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Could You Be A Witch?

are you a witchAre You In Fact, A Witch?

I am often asked, “How do you know you’re a witch?” Most often, the people who ask this question are actually trying to identify if they too, may just be a witch. Do they share that mystical power that sets us apart? The secrecy and hint of shame that often accompanies questions of this sort go back to the days of the witch hunts.

Thousands of men and women, mostly women, were killed in the witch hunts of the sixteenth century. In a period of patriarchal masculine social rule any woman who exhibited power or spoke out, held land or refused to conform was at risk of being targeted as a witch.

The Ancient Wise Woman

Where wise women and healers were once respected and revered, in today’s age the herbal healers are often treated with just a little disdain. While there is definitely a growing trend coming back to the natural and the herbal treatments of old, herbalists are often left until last, when people are desperate and have tried modern medicine.

But we witches are still here. We are slowly reclaiming the beauty and power of our title as witches, and one way is to do so through education.

What is a Witch?

Witches are people who love the earth and worship nature. We do not, nor have we ever, worshipped Satan. Nor do we have ugly warts on the end of our noses – thank you Hollywood for perpetuating that myth.

A witch can be any number of people. A Goddess, a Priestess, a Healer, a Shaman, a Wise Woman or a Witch – we are all at one with nature and live to be at one with the world.

In truth witches are beautiful, nature loving folk who do no harm to others. We have a karmic understanding that everything we do will come back on us three fold. We are aligned to nature and the phases of the Earth and the moon. We have a unique relationship with the Great Mother.

ancient runes and witchraftAm I a Witch? Yes. Are you a witch? Read on to find out.

Do You Exhibit Earth Powers?

Witches are at one with the Earth. We have the powers of women, birth, transformation, healing and rebirth. Do you look to Mother Nature to find the answers to your world? Do you feel aligned with the seasons?

When you are aligned with the seasons you may be on fire in the summer, sexually and creatively charged and heated. In Autumn do you feel the urge to cut things out of your life, like the falling leaves letting go of that which you no longer need? In the winter, do you feel the weight and the silence of the dark pressing down on you? In the Spring are you reborn, your energy renewed?

Where Does Your Wisdom Come From?

Do you find that you posess an ancient internal wisdom? Can you resolve problems with an innate, calm? Are people drawn to you to find solutions to their problems? Do you leave people with hope in their hearts as they leave your side to conquer their problems?

Are you the one friends and family turn to in times of need because you are filled with warmth and wisdom?

Are You At One With Nature?

Do you live by the woods or a body of water? Do you long to be free, is your apartment alive with the feeling of nature in your books and images you have around? Do you feel at your best when you are in the great outdoors?

Witches are intertwined with nature and the powers of the Great Earth Mother. They instinctively long to be by her natural beauty, so even if you live in the city you may find as a witch that you long to be outdoors and surround yourself with nature and natural products.

Do You Revel In The Power Of Storms?

When Mother Nature is at her most visceral and temperamental do you revel in the passion and energy of the storm? Witches are seldom afraid of the Great Mother in all her glory.

Do You Have An Affinity With Animals?

It is not luck that dogs will follow you home, that horses will cross a paddock to be by you, that birds will hop and peck close by to you, seemingly unafraid. As a witch we have a special affinity with animals. You may find that you have a particular relationship with your totem, a special animal you feel connected to. Do not be afraid to speak to the animals, they recognize a kindred spirit.

the full moon - are you a witch?Are You Moved By The Moon’s Energy?

Have you ever felt the magic of being bathed in the glow of the moonlight? Have you felt drawn by the moon, pulled towards its energy? Witches have a special connection to the moon. Female witches may often find that their bodies are aligned with the moon, our own natural cycles reflecting that of the moon in the heavens.

Have you ever sat in the stillness of the New Moon, that darkest of nights and see the potential and the possibilities of your life? It is this ability to listen to the moon, be open to its potential and work with it rather than against it that allows witches to by in tune with the Moon.

Have You Ever Been Called An Old Soul?

Do your wishes come true when you focus on them? Are you a little cautious of your own power? Are other people in awe of your seeming good luck? Witches are old, and they hold the key to ancient wisdom and power. Your eyes are the window to your soul, so if someone has looked into your eyes and called you an old soul, chances are you’re a witch.

Are You A Natural Healer or Drawn To the Healing Arts?

Have you always had a curiosity about healing? Are you working in the healing industry as a doctor or nurse? Perhaps you are working as a traditional herbalist or alternative medicine healer? Anyone who puts their hands onto another human or animal with the intention to heal could potentially be a witch. We are instinctually drawn to help others; we have a connection with nature and her healing and rebirth cycle. Witches are natural healers.

Are You Drawn To Crystals or Beautiful Rocks?

Do you keep crystals in your home? Do you love to wear crystal jewellery? Witches are aware that the crystals and rocks from the Earth hold power and energy. Whether you have collected them yourself or had them given by others, if you love crystals and understand their healing properties you are more than likely a witch. Beautiful rocks and crystals help us to be at one with the earth and to centre our powers.

These are only some signs that may indicate you are a witch. There are many more. You may recognize some of these signs in yourself or in others. We all have a little magic in us; it’s up to us whether we choose to acknowledge our power and be at one with the Earth or to leave it dormant until our next life when we may be more open to the idea that we are in fact, magical.

How Did You Identify With Being A Witch?


Phases of the Moon and Witchcraft

phases of the moon Phases of the Moon

The Moon is more important than you may realise. The key to success in casting your spells and achieving healing magic is to work with nature rather than against it. At certain times the moon is in the prime position to enhance your spells, find out when you should be working your magic for full effect.

For maximum effect and potency, you should cast your spells on the full moon. Like many farmers will follow a moon calendar when planting out their seeds, so too should witches follow the phases of the moon.

How Do The Phases of the Moon Affect Us?

The moon effects everything – from our moods and menstrual cycles to our behaviour and the actions we take. Have you ever noticed that kids get just a little crazy when the moon is full? They are more open to the cycles and aren’t constrained as much as we are by society.

There are four phases of the moon. These are the New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and the Waning Moon. Each of these phases has a seven day period, adding up to a 28 day lunar month. It typically goes three days leading into and three days leading away from – you can cast your spells at any point in these days as well as on the exact day.

This gives you plenty of time to cast your spells, we all know how busy life is and we can’t all plan to do our spells on one night. These are the phases of the moon and how they are traditionally used in magic.

Phases of the Moon Explained

New Moon: Usually, we will have two days of the new moon. This is a good time to rid ones self of things.

Waxing Moon – The moon is increasing in size of visibility during a waxing moon. Focus on doing spells of increasing your gain such as spells for love, money or power.

Full Moon – The most important phase of the moon for casting spells. Magic is much more powerful at this phase of the moon and so spells should be undertaken with care. The most power for your spells will be the date of the actual full moon, with the three days on either side still being powerful, but slightly less so.

Waning Moon – The moon is decreasing in size and visibility during a waning moon. This is a useful time to undertake spells that make things go away, it’s a good time to undertake a spell to get rid of a slanderer or someone else who is making your life uncomfortable.


How To Clear A Crystal

how to clear a crystalHow To Clear A Crystal

When using a crystal for a love spell, you want that crystal to be clean and powerful, not filled with the remnants of other healings or spells. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is. You will know if a crystal needs to be cleared, it will feel hot and heavy, almost as though it is drained. A cleared crystal will be bright and tingly and feel cool or even cold to the touch. You will get a definite positive energy from a cleared crystal

Sea Salt

This is the most traditional way to cleanse a crystal and dispel any negative energy, almost like a psychic disinfectant. If you have a crystal that is overloaded with negative energy, a salt cleansing is the most effective to restore balance. You can use sea salt for a cleansing either with water or dry. To use with water, mix a teaspoon of salt with cold water in a glass, place your crystals into the water and allow them to soak overnight. It is important that you do not use a metal or plastic container, glass is best.

To use a dry salt cleansing, place sea salt into a glass bowl and bury the stones in the salt. If your crystals have points make sure that they are facing downward. Leave the crystals buried in the sea salt overnight. If your crystals have been involved in a spell or healing that was particularly strong leave them in the salt for another day or two.

If you live by the ocean, you can use salt water directly from the ocean.


This cleansing takes more time, but it is just as efficient. Wait until the full moon and simply place your crystals outside from the full moon to the new moon. Waning moons are a good time to clear crystals and dispel negative energies. The amount of time that your crystal will need to be in the moonlight will depend on how full of negative energy your crystal is. You will know your crystals are cleansed once they feel lighter and brighter.

If your crystals need an extended period of time in the moonlight, be sure to bring them back in during the day. Sunlight can fade your crystal’s color and fine cracks may also appear in your crystals from the heat of the sun.

How do you clear a crystal? Share with our readers


Witch Hunts Of Old

witch huntsWitch Hunts And What Characteristics Made A Witch

Being a witch in the old days was not only unique, it was a downright health hazard. The witch trials of the sixteenth century almost wiped out witches everywhere as well as a good many mn and women who were innocent of any crime. The witch trials were a time when religion and religious people used might, power and cruelty to enforce their own will upon the people. If you were independent or in the way, look out because they labelled you a witch.

The most common assumption of witchcraft in days gone by was the cooperation of mortals with devils with the intent to harm others. It was believed that witches had a spiteful alliance with evil forces rather than an alliegance to God.

What were the characteristics of a witch?

Anyone who had a scar or birthmark could be targeted as being a witch. During the Salem Witch Trials, if someone had a vision of you as a witch it was enough for the judge and jury to condemn you.

Although anyone could be accused of witchcraft, chances were higher if you were widowed, if you were middle aged, if you had few or no children, if you had a temper, if you were suspected of petty theft or other small crimes, if you were of a Puritan background or if an accused witch herself accused you of witchcraft. If you were poor and depended on the neighbors, they would often accuse you of witchcraft – problem solved.

The Salem Witch Hunt and Trials

During the frenzy of the Salem Witch Trials, fifty nine people in total were accused of witchcraft. Fifty two were women and seven were male. Out of these, fourteen women were hung and so were five men. The townspeople were convinced that these people were witches, but what caused this frenzy? The Salem Witch Hunts started off with one woman, a slave woman named Tituba, being accused of witchcraft by two young girls and it snowballed from there. Typically, a woman who was accused was middle aged or older with a strong willed personality and either wealthy or extrememly poor. Many of those accused in the Salem witch trials were linked to property – women did not usually inherit property but if there were no husbands or brothers, they occasionally did inherit. This did not sit well with the puritan lifestyle of Salem and many women who were outspoken, wealthy or independent were falsley accused of witchcraft to get rid of them. Women who tended to the sick and dying were accused of witchcraft, and women everywhere were at the mercy of spiteful young girls who would behave erratically and blame others, pointing the figer of witchcraft.

At the outset of the trials, men were not accused of witchcraft. During the height of the frenzy, men who were accused of being witches were in fact related to women who had been accused initially. One of the most famous men accused of witchcraft was John Proctor. He was a well off farmer and tavern keeper who was married to a woman from a prominent family in Salem.

Globally, over the period of the witch hunts it is believed that more than 80,000 people were persecuted and killed. These were primarily women, many of whom held the knowledge of herbal folklore and other learning leaving a hole in our knowledge today. Religion was a driving factor, with many people backing up their accusations with the bible "Thou shalt not suffer a witch". Others blame the shifting economic climate and an effort to maintain power over the poor. No matter the reason, thousands of people were senselessly persoecuted, tortured and punished.




Different Ways To Read Using Your Psychic Abilities

Coffee reading
Coffee reading
We all have psychic abilities even animals and your pets have psychic abilities. For some people they are very psychic naturally where as others are not so, but you can build upon your psychic abilities where you can become very psychic yourself. For many people they are psychic and yet do not realize that they have this gift, and they go through life without ever being aware that they are very psychic.

Throughout the world you will find in different cultures many gifted psychics, some of these psychics are very revered and on the other hand some people can actually be scared of people who are very psychic, and leave these people well alone.

There are psychics that will use tools to help them do a reading for a person and yet the information comes through them as they use their tools to interpret what they feel, hear and see. The different divinatory tools that are used are as follows

  • Sand readings
  • Coffee readings
  • Tea leaf readings
  • Water readings
  • Candle readings
  • Crystal ball readings
  • Tarot card readings
  • Egg readings
  • Psychometry readings
  • Bean readings etc.

Each country will have its own divinatory tool for psychics that would be used for a reading. As an example coffee readings are where a person would consume a specific blend of coffee, and they would be reuired to drink that coffee and the coffe residue that is left in the cup then it is swished around and turned upside down and left to rest on a small saucer where it is left to dry and the formation of pictures occurs in the cup with the coffee grounds. Of course you do not see what a coffee cup reader can see in your cup but at times you will see very real pictures that just cannot be denied. A coffee reading can be very accurate.

Of course this is just used as a tool and a successful reading will be achieved using any of the tools above if they are a genuinely gifted psychic. Not only that they do rely on these tools as a way to let their gift to flow through into the divinatory tool that is used.

Can you use these tools to help with your psychic abilities?

Of course you can, all you need is to explore each divinatory tool and see which one feels right for you, once you have the feel for it you can then further explore the tool and how to best do a reading with it. Not only that you can look into the history of it and explore the famous psychics such as Madame Lenormand who was a very famous tarot reader in her time back in the 18th century.

Or better still you can create your own method and tool to aid you in your psychic abilities . There are some famous psychics that all they needed to hold was a medallion that had a lot of meaning to them in the palm of their hand. Then whilst they held it they were able to do a very accurate reading. Each person is very unique with the way they use their psychic abilities to do readings for others.

Your psychic abilities

The best way to enhance your psychic abilities is through meditation, visualisation etc finding a quiet moment where you let go of everything and be at peace with yourself and where you can let the messages from the universe whisper to you or through you. The more you relax the more open you will be to receive impressions and information pertaining to yourself and others. Never feel limited in yourself trust and know that you were born with psychic abilities just like everybody else is, there is nothing wrong in helping yourself to become more psychic rather it is a spiritual blessing when you choose to go on that journey.

Do try different tools to assist you with your psychic abilities, you will become amazed one day when it all falls into place for you and you will able to do a reading for someone where the information will keep flowing through to you. It is a gift revere in it and feel grateful that you can use it to better your life and that of others.

Once you bring forth your gift be wise with it and only use it for good, also if you choose to become a reader then do not go charging exhorbitant prices, there is no need for that, come from the right source from within yourself and be reasonable with your prices as at the end of it all you are here to help others and the universe is using you as a vessel to provide the answers to their questions and to foretell their future.





Protection Spells

There are so many different protection spells that you can do to protect yourself or your family or possessions, even to protect yourself from your enemies such as people that are envious of you, or are doing black magic on you. There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself from others. We have come into an age where we all are becoming more aware of the need to protect ourselves as there are more and more people that are dabbling on the dark side of magic or working with negative energies, or understand the power of thoughts and how to use them to their advantage.

What you also need to remember which is very important is that good in the end always overrides evil! Someone may want to harm you but there are always consequences to actions such as if you create a spell to harm someone then in time it will come back to you ten fold. So always choose to create spells that do not harm others and that includes your enemies and people that choose to do black magic on you let the universe deal with them.

A protection spell to protect you from others negative energies

Unfortunately even your friends can get jealous of you and even though they are nice to your face and show that they are happy for your new promotion, or the new car you bought, or the new home you have, or your windfall, inside of themselves they could be seething away and have negative thoughts about you compliments of jealousy and envy.

What you need to do on a daily basis is protect your energy field which is your aura and all you need to do is visualize that you step into a golden egg or that you have a shower of white light entering into your aura, either way is simple but very effective in protecting you. You can invoke as follows

“Universal white light imbues me and protects me every moment, everyday and every night I thank thee universe for protecting me always”

Do light a white candle in gratitude after you create this spell.

A protection spell from someone that is sending you black magic

What you will require is 2 photos  of the person that is doing this to you, and a pink ribbon, put the 2 photos of this person face to face and bind them with the pink ribbon and chant as follows:

“Whatever harm you wish or send to me I send it back to you and I leave you binded so you no longer can do any more harm to me it is done it is done it is done”

Remember to light a white candle in gratitude for this spell.

A protection spell to protect your home

You will require some sage, frankincense and dragons blood, which you can use in the form of incense sticks. Proceed to light these incense sticks and as you waft them through the air of each room of your home chant the following.

“My home or this room  is cleansed purified and protected with the energy of sage, frankincense and dragons blood, I thank thee for protecting my home”

You can do this ritual on a weekly basis or a monthly basis you can also use a sage stick, frankincense resin and dragons blood resin it is up to you what you prefer. Always light a candle in gratitude for any protection spell that you do.

Creating your own protection spells

It is very easy to create your own protection spells using incense, candles, sage sticks, symbols, etc. All you really need to do is understand the meaning behind anything that you choose to use for your spell. It is good to let your intuition guide you in making these spells as it is all part and parcel of becoming a good witch.





Ouija Boards Are Safe If Used Correctly

Ouija boards are safe if used correctly.
Ouija boards are safe if used correctly.
The Ouija board is used to help communicate with the spirit world, similar to  automatic hand writing. Many people have used the Ouija board to get answers but unfortunately for many they have had terrible experiences. Many people were disbelievers, or did it for fun, or they did not really know what they were doing when a spirit would come through and most times the spirits that do come through are malevolent and vengeful. Many people have had their lives change after using a Ouija board incorrectly and have lived with spirits attached to them. To use an Ouija board is safe if you go about it the right way and know exactly what you are doing with it such as how to respond if you do get a spirit, how to know if it is a good spirit or a bad spirit, this is all very important for you to know.

Ouija boards are known as being a tool that is not safe to use to get messages from spirits and they have been around for many years. They are normally sold as a children’s game which are made by the Parker Brothers and are available in almost every toy store in America.

What you need to know when using an Ouija board

It is important that you always protect yourself before using the board and while you are using the board, and after you finish using the board it is good to do a banishing ritual for any spirits that could be still hanging around.

It is also advisable to light some candles and sage or dragons blood incense and do make sure that it will be a quiet place where you will be using the Ouija board. There are various types of Ouija boards available such as witch boards or angel boards.

The process

Do a protection ritual or your own style of protection that you would normally do would suffice. If you are not too sure then you can embalm yourself and your aura in a sphere of bright white light which is a color of protection and purity. When all people involved are relaxed and protected you can then proceed to place your fingertips on the edge of the disc.

Proceed to ask the questions from the spirits that you want to communicate with or ask if there are any spirits present that wish to communicate with you. It could take a little while before a spirit(s) will start to communicate with you. When the disc starts to move towards the yes then you do know that you are in contact with a spirit or entity. Proceed to ask their name and then you can start to ask questions if you like. Things can start to speed up now. When a spirit is ready to go the disc could go off the board. You can also write down your experiences each time you do use the board.

It is important that after you finish using the Ouija board that you do a banishing ritual as this will assist a spirit to move on rather than hang around. Of course it is up to you if you want to do a banishing ritual. Spirits do stay after a Ouija board session and if it is not a good spirit it could hang around and influence you in what you do and think!

Do take the necessary precautions when choosing to use an Ouija board for your safety and others involved.




Do’s And Don’ts Of How To Hold Seance

Spirits attending a seance
Spirits attending a seance
When we proceed to do and hold séance we are invoking spirits to communicate with us through a gathering of people. A séance can turn out to be a great event or an utter disaster for some. It all depends upon the medium that will channel the spirits. Therefore it is good to be aware of some guidelines if you are going to attend a séance or you want to have one for yourself with friends.

Always be aware that there are many different types of spirits that will try and come through such as bad spirits and goods spirits. Chanel good spirits only for a great experience, bad spirits can turn a séance into a nightmare!

Having a séance

You will need to plan your guest list to sit an amount of people comfortably in an area where you are planning to hold the séance. It is best to invite like minded people like yourself to this séance as there are people that do not believe and all they do is bring along a load of negative energy with them which could effect any communication you are trying to have with the spirits during your séance.

Create a friendly atmosphere for the spirits

Many people prefer to conduct a séance at a round or oval table, but if you have neither then there really is nothing to worry about. Cover the table with a beautiful fabric or sheet. Have incense burning in the background and also sage the room. You can also light some candles if you like. Also you can smudge all the participants to the seance with sage if you like. This can easily be done by using a sage incense stick. Offer some refreshments prior to starting the séance, and do make sure that all involved in the séance are respectful of the spirits and other guests. It is also necessary to switch of any cell phones, go to the bathroom, have that last cigarette etc before you begin. After everybody is seated you can the assist everyone to relax by doing a short guided meditation, offer a prayer of protection, or casting a protective circle. So whatever feels comfortable to you do that.

Throughout the séance

It is not necessary to hold hands to raise the energy, and do keep the séance going for a reasonable time, if it gets too long people may get uncomfortable. The medium can bring forth the spirits that want to join the group, if there are specific spirits that you want to bring forth you can contact them by name such as “Dear (name), we respectfully ask that you honour us with your presence this evening” with some séances a name will be chanted to bring that spirit but it will be up to the medium to decide what is best. This is where you can ask a question and answer from the spirits. Do realize that spirits respond in different ways they could give you answers through a tap, a thump, a soft breeze. A spirit might also like to channel a message through another guest. Sometimes there could be many spirits that would like to get a message across even departed pets.

Unwanted energies/beings

There can be times when an uninvited guest will enter a séance, such as a spirit that is mischievous or malevolent, therefore they need to be told that they are not welcome, usually the medium will speak such as “You are not wanted here, we thank you for your presence, now it is time for you to move on”

If you find that an entity arrives that appears angry and hostile and will not leave, no matter what you have done to send it on its way, the possibility of this happening is that there could be someone in the group who is dysfunctional and attracted the spirit to attend. It is wise to end the séance immediately.

Closing the Door

When you end the séance you do need to thank the spirits for coming, if you find that one of your guests has slipped into a trance or a sleep like state during the séance then do let them return gradually on their own, never shake them awake, there is a great chance they will have a message for someone.

To close the séance with telling the spirits goodbye and that you thank them for their presence and that they can move on now. You could possibly offer a small blessing or prayer as a way of ending  the formal séance. There are spirits that will hang around after a séance has ended and they could visit you later in the evening during a dream sequence.


  • Never atttend a seance or do a seance with people you do not know, as you do not know whether they are on the dark side or the light side. There are people that profess to work in the light but are actually working in the dark and can create havoc with your life after you have attended a seance with them.
  • It is important that protection is always invoked for the seance, there are people that will do a seance without asking for protection this of course leaves the door open for maleovent spirits to enter therefore creating attachments to vulnerable people who are looking for answers from their loved ones.
  • Make sure that you also use your own personal protection when attending a seance. If a very negative person is attending or unfortunately there are some people that do carry attachments to themselves and they are not aware can manifest their presence in a seance which of course can create havoc for all involved.
  • Always attend a seance with an open mind to the messages that you receive.
  • Never feel frightened at a seance if it goes wrong, rather realize that you have power within you to overide any negative entities or spirits that could have manifested themselves in the seance.




Are Psychics Real?

Psychic gypsy
Psychic gypsy
There are many really gifted people in the world where they do have an inner true vision so yes answering your question are psychics real. Some people are naturally blessed with the amplified gift of vision whereas we all have this inner gift yet for some people they need to work on themselves to bring this ability to the fore where as many others it is amplified from a young age. Of course we are all very unique beings and as mentioned before there are many real gifted psychics in the world that have been able to predict accurately of events to happen for people and world events. There are many psychics that are used by the police to find missing people or to solve a mysterious death etc.

These real psychics are ordinary people like  yourself where they live, breathe and eat like you do, have money issues, relationship issues etc and yet they are able to assist many a person with their gift of vision. For some real psychics they perceive their gift as a burden as always knowing what was going to happen for someone good or bad has made them see it as a burden.

Many psychics that work for the police where they attend murder scenes will experience what the victim went through, their pain and their emotions, this of course can be very draining to them emotionally, physically and mentally. For many psychics they are also able to see exactly how the murder transpired and see the murder therefore being able to give police very accurate details and information to assist a case. So you can imagine to offer your services to assist humanity can at times become very detrimental to your health in more ways than one.

A real psychic

If you are getting a reading done by a psychic then you will know if they are real and genuine with their gift as they will tell you something very relevant that is happening in your present life, also your past of certain things that did happen. Of course there are many that will actually give you names and places, sometimes dates etc. They can also tell you of your family members in spirit and able to give apt descriptions sometimes very profound. Not only that they will also be able to provide you with accurate details of future events that will unfold for you as they have an inner vision that will see what it is.

A real psychic will not ask you questions and they will be very specific with the information that they do provide to you, this is where you can experience moments of how did they know this. It is their gift of seeing and hearing the universe whisper the messages through to them.

A real psychic will tell you things easily and will not ask for confirmation for each piece of insight they divulge to you rather they will keep telling you things that have transpired or will transpire. A gifted psychic will give you a reading and at the end of it they could possibly ask you if you had any questions to ask of them. Do ask if you do have any as they could provide you with the information that you seek.

A genuine psychic has the ability to see for you and there can be occasions where a psychic can turn around and tell you that they are sorry as there is nothing there for them to give you, this can happen from time to time. If this happens to you then do appreciate them for their honesty and ask if they can recommend you to another psychic put simply they are not meant to do a reading for you and that is ok.

There can be times where a psychic will read for you and they have foretold things for your future and it turns out for others instead. This can happen from time to time but what you will discover is that most of the reading is about you.

If a psychic keeps giving you vague information that does not seem relevant to you and keeps asking you questions then close the session with this person and tell them that they are not providing you with accurate information an that it is very vague. You do not need to sit through a reading where you know what they are telling you is just not applicable to you in any shape or form.

There are many fake psychics in the world who are only doing readings to make money for themselves and yet there are many genuinely real psychics that are very gifted, if you get a reading done from one of these psychics then you have been blessed!





Be Inspired To Create Your Own Tarot Deck

You can create your own tarot deck that is unique or a set of reading cards that you are inspired to create.

Create your own unique tarot deck
Create your own unique tarot deck
If you are a person that enjoys reading the tarot and want to make your own set of tarot this is easily done. What you will require is a lot of patience, and of course time. It is pointless to rush it all, rather do take your time when creating them. Personalise this deck and make it very unique this will then give your tarot deck that you create a great power that unfolds for you to use.

How to create your tarot deck or angel cards, or cards of your own imagination

It  is up to you to decide how many cards that you will like to have in your tarot deck if later you wish to add more you can. Do consider what type of meanings that you want to be presented in each card. Create pictures with your own artistic hands, color or paint them.


  • A piece of cardboard the color of your choice
  • Paints, colored pencils, crayon, texta colors etc

On a piece of cardboard with a lead pencil out line how many cards that you would like to create, you can then cut them out or alternatively you can leave the cardboard whole until you have created all your cards and then proceed to cut them out to be laminated. On the reverse side of cardboard you make the outline again for all your cards that is if you are leaving the card board in one piece, this is where you create your own unique picture, design that will be on the back of each tarot card that you create.

So do take your time in creating, put a lot of thought, sit and meditate on each card that you wish to create, put a meaning on each card. So this is a chance for you to bring out your creative forces after all your unique set that you create possibly one day you will be able to market them. If you like you can also add 3 yes cards and 3 no cards when you do a 1 card spread to get an answer to a query. You could also ask for blessings for your tarot deck and that you are guided and given insights to give profound readings for others.

Ways in which you can use your new deck

When you create a deck of cards you can read them in so many ways such as the following:

1. Create a deck then when thinking of  a particular question and you seek an answer this is where you can pull out a card from your deck, then shuffle your yes and no cards, then pull one out to cover the card from the tarot deck this will also give you the yes or no answer to your question.

2. You can use the yes or no cards on their own for any question that you have and want an immediate answer.

3. Create a 3 card spread for past present and future to anything that you want to know about.

4. Another great way to read cards is to shuffle the deck and lay out 5 cards then read these cards and when seeking further insight to a card you lay another card on top of it, reading this way will help you gain more insight to a situation to the meaning of a card.

In conclusion

Creating your own deck of tarot cards, or cards of your choice that you are inspired to create is a great way to help you read for yourself and others. This deck then becomes very personalised and unique one of its kind original and the best. What you will find is that these cards will become your greatest tool if you are a witch or a lay person.


I created my own personal reading cards, and found them to give me very profound insights and am able to give accurate readings for others. Now my cards just read to me with depth and wisdom it is like each of my cards have their own third eye imprinting me with their message to give to the people I read for.