Protection Binding Spells That Work


Protection binding spells do work!
Protection binding spells do work!
There can be times when we experience psychic attack from people that wish us ill will, they create spells, send across their bad thought wishes to you or practice voodooism to affect you, and the reason they go to such extremes is because they do not like you for whatever reason. To stop a person doing this to you is easy and it can be achieved with a protection binding spell. All you are creating is an energy of protection from this person so they no longer can attack you in any form.

What you will need is as follows

If you have a photo of the person that is doing this to you all you will need to do is to have two copies of the same photo then you put them face to face proceed to bind them with a pink ribbon and say the following

I bind you with the pink ribbon of love to protect my self from your harmful ways. All the harm you seek to me will be mirrored back to thee.

Leave the photos binded facing each other with the pink ribbon, put it in a safe place and leave it binded for the time that you think is necessary. Whenever you think of this person send them positive thoughts. Of course it can be hard to do as you know that they have harmed you, but this is the best way to go.

Protection binding spell using water

This is where you can write down a protection binding spell on paper including the person’s name that is doing you harm, basically you will freeze up their intentions towards you and this person can no longer harm you in any way.

I bind (name of person) to receive all what you wish to me. May all your harm past, present and future be frozen where it will not harm me or any one else any longer.

Place this message into a small plastic container with water and put it into your deep freezer, keep it there as long as you wish.

What needs to be pointed out is that these protection binding spells even though they are simple they do WORK! So do make sure that you do these protection binding spells only for a valid reason that you are genuinely being attacked in a negative way from a person or people that you know.





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