Protection Spells

There are so many different protection spells that you can do to protect yourself or your family or possessions, even to protect yourself from your enemies such as people that are envious of you, or are doing black magic on you. There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself from others. We have come into an age where we all are becoming more aware of the need to protect ourselves as there are more and more people that are dabbling on the dark side of magic or working with negative energies, or understand the power of thoughts and how to use them to their advantage.

What you also need to remember which is very important is that good in the end always overrides evil! Someone may want to harm you but there are always consequences to actions such as if you create a spell to harm someone then in time it will come back to you ten fold. So always choose to create spells that do not harm others and that includes your enemies and people that choose to do black magic on you let the universe deal with them.

A protection spell to protect you from others negative energies

Unfortunately even your friends can get jealous of you and even though they are nice to your face and show that they are happy for your new promotion, or the new car you bought, or the new home you have, or your windfall, inside of themselves they could be seething away and have negative thoughts about you compliments of jealousy and envy.

What you need to do on a daily basis is protect your energy field which is your aura and all you need to do is visualize that you step into a golden egg or that you have a shower of white light entering into your aura, either way is simple but very effective in protecting you. You can invoke as follows

“Universal white light imbues me and protects me every moment, everyday and every night I thank thee universe for protecting me always”

Do light a white candle in gratitude after you create this spell.

A protection spell from someone that is sending you black magic

What you will require is 2 photos  of the person that is doing this to you, and a pink ribbon, put the 2 photos of this person face to face and bind them with the pink ribbon and chant as follows:

“Whatever harm you wish or send to me I send it back to you and I leave you binded so you no longer can do any more harm to me it is done it is done it is done”

Remember to light a white candle in gratitude for this spell.

A protection spell to protect your home

You will require some sage, frankincense and dragons blood, which you can use in the form of incense sticks. Proceed to light these incense sticks and as you waft them through the air of each room of your home chant the following.

“My home or this room  is cleansed purified and protected with the energy of sage, frankincense and dragons blood, I thank thee for protecting my home”

You can do this ritual on a weekly basis or a monthly basis you can also use a sage stick, frankincense resin and dragons blood resin it is up to you what you prefer. Always light a candle in gratitude for any protection spell that you do.

Creating your own protection spells

It is very easy to create your own protection spells using incense, candles, sage sticks, symbols, etc. All you really need to do is understand the meaning behind anything that you choose to use for your spell. It is good to let your intuition guide you in making these spells as it is all part and parcel of becoming a good witch.





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