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Magic of spells
Magic of spells
Anyone that is interested in making love spells want to know if they work especially if they are easy love spells. Yes they do work even if they are easy and simple to create. The beauty of these love spells is that you are using intention, nature and the power of the universe. Negative intentions get negative results where as positive intentions get positive results.

You also need to understand that everything you use in your spell carries an energy to it that is why spells work. What type of love spell are you hoping for, one to attract love into your life, or get someone to fall in love with you, or you are in love with a person that has already got a partner and are wanting them to fall in love with you! Whatever the reason you want to create a love spell for always make sure that it is with good intentions.

Create your own love spell to find a loving partner.

What you will need is  6 inch candles as follows

1 white candle true love

1 red candle passionate love

1 pink candle romantic love

On a white piece of paper write down exactly the qualities and whatever else you seek such as long term healthy love relationship, a person with great values and qualities, happy person, easy going great sense of humor etc. So do have a good think of what it is that you seek in your future love partner.

Next what you will need to do is on the first quarter of the new moon light these three candles and place them in a row 2 inches apart from each other and invoke the following:

“May my true love who is kind, considerate, caring and loving be guided to me where we will meet unexpectedly” And it shall be!

Now focus on your piece of paper and read aloud what you have written the qualities etc. once you have done this stay focused on the candle flames. Which color candle is left burning is the love that you will experience the most. If the candles burn fast then the relationship will be a short one, if the candles take time to burn down then the relationship will be a long one.

Make sure that what you have written down is what you really are seeking and that is what you want and that you have been SPECIFIC IN YOUR WANTS AND DESIRES!

2. Easy love spell for self love

To find love you need to love yourself first, well at least love yourself enough to value and appreciate the person who you are, when we have more than enough self love this is where we will desire to have the best person for ourselves in life rather than settling for second best! When you do not love yourself enough you will feel that you are not worthy of receiving the best and end up being in a relationship where you will not be happy. So start loving yourself today and get the love you deserve!

Here we have an easy love spell for self love and you will need as follows:

1 pink candle

1 heart shaped rose quartz crystal

Damascena Rose essential oil (mixed in jojoba oil as pure rose essential oil is very expensive!)


Rose water (you can make this yourself by using a fresh pink damascena rose place petals in a glass jar and pour hot water over the petals, cover with the lid and leave it to cool then drain the rose water so you do not have the petals in it. You can add the rose quartz crystal to this water and leave refrigerated.)

What you need to do is light the pink candle and spray the damascena rose water on yourself or dabb some drops of the damascena rose essential oil on you, hold the rose quartz crystal in your hand and gaze at the flickering flame of the candle and chant the following

"Goddess Aphrodite I invoke you to show me the way to love and accept myself unconditionally"

then proceed to say the following while the candle is burning until you feel it in your heart. Feel free to create your own self love phrase or add on more to what is written below.

I love myself for who I am

I love and embrace my faults and flaws as this has helped me become the person I am today

I love myself more than enough to let go of negative feelings that no longer serve me

I love myself and forgive myself

I am love

I am love

I am love

I thank you Goddess Aphrodite for helping me to love myself unconditionally.

When the candle has burned low you can snuff out this flame, you can either wear the heart shaped rose quartz crystal or leave it by your bed side. Keep applying the rose oil or water daily onto yourself, as the rose and rose quartz crystal helps you open up and receive self love!


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