Do’s And Don’ts Of How To Hold Seance

Spirits attending a seance
Spirits attending a seance
When we proceed to do and hold séance we are invoking spirits to communicate with us through a gathering of people. A séance can turn out to be a great event or an utter disaster for some. It all depends upon the medium that will channel the spirits. Therefore it is good to be aware of some guidelines if you are going to attend a séance or you want to have one for yourself with friends.

Always be aware that there are many different types of spirits that will try and come through such as bad spirits and goods spirits. Chanel good spirits only for a great experience, bad spirits can turn a séance into a nightmare!

Having a séance

You will need to plan your guest list to sit an amount of people comfortably in an area where you are planning to hold the séance. It is best to invite like minded people like yourself to this séance as there are people that do not believe and all they do is bring along a load of negative energy with them which could effect any communication you are trying to have with the spirits during your séance.

Create a friendly atmosphere for the spirits

Many people prefer to conduct a séance at a round or oval table, but if you have neither then there really is nothing to worry about. Cover the table with a beautiful fabric or sheet. Have incense burning in the background and also sage the room. You can also light some candles if you like. Also you can smudge all the participants to the seance with sage if you like. This can easily be done by using a sage incense stick. Offer some refreshments prior to starting the séance, and do make sure that all involved in the séance are respectful of the spirits and other guests. It is also necessary to switch of any cell phones, go to the bathroom, have that last cigarette etc before you begin. After everybody is seated you can the assist everyone to relax by doing a short guided meditation, offer a prayer of protection, or casting a protective circle. So whatever feels comfortable to you do that.

Throughout the séance

It is not necessary to hold hands to raise the energy, and do keep the séance going for a reasonable time, if it gets too long people may get uncomfortable. The medium can bring forth the spirits that want to join the group, if there are specific spirits that you want to bring forth you can contact them by name such as “Dear (name), we respectfully ask that you honour us with your presence this evening” with some séances a name will be chanted to bring that spirit but it will be up to the medium to decide what is best. This is where you can ask a question and answer from the spirits. Do realize that spirits respond in different ways they could give you answers through a tap, a thump, a soft breeze. A spirit might also like to channel a message through another guest. Sometimes there could be many spirits that would like to get a message across even departed pets.

Unwanted energies/beings

There can be times when an uninvited guest will enter a séance, such as a spirit that is mischievous or malevolent, therefore they need to be told that they are not welcome, usually the medium will speak such as “You are not wanted here, we thank you for your presence, now it is time for you to move on”

If you find that an entity arrives that appears angry and hostile and will not leave, no matter what you have done to send it on its way, the possibility of this happening is that there could be someone in the group who is dysfunctional and attracted the spirit to attend. It is wise to end the séance immediately.

Closing the Door

When you end the séance you do need to thank the spirits for coming, if you find that one of your guests has slipped into a trance or a sleep like state during the séance then do let them return gradually on their own, never shake them awake, there is a great chance they will have a message for someone.

To close the séance with telling the spirits goodbye and that you thank them for their presence and that they can move on now. You could possibly offer a small blessing or prayer as a way of ending  the formal séance. There are spirits that will hang around after a séance has ended and they could visit you later in the evening during a dream sequence.


  • Never atttend a seance or do a seance with people you do not know, as you do not know whether they are on the dark side or the light side. There are people that profess to work in the light but are actually working in the dark and can create havoc with your life after you have attended a seance with them.
  • It is important that protection is always invoked for the seance, there are people that will do a seance without asking for protection this of course leaves the door open for maleovent spirits to enter therefore creating attachments to vulnerable people who are looking for answers from their loved ones.
  • Make sure that you also use your own personal protection when attending a seance. If a very negative person is attending or unfortunately there are some people that do carry attachments to themselves and they are not aware can manifest their presence in a seance which of course can create havoc for all involved.
  • Always attend a seance with an open mind to the messages that you receive.
  • Never feel frightened at a seance if it goes wrong, rather realize that you have power within you to overide any negative entities or spirits that could have manifested themselves in the seance.




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