Psychic Attack Protection

Are you experiencing psychic attack? If you are then you need to protect yourself.
Are you experiencing psychic attack? If you are then you need to protect yourself.
Lately have you been feeling exhausted and are finding it hard to have a good nights rest? You feel as if there is a heavy lid over your everyday happiness, and you find that you cannot function right and you do not know why. Understanding energy this could be viewed as you experiencing psychic attack and this is where you will need psychic attack protection from the person who is doing this to you whether it is consciously or unconsciously as they have formed an intention to harm you.

It could possibly be a mother in law who resents you for stealing her precious daughter or son, and when she sees you she gives you the “evil eye” look when ever she can. Or does your ex have strong negative emotions, thoughts even if you have not been together for some time. Or could it be your “frenemy” who could be jealous of you simply because you still have your figure after all these years.

We all have a dark side to ourselves which is the shadow side where it is a storehouse of negative feelings. When these emotions are not acknowledge and released, this is where the shadow side of you can get into the drivers seat and take over. This negative energy can cause real problems for someone else. As an example I have a friend who got a great promotion and there was a substantial increase in her income. She had such enthusiasm and so much energy for doing her new job, but not long after she could barely drag herself to work. The cause of her problem became obvious, as there was a psychic attachment that was connected to her father, he was very proud of his daughters success, but inwardly he was jealous of her success, and he was also retrenched from his job. All my friend had to do was cut the psychic connection between them i.e. psychic cord. All the positive cords were left in place.

Psychic attack is it really real?

Never discount psychic attack as too far out there, as it is REAL and it happens all the time in varying degrees. You do need to protect your self from psychic attack and also how to clear yourself of any negative energy that comes from outside yourself.

It is true that people can be so nice to your face but inside themselves they are seething away and sending you negative vibes and are psychically attacking you, with their thought forms. The more energy sensitive you become the more you will be able to pick up on these things.

Consciously and unconsciously

A conscious psychic attack is where the person is totally aware and are seeking ways to do you intentional harm,  they may seek out various spells to harm, voodooism, black magic etc they create a negative energy mass to harm you as there intention is to get you and make your life a living hell. Harm can be sent towards you to either get you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

An unconscious attack is where a person will have subconscious negative feelings for you and it is these subconscious feelings that are doing the psychic attack. So be wise with the company that you choose to keep and that includes family.

Various reasons as to why someone might attack you psychically

  • Fear
  • They are very negative about themselves and others
  • They could be envious of your career, partner, looks and your home
  • They are jealous of you
  • Your life is going really well while theirs is very stagnant.

 When you concsciously send negative energy thoughts towards someone and with the intention to inflict harm, then it will all come back to you one day as whether you believe in it or not Karma will come your way that is what goes around comes back to you multiplied. PS No one gets an exemption card from experiencing KARMA.

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

 These symptoms may vary from person to person and in varying degrees

  • Having nightmares
  • Feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly and for no apparent reason.
  • Having pains in the same place at the same time on an ongoing basis.
  • Lack of concentration and feelings of laziness while doing simple daily tasks.
  • Having unusual painful, and in more severe cases, headaches which are accompanied with dizziness and or vomiting.
  • Feeling that you are being watched and seeing shadows.
  • A very strong psychic attack that could be inflicted on someone is to experience that they are having a heart attack, and having the feeling to want to commit suicide.

How to deal, heal and protect yourself from psychic attack

The more aware you are of any unusual changes in your life this is where you can take immediate action  for yourself and start to deal, heal and protect yourself from psychic attack.

You can ask for guidance from your spirit guides and guardian angels to help you to stop the attack and to protect you from them, faith is not required as they will do the work for you. If you are aware of your attacker do not send them ill will back rather it is better to send them pure white energy of light directly from the Source, Universe or from the GOD of your own belief. Send your attackers loving thoughts rather than fear, anger, or hatred and it is best if you try and feel compassion toward them and send them blessings from above so they can get help to heal their own darkness. We are all souls and we are all here to experience a journey on earth. So embrace this soul who is in pain and realize you have the wisdom to know better and be grateful for that.

Protecting yourself

The more sensitive you are the more in tune you will be with whom is attacking you psychically. So every time your attacker comes to your mind, send them love and light from the source.   Always protect yourself in a white light of protection this is easily done by imagining a beam of white light  enveloping you day in day out, and at the same token this white light is puryfing your aura daily. You can also wear an essential oil of frankincense, juniper, cedarwood atlas, cypress either of these essential oils are cleansing and purifying of energy attachments and psychic attack.  When we are emotionally vulnerable this is where the psychic attack can really manifest itself, so choose to stay in the light, and always lift your spirits you have only today, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is a mystery. Live in the moment, always protect yourself with the white light; and to your psychic attackers send them love and light.









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