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3 Most Effective Spell of Love Potions That You Too Can Prepare at Home

3 Most Effective Free Love Spells Potions That You Can Easily Prepare at Home

It is great that you can create your own easy love spells and potions that do work and are so easy to prepare. For many people the easier the better, some consider that the more involved a spell is the more potent it becomes, not so the truth of a spell all lies in the power of your intention. We have provided the following spells for you to create.

Love Spell no. 1

You can create this love spell when you desire to win the love of your lover. For this particular spell you will be required to have a square shaped piece of aluminium foil which measures up to 10 square inches. Within the centre arrange some arromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, peppermint and marjoram.

Bring love into your life with this spell of love
Bring love into your life with this spell of love

Then fold this foil with the herbs and store it away in a piece of clothing of yours. These specific herbs are related to love and will draw your lover to you by free will back to you.

Love spell no. 2

This particular spell works using candles which will regain lost love. You will need a pink candle and baste it with rose oil or rosemary oil. Then proceed to light the candle.

Then write down on a piece of paper all those great attributes, features, values etc of the man which you like so much, write these down underneath the light of the candle.

Keep your thoughts positive and stay optimistic proceed then to burn the paper to ashes. After a few days you will get positive results.

Love Spell No. 3

You can do this love spell to get a lover into your life! Of course you will need to have a really good think of what you want in a lover. Their qualities and attributes etc. So find a quiet spot sit down and write them down on paper.

Next get a gold candle and etch into the candle "bring my true love to me". After this you can proceed to light this candle, the best time to do this of course is on a Friday night on a full moon. Place beside this candle a moonstone then read out loud the list of qualities attributes that you seek to find in your lover. Let the candle burn down to nothing and then you can burn your list and scatter the ashes, after this you place the moonstone beside your bed, this will encourage dreams and visions of your future loved one.



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