how to stop a slanderer

Spell To Stop A Slanderer

how to stop a slandererIs Someone Telling Untruths About You?

Do you need to stop a slanderer? Many of us have a time in our lives when someone slanders us or tells an untruth that can affect our lives. If someone is trying to negatively influence others against you, or you have a day in court where your opponent is influencing people dishonestly, this can be a good spell to use. You must know the identity of the person trying to do you harm with slander or untruths.

Clear your mind

First you must calm and clear your mind. To do this you should take a moment to meditate so that your mind, focus and intentions are clear. You should sit in a quiet space and make sure that you are comfortable. Use crystals to help focus your thoughts and clear your mind. You might use one crystal or a combination of what works best for you. Some calming crystals include any of the blue stones; aquamarine, blue calcite or turquoise. Crystals used to reach a higher state of consciousness and clear the mind include purple or clear stones. Amethyst, clear quartz and chraroite are all effective crystals at calming a troubled mind.

  • aquamarine
  • blue calcite 
  • turquoise
  • amethyst
  • clear quartz
  • chraroite

Note – this spell requires the use of liquid. You will need either vodka, denatured alcohol or water. If you are using water you should cleanse it with your crystals first. Be sure to choose an appropriate crystal and place it into the glass of water for a few hours. You want to ease your troubles, so any of the above crystals would work well. If you have a crystal that works well for you, you could also use that to cleanse and purify the water and prepare it for use in the freezer spell.

Set Your Intentions

Once your mind is clear and free from stress and confusion, make yourself aware of who is slandering you. Picture their face in your mind, focus on your desire to stop this person harming you. Remember, you do not want to harm them, only stop them from slandering and harming your reputation. By setting your intentions and your focus with a clear mind the spell will be more effective.

How To Create A Freezer Spell And Stop A Slanderer

  1. Take a freshly sharpened pencil – it must be extremely sharp and pointy
  2. On a fresh piece of parchment, write the name of your slanderer using your pencil
  3. Set your intentions once more while writing on the paper
  4. Fold the paper in half, and keep folding it until it is too small to fold anymore
  5. While you are folding, be sure to repeat your desires and intentions – that they stop lying, mocking you and turning others against you. You are trying to freeze their actions.
  6. Pour vodka, denatured alcohol or water over the paper. It is a good idea to do this over the sink.
  7. Place the folded, wet paper as far back into the corner of your freezer as possible. If you have used water you will need to place it into a freezer bag so that it doesn't stick – we need to remove the paper once we are finished.
  8. Leave the paper there for 30 days. This is most effective done on a waning moon, but time is sometimes more urgent and we cannot wait for the waning moon.

This should freeze the slander out and stop the harsh words and lies against you. Remember it is your intentions that infuse this spell. Adjust this spell as you feel comfortable.

What To Do With The Paper

After the 30 days have passed, you can tear the paper up into tiny pieces, burn the paper and let the ash fly away on the wind – be very aware of fire, or you can bury the paper in a far corner of your garden. Do not bury it too close to your house, ideally bury it away from where you live.

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