How To Spot A Witch

Do You Have Natural Witch Characteristics? How To Spot A Witch in You!

Spot the witch in you
Spot the witch in you
Do you think you have the natural characteristics of a witch? Of course there are many people that would dispute the fact that witches have certain characteristics about them and will state that they do not exist.

Personally I believe they exist, for many witches it was a knowing that they had from a child, they were drawn to herbs, crystals, healing, magic, and spells, they instinctively knew that they could make things happen, and when they become adults they embrace the craft and all its ways. There are ways in which you can spot a witch.

I do believe that natural witch characteristics do exist and if you spot them in someone who has not had the opportunity to learn about witchcraft or wicca this is where it could really open up endless possibilities to a person that has a true calling in life.

No doubt you were drawn to this article as you have been experiencing things around you that you just cannot explain so this is where I have gathered strong indicators as a guide to what to look out for.

Witch Indicator

There are some natural characteristics of a witch that may not always strike you as being a real first as they are associated more so with the psychic realm.

You find that you are able to make random predictions of the future, for yourself and others, you are also able to pick up on feelings and thoughts of others and experience psychic dreams. You can also sense the energies around you or whenever you enter a room and you have also seen ghosts. Of course this could be very frightening for some as there is really no one to talk about all this rather you feel that you are a little out of control of it all.

There is nothing necessarily unique to being a natural witch in this, but there will often be a strong trend for clairsentience.

Natural divination abilities

This is where once again it is attached to the psychic realm, but you find it is all natural to you and you have a knowing to be able to read the tarot cards, astrology, runes etc you are able to give readings and see the energies that surround a person. You sense the energies in the divination tools that you use they talk to you, this of course will hold you in great stead when you choose to use witchcraft tools during your spell or ritual works.

Runs in the family

Another great indicator of natural witch characteristics being present is that it runs in families, there are generations of witches in many family histories. If you looked into your past you could find that your great great great grandma was a practising witch, or you findout that your aunt is a witch etc. So if you find that it is in your family background then it will be easier for you to understand what is actually happening and it will make it easier for you to find your true path at a much earlier age.

Moon cycles

Born a natural witch myself I found that I was restless and excitable leading up to and including a full moon before I learnt to recognise this for what it really is.

So once you get onto the path of learning the craft all will start to make more sense to you, and you will able to chanel and use the energy of the moon to use in your spells etc. The full moon radiates such powerful energy and when you stare at the full moon you will be able to see this awesome energy.


A natural witch will find that she is drawn to either the sea, gardening, herbs etc and has a great love of nature, has a knowing and is drawn to various plants etc as she knows their healing power and magical uses.


What you also find which is a natural witch characteristic is that you will be drawn to animals and you have an inner knowing of their characters and their powers, you find it easy to communicate and identify their connection to the world around them, and how they can benefit you in your spell work, protection etc. You are able to take on the energy of an animal with shapeshifting. Many witches will choose their name on the basis of their alikeness to a particular animal which they share similar traits.


If you are an intuitive worker then this is also a strong sign that you have natural witch abilities. You would have observed this throughout your life whether it was at school or your job. A natural witch just has an instinct on how things should be done apart from thought processes and there are no words to explain the logic behind it all. Best described as an inner knowing as it comes to you and you know instantly what to do.

Channel healing energies

What you will also find that is a natural witch characteristic is that you will be able to channel healing energies. People find your touch very soothing and comforting to others that are in need and if you choose to develop this skill further, you could be able to work in psychic healing.

In conclusion

No doubt the information provided has been insightful and useful where hopefully it has enspired you to investigate any of your abilities and gifts that you have. It does need to be said though, that displaying natural witch characteristics will only be the beginning of your journey.

Wicca is a religion and witchcraft is a skill used to create magic, there is so much to learn to the craft and a lot of study and practise is required for you to be able to use your abilities. Of course you will learn much quicker and make rapid progress than others but there is a lot of hardwork so be prepared.

Blessings to all.





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