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How To Clear A Crystal

how to clear a crystalHow To Clear A Crystal

When using a crystal for a love spell, you want that crystal to be clean and powerful, not filled with the remnants of other healings or spells. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is. You will know if a crystal needs to be cleared, it will feel hot and heavy, almost as though it is drained. A cleared crystal will be bright and tingly and feel cool or even cold to the touch. You will get a definite positive energy from a cleared crystal

Sea Salt

This is the most traditional way to cleanse a crystal and dispel any negative energy, almost like a psychic disinfectant. If you have a crystal that is overloaded with negative energy, a salt cleansing is the most effective to restore balance. You can use sea salt for a cleansing either with water or dry. To use with water, mix a teaspoon of salt with cold water in a glass, place your crystals into the water and allow them to soak overnight. It is important that you do not use a metal or plastic container, glass is best.

To use a dry salt cleansing, place sea salt into a glass bowl and bury the stones in the salt. If your crystals have points make sure that they are facing downward. Leave the crystals buried in the sea salt overnight. If your crystals have been involved in a spell or healing that was particularly strong leave them in the salt for another day or two.

If you live by the ocean, you can use salt water directly from the ocean.


This cleansing takes more time, but it is just as efficient. Wait until the full moon and simply place your crystals outside from the full moon to the new moon. Waning moons are a good time to clear crystals and dispel negative energies. The amount of time that your crystal will need to be in the moonlight will depend on how full of negative energy your crystal is. You will know your crystals are cleansed once they feel lighter and brighter.

If your crystals need an extended period of time in the moonlight, be sure to bring them back in during the day. Sunlight can fade your crystal’s color and fine cracks may also appear in your crystals from the heat of the sun.

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