Spells For Luck, Prosperity And More

You can create romance with magic using spells.
You can create romance with magic using spells.
Needing some luck in your life? Why not create some magical spells that will help you to bring in some luck or prosperity to you. Or possibly romance into your relationship. Here we have some great insightful ways in which to bring luck and prosperity, love and peace into your life in various ways. Enjoy the spells for luck, romance, prosperity and more as follows

Create Luck with socks

It does sound odd that socks will help you to create luck but they do all you need to do is as follows:

You can either wear green or brown socks the choice is all yours. What you need to add to these socks is either of these herbs that is rosemary, cinnamon or basil. Wear these socks as often as you like or for as long as you like! These herbs help to bring the luck too you in more ways than one.

Create Prosperity

If you are finding that money is getting a little tight and you want an extra flow of abundance then why not create this spell to bring in the dollars for you.

What you need to do:

You will need to enscribe on a green candle the words "prosperity comes to me easily" once you have done this, you can light the candle, as it is lit stare into the flame of the candle and think and see all the ways you would like to prosper in and see it coming to you easily and quickly. Once the candle has burned down you can then bury it into mother earth.

Create romance

If you are tired of the everyday and want to add some magic to your relationships then it can be easily done with this spell, as it will bring true romance into your life.

What you need to do

On a friday night around 7pm you will need to annoint two red candles one with jasmine and one with rose essential oils, surround each candle with rose petals and place them at least 2 feet apart. Proceed to light them then sit back and gaze into the candle flames, feel them burn into your heart, do this every night and each night bring the candles closer to each other, until on the seventh night both candles are burning together. The next day bury this wax into the earth and know that romance is definately coming your way.

Harmony Spell

If you are finding that everything in your life is becoming an effort, and there is alot of pressure where you have to shoulder respssonsibility and you have to keep moving no matter how hard and difficult everything is, this beautiful spell will help to lighten your load, help to rebalance your energy and bring harmony again into your life.

What you need to do

Bake a loaf of magical bread, which contains petals of lavender and rose, pull the bread apart while it is still warm and share it with all the people that you love, this is helping to flower harmony which will radiate outwards in your life, and inwards into your heart.

Or try some of the following such as:

  • Use lots of candles in the south to bring fame and fortune to your home
  • Wear purple if you want to feel wealthy and wise as it is the color of royalty and riches
  • Keep your stove and oven clean and in perfect working order, as they represent the family's prosperity
  • Wearing the color red whether it is visible or as underwear as this will keep you safe when you are travelling
  • Put an aquarium in your home or office for business growth or career advancement.
  • Tape three chinese coins that are tied together and place inside a section of your wallet so that it will never be empty of money.
  • You can place a heavy quartz crystal or ball on the outside corner of your desk as this will help to anchor good fortune to you.

Lift your spirits with essential oils

Creating your own personal blends that will help to lift your spirits and also why not create your own personal prosperity blend as follows:

Uplift your spirits

2 drops bergamot, 2 drops sweet orange 1 drop of lavender blend these into a carrier oil of 10 mls of oil. Apply this every day and you will notice that your spirits will start to lift and you will have a brighter outlook on life.

Prosperity blend

3 drops bergamot 3 drops ginger add this to 10mls of a carrier oil, apply this blend on to yourself on a daily basis and watch how you will easily attract prosperity into your life.










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