phases of the moon

Phases of the Moon and Witchcraft

phases of the moon Phases of the Moon

The Moon is more important than you may realise. The key to success in casting your spells and achieving healing magic is to work with nature rather than against it. At certain times the moon is in the prime position to enhance your spells, find out when you should be working your magic for full effect.

For maximum effect and potency, you should cast your spells on the full moon. Like many farmers will follow a moon calendar when planting out their seeds, so too should witches follow the phases of the moon.

How Do The Phases of the Moon Affect Us?

The moon effects everything – from our moods and menstrual cycles to our behaviour and the actions we take. Have you ever noticed that kids get just a little crazy when the moon is full? They are more open to the cycles and aren’t constrained as much as we are by society.

There are four phases of the moon. These are the New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and the Waning Moon. Each of these phases has a seven day period, adding up to a 28 day lunar month. It typically goes three days leading into and three days leading away from – you can cast your spells at any point in these days as well as on the exact day.

This gives you plenty of time to cast your spells, we all know how busy life is and we can’t all plan to do our spells on one night. These are the phases of the moon and how they are traditionally used in magic.

Phases of the Moon Explained

New Moon: Usually, we will have two days of the new moon. This is a good time to rid ones self of things.

Waxing Moon – The moon is increasing in size of visibility during a waxing moon. Focus on doing spells of increasing your gain such as spells for love, money or power.

Full Moon – The most important phase of the moon for casting spells. Magic is much more powerful at this phase of the moon and so spells should be undertaken with care. The most power for your spells will be the date of the actual full moon, with the three days on either side still being powerful, but slightly less so.

Waning Moon – The moon is decreasing in size and visibility during a waning moon. This is a useful time to undertake spells that make things go away, it’s a good time to undertake a spell to get rid of a slanderer or someone else who is making your life uncomfortable.


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