to me". After this you can proceed to light this candle, the best time to do this of course is on a Friday night on a full moon. Place beside this candle a moonstone then read out loud the list of qualities attributes that you seek to find in your lover. Let the candle burn down to nothing and then you can burn your list and scatter the ashes, after this you place the moonstone beside your bed, this will encourage dreams and visions of your future loved one.