How To Be A Witch

STEP ONE discovering your path 

This is where you need to explore all aspects of witchery therefore read up on anything and everything that you can get your hands on. Such as beliefs about witchcraft etc which you will find in magazines, web pages and of course books. In the mean time start to get in sync with nature such as go bush walking, hiking, camping, sunbathe or moonbathe, observe animals in action, learn the various meanings of colors for candle use.

Best of all start to think of ways where you can become a very unique witch in your own right. Of course this can be a very exciting journey as you look into many avenues which will open up new ways of doing spells, rituals, magic ect. But always remember it is your intentions that make the magic happen time and time again.

STEP TWOdefining your path 

What is a great thing to do is to start a white witch journal and start to write down reasons why you feel the craft is for you. What does being a good white witch really mean to you? What are you hoping to achieve by becoming a white witch? IHow do you visualize the God and Goddess? What does the Divine mean to you? Be honest. This notebook will become your book of shadows.

STEP THREE – exploring magic 

To understand what magic really is about is to know that it entails raising and channeling energy that you find within yourself, nature and the divine. So before you begin working with magic you do really need to know and understand what it really is all about.

You will also need to be aware of and understand the basic structure of a ritual, casting circles, calling quarters, invoking the God/Goddess, raising the energy and directing the energy, grounding and centreing and of course being able to close a circle. What you also need to know about is the moon phases. This is where you can also choose to learn about how the moon does effect your body, and do keep track and record of all that you have learned in your own personal book of shadows.

STEP FOURlearning to focus

This is where it is good for you to start to work on being able to meditate and explore and incorporate the use of visualization exercises which will help to increase your concentration and help you to learn how to be calm and at peace.

You could start to to incorporate at least 3 meditation sessions 3 times a week for about 15 minutes, try and keep this up for at least a month or more, and if you can make it part of your life. The benefits of meditating are enormous to you. Any experiences that you have whilst meditating you can record in your book of shadows.

STEP FIVE – working with magic

This is where you can begin basic spell work, where you can either start on a full moon ritual or a new moon ritual. The reason for starting with basic spell work, is to help you get the insight and experience and to see your results of your basic spell work, so in time you wil be able to do more advanced spells and also reap the results of your spell work.

STEP SIX self dedication

So when you have been studying for a period of six months or more on meditation and working with magic this is where you can perform a self dedication ritual for yourself. You can design your own self dedication ritual, as this simply means that you are dedicating yourself to the craft.

STEP SEVEN the year between dedication and initiation

So when you feel ready you can initiate yourself into the craft, so as you spend time with self dedication and your initiation do also spend time celebrating the Sabbats, practicing your spellwork, meditation and keep your studies up. Also use this time to learn about various forms of divination, such as runes or tarot, and the various forms of healing such as herbalism and hands on healing, so keep records in your book of shadows.

STEP EIGHT Networking

It is best that you do spend a year studying alone after you do your self dedication as this will give you the opportunity to join a coven or circle that does suit you and know whether it feels right for you or not. Do your homework before you choose to join a particular coven or circle. Make sure that you do feel comfortable with the ways that they practice if it does not feel right then DO NOT JOIN!

STEP NINE – Initiation

An initiation should be something that is meaningful to you, this is where you write the ritual for yourself, where as a coven initiation means that it is a bonding of a group together, where as initiation into the craft should always be a solitary ritual done by yourself.

So do be aware that there is so much more to learn and to practice, and if you really want to be a witch then realize that for the rest of your life you will spend time studying and learning about the craft.


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