Different Ways To Read Using Your Psychic Abilities

Coffee reading
Coffee reading
We all have psychic abilities even animals and your pets have psychic abilities. For some people they are very psychic naturally where as others are not so, but you can build upon your psychic abilities where you can become very psychic yourself. For many people they are psychic and yet do not realize that they have this gift, and they go through life without ever being aware that they are very psychic.

Throughout the world you will find in different cultures many gifted psychics, some of these psychics are very revered and on the other hand some people can actually be scared of people who are very psychic, and leave these people well alone.

There are psychics that will use tools to help them do a reading for a person and yet the information comes through them as they use their tools to interpret what they feel, hear and see. The different divinatory tools that are used are as follows

  • Sand readings
  • Coffee readings
  • Tea leaf readings
  • Water readings
  • Candle readings
  • Crystal ball readings
  • Tarot card readings
  • Egg readings
  • Psychometry readings
  • Bean readings etc.

Each country will have its own divinatory tool for psychics that would be used for a reading. As an example coffee readings are where a person would consume a specific blend of coffee, and they would be reuired to drink that coffee and the coffe residue that is left in the cup then it is swished around and turned upside down and left to rest on a small saucer where it is left to dry and the formation of pictures occurs in the cup with the coffee grounds. Of course you do not see what a coffee cup reader can see in your cup but at times you will see very real pictures that just cannot be denied. A coffee reading can be very accurate.

Of course this is just used as a tool and a successful reading will be achieved using any of the tools above if they are a genuinely gifted psychic. Not only that they do rely on these tools as a way to let their gift to flow through into the divinatory tool that is used.

Can you use these tools to help with your psychic abilities?

Of course you can, all you need is to explore each divinatory tool and see which one feels right for you, once you have the feel for it you can then further explore the tool and how to best do a reading with it. Not only that you can look into the history of it and explore the famous psychics such as Madame Lenormand who was a very famous tarot reader in her time back in the 18th century.

Or better still you can create your own method and tool to aid you in your psychic abilities . There are some famous psychics that all they needed to hold was a medallion that had a lot of meaning to them in the palm of their hand. Then whilst they held it they were able to do a very accurate reading. Each person is very unique with the way they use their psychic abilities to do readings for others.

Your psychic abilities

The best way to enhance your psychic abilities is through meditation, visualisation etc finding a quiet moment where you let go of everything and be at peace with yourself and where you can let the messages from the universe whisper to you or through you. The more you relax the more open you will be to receive impressions and information pertaining to yourself and others. Never feel limited in yourself trust and know that you were born with psychic abilities just like everybody else is, there is nothing wrong in helping yourself to become more psychic rather it is a spiritual blessing when you choose to go on that journey.

Do try different tools to assist you with your psychic abilities, you will become amazed one day when it all falls into place for you and you will able to do a reading for someone where the information will keep flowing through to you. It is a gift revere in it and feel grateful that you can use it to better your life and that of others.

Once you bring forth your gift be wise with it and only use it for good, also if you choose to become a reader then do not go charging exhorbitant prices, there is no need for that, come from the right source from within yourself and be reasonable with your prices as at the end of it all you are here to help others and the universe is using you as a vessel to provide the answers to their questions and to foretell their future.





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