Learn How To Increase Your Psychic Powers

You can increase your psychic powers
You can increase your psychic powers
We are all born with psychic powers and there are some people that are very psychically gifted naturally, and others have to learn how to expand and increase their psychic powers which of course takes you on an interesting journey in life. We have been conditioned by society to hide our abilities. Where as in some cultures it is revered and encouraged. What you also find that in some families there is generation after generation of  gifted psychics in the family. For some people this can be hard to believe that we are all born with psychic powers but it is true we all are.

Some people that are highly gifted use it for the good of mankind and there are others that will exploit there gift and do much harm rather than good. If you are choosing to increase your psychic powers  then make sure that you use it for good purposes only! Traveling the journey of becoming more psychic is more about personal and spiritual growth. As you explore and travel to new spiritual realms, you will learn about your life purpose. It is wise to put your faith and trust in your higher powers hands, the collective mind or the universe and trust that they will lead you to use your gifts well and wisely.

Here are some great ways to help you to increase your psychic powers


You need to meditate on a regular basis and stick to a regular time frame and location where you will not be disturbed. Try and start with 15 minute daily sessions and work your way to longer sessions.

Slow down and relax

This simply means slow down and become the observer of your life, by choosing to live in the moment. When you do this you will notice so much more and you will take notice of all the messages the universe is whispering to you. What you will also notice is that a lot of coincidences will appear in your life. The more you are at peace the more you will become aware and your psychic powers will increase as you become more aware of the information being received by your mind, body and emotions.

Your imagination

The faculty of imagination enables you to rehearse before you make a move. What you can do is teach yourself to visualize by placing an object in front of you and observe it very carefully such as features, light, color, markings etc. Then proceed to close your eyes can you still see it, does it look the same to you or is it different. Keep practicing until the two images are identical, the more developed your imagination is the more psychic you will be!

Stop and listen

It is good to stop and listen from time to time through out your day and join in the stillness, slow yourself down and just listen. This gives you an opportunity to let information come through to you, as when you are busy speeding around or stressing you cannot hear the messages.

Keep a diary

Once you start becoming more observant you can experience more vivid dreams so do pay attention to these dreams and keep a record of them in your diary. Take note of any symbols or emotions as these will have a meaning specific to you.

You do need to practice

The more you practice the more skilled you will become it does take discipline and practice lots of it. Start by determining who is calling you, or predict what day you will get the mail, try to let faces come to you naturally. You can also do a course, workshop or seminar. There are also free online psychic groups and forums for people who are interested in learning more and communicating with other interested, knowledgeable people. Why not do some psychic skills tests as a way of practicing more. There are many websites that do offer free ESP testing.

Never misuse your psychic powers for personal gain

Your psychic powers are meant to help other people, some people become very selfish with their special skills and abuse the gift and then tend to lose it.

Choose to become a positive person with a positive attitude

This is where you have to do things for yourself that have meaning and add value to your life and makes you happy, it is important that you do take time out on a daily basis. The more you are able to stay in a positive mind set the more relaxed you will become and it will be that much easier for you to increase your psychic abilities.





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