Create Your Own Spell Of Love Potion Using Essential Oils

Use Essential Oils For Love SpellsWhen choosing to use essential oils to create spell of love potion, this is where you can really get creative and make your own signature Spell of Love Potion especially for you or for your loved ones, or friends. You can create some really great magical blends where the scents are so heady and alluring to the senses. And once you get the knack of creating very unique and individual spell of love potion not only for yourself and others this is where you can if you like start making your own personal essential oil spell of love potion business, that will become very profitable if you have the right intentions behind your business.

The more you choose to make a blend that is very specific, the more potent the blend becomes, as you are looking at many aspects of a person, and the essential oils also have many aspects to them and when you put it all together this is where the essential oils will empower you with qualities that you seek and to manifest a partner that has the qualities that you want in them.

When you create it for yourself, you empower yourself, you don’t disempower someone else. You are supporting and nurturing your self, and sending your intention out into the ether with a positive spin.

The beauty in essential oils is that they are carriers of the truth, so when you mix the essence of you with the essence of a plant or flower, this is where you will concoct a formula that is based in love and truth!

Here we have some great blends that you can create to bring in the love and passion into your life.

Attract a life partner

If you want to attract a life partner then you can create the following spell of love potion.

2 drops Sandalwood

2 drops Rosewood

3 drops Sweet Orange

Blend these drops into 10mls of a carrier oil such as jojoba, macadamia, apricot, or borage, then proceed to coat your body with this luscious blend before you go out onto a special event, or you can also use on a daily basis the choice is yours.

To mesmerise someone

If you want to mesmerise and initiate an intimate connection why not try anointing your wrists, throat and heart chakra with this love potion blend.

1 drop Patchouli    

3 drops Jasmine

 (this is assuming your jasmine oil is in a 3% blend with jojoba. If you have pure jasmine just use one drop).

1 drop Mandarin    

Mix these drops with 10mls carrier oil of your choice and apply the scent is divine.

Sensual woman

If you want to bring out the sensual woman in you that will bring out all that woman in you do make the following blend for yourself.

5 drops Bergamot   

5 drops Palmarosa  

5 drops Ylang Ylang

Mix all these drops into 30mls of carrier oil of your choice, and feel the sensousness unfold in you.

In conclusion

With essential oils you can create so many different and very unique blends for yourself and others, simply by understanding the profile and characteristics of each essential oil. It is best to always purchase the therapeutic grade essential oils rather than the imitations. When looking for a true essential oil it should have an expiry date, and a batch no. on the label. This is a guarantee that you are purchasing authentic essential oils.


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