Ouija Boards Are Safe If Used Correctly

Ouija boards are safe if used correctly.
Ouija boards are safe if used correctly.
The Ouija board is used to help communicate with the spirit world, similar to  automatic hand writing. Many people have used the Ouija board to get answers but unfortunately for many they have had terrible experiences. Many people were disbelievers, or did it for fun, or they did not really know what they were doing when a spirit would come through and most times the spirits that do come through are malevolent and vengeful. Many people have had their lives change after using a Ouija board incorrectly and have lived with spirits attached to them. To use an Ouija board is safe if you go about it the right way and know exactly what you are doing with it such as how to respond if you do get a spirit, how to know if it is a good spirit or a bad spirit, this is all very important for you to know.

Ouija boards are known as being a tool that is not safe to use to get messages from spirits and they have been around for many years. They are normally sold as a children’s game which are made by the Parker Brothers and are available in almost every toy store in America.

What you need to know when using an Ouija board

It is important that you always protect yourself before using the board and while you are using the board, and after you finish using the board it is good to do a banishing ritual for any spirits that could be still hanging around.

It is also advisable to light some candles and sage or dragons blood incense and do make sure that it will be a quiet place where you will be using the Ouija board. There are various types of Ouija boards available such as witch boards or angel boards.

The process

Do a protection ritual or your own style of protection that you would normally do would suffice. If you are not too sure then you can embalm yourself and your aura in a sphere of bright white light which is a color of protection and purity. When all people involved are relaxed and protected you can then proceed to place your fingertips on the edge of the disc.

Proceed to ask the questions from the spirits that you want to communicate with or ask if there are any spirits present that wish to communicate with you. It could take a little while before a spirit(s) will start to communicate with you. When the disc starts to move towards the yes then you do know that you are in contact with a spirit or entity. Proceed to ask their name and then you can start to ask questions if you like. Things can start to speed up now. When a spirit is ready to go the disc could go off the board. You can also write down your experiences each time you do use the board.

It is important that after you finish using the Ouija board that you do a banishing ritual as this will assist a spirit to move on rather than hang around. Of course it is up to you if you want to do a banishing ritual. Spirits do stay after a Ouija board session and if it is not a good spirit it could hang around and influence you in what you do and think!

Do take the necessary precautions when choosing to use an Ouija board for your safety and others involved.




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