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Could You Be A Witch?

are you a witchAre You In Fact, A Witch?

I am often asked, “How do you know you’re a witch?” Most often, the people who ask this question are actually trying to identify if they too, may just be a witch. Do they share that mystical power that sets us apart? The secrecy and hint of shame that often accompanies questions of this sort go back to the days of the witch hunts.

Thousands of men and women, mostly women, were killed in the witch hunts of the sixteenth century. In a period of patriarchal masculine social rule any woman who exhibited power or spoke out, held land or refused to conform was at risk of being targeted as a witch.

The Ancient Wise Woman

Where wise women and healers were once respected and revered, in today’s age the herbal healers are often treated with just a little disdain. While there is definitely a growing trend coming back to the natural and the herbal treatments of old, herbalists are often left until last, when people are desperate and have tried modern medicine.

But we witches are still here. We are slowly reclaiming the beauty and power of our title as witches, and one way is to do so through education.

What is a Witch?

Witches are people who love the earth and worship nature. We do not, nor have we ever, worshipped Satan. Nor do we have ugly warts on the end of our noses – thank you Hollywood for perpetuating that myth.

A witch can be any number of people. A Goddess, a Priestess, a Healer, a Shaman, a Wise Woman or a Witch – we are all at one with nature and live to be at one with the world.

In truth witches are beautiful, nature loving folk who do no harm to others. We have a karmic understanding that everything we do will come back on us three fold. We are aligned to nature and the phases of the Earth and the moon. We have a unique relationship with the Great Mother.

ancient runes and witchraftAm I a Witch? Yes. Are you a witch? Read on to find out.

Do You Exhibit Earth Powers?

Witches are at one with the Earth. We have the powers of women, birth, transformation, healing and rebirth. Do you look to Mother Nature to find the answers to your world? Do you feel aligned with the seasons?

When you are aligned with the seasons you may be on fire in the summer, sexually and creatively charged and heated. In Autumn do you feel the urge to cut things out of your life, like the falling leaves letting go of that which you no longer need? In the winter, do you feel the weight and the silence of the dark pressing down on you? In the Spring are you reborn, your energy renewed?

Where Does Your Wisdom Come From?

Do you find that you posess an ancient internal wisdom? Can you resolve problems with an innate, calm? Are people drawn to you to find solutions to their problems? Do you leave people with hope in their hearts as they leave your side to conquer their problems?

Are you the one friends and family turn to in times of need because you are filled with warmth and wisdom?

Are You At One With Nature?

Do you live by the woods or a body of water? Do you long to be free, is your apartment alive with the feeling of nature in your books and images you have around? Do you feel at your best when you are in the great outdoors?

Witches are intertwined with nature and the powers of the Great Earth Mother. They instinctively long to be by her natural beauty, so even if you live in the city you may find as a witch that you long to be outdoors and surround yourself with nature and natural products.

Do You Revel In The Power Of Storms?

When Mother Nature is at her most visceral and temperamental do you revel in the passion and energy of the storm? Witches are seldom afraid of the Great Mother in all her glory.

Do You Have An Affinity With Animals?

It is not luck that dogs will follow you home, that horses will cross a paddock to be by you, that birds will hop and peck close by to you, seemingly unafraid. As a witch we have a special affinity with animals. You may find that you have a particular relationship with your totem, a special animal you feel connected to. Do not be afraid to speak to the animals, they recognize a kindred spirit.

the full moon - are you a witch?Are You Moved By The Moon’s Energy?

Have you ever felt the magic of being bathed in the glow of the moonlight? Have you felt drawn by the moon, pulled towards its energy? Witches have a special connection to the moon. Female witches may often find that their bodies are aligned with the moon, our own natural cycles reflecting that of the moon in the heavens.

Have you ever sat in the stillness of the New Moon, that darkest of nights and see the potential and the possibilities of your life? It is this ability to listen to the moon, be open to its potential and work with it rather than against it that allows witches to by in tune with the Moon.

Have You Ever Been Called An Old Soul?

Do your wishes come true when you focus on them? Are you a little cautious of your own power? Are other people in awe of your seeming good luck? Witches are old, and they hold the key to ancient wisdom and power. Your eyes are the window to your soul, so if someone has looked into your eyes and called you an old soul, chances are you’re a witch.

Are You A Natural Healer or Drawn To the Healing Arts?

Have you always had a curiosity about healing? Are you working in the healing industry as a doctor or nurse? Perhaps you are working as a traditional herbalist or alternative medicine healer? Anyone who puts their hands onto another human or animal with the intention to heal could potentially be a witch. We are instinctually drawn to help others; we have a connection with nature and her healing and rebirth cycle. Witches are natural healers.

Are You Drawn To Crystals or Beautiful Rocks?

Do you keep crystals in your home? Do you love to wear crystal jewellery? Witches are aware that the crystals and rocks from the Earth hold power and energy. Whether you have collected them yourself or had them given by others, if you love crystals and understand their healing properties you are more than likely a witch. Beautiful rocks and crystals help us to be at one with the earth and to centre our powers.

These are only some signs that may indicate you are a witch. There are many more. You may recognize some of these signs in yourself or in others. We all have a little magic in us; it’s up to us whether we choose to acknowledge our power and be at one with the Earth or to leave it dormant until our next life when we may be more open to the idea that we are in fact, magical.

How Did You Identify With Being A Witch?


Witch Hunts Of Old

witch huntsWitch Hunts And What Characteristics Made A Witch

Being a witch in the old days was not only unique, it was a downright health hazard. The witch trials of the sixteenth century almost wiped out witches everywhere as well as a good many mn and women who were innocent of any crime. The witch trials were a time when religion and religious people used might, power and cruelty to enforce their own will upon the people. If you were independent or in the way, look out because they labelled you a witch.

The most common assumption of witchcraft in days gone by was the cooperation of mortals with devils with the intent to harm others. It was believed that witches had a spiteful alliance with evil forces rather than an alliegance to God.

What were the characteristics of a witch?

Anyone who had a scar or birthmark could be targeted as being a witch. During the Salem Witch Trials, if someone had a vision of you as a witch it was enough for the judge and jury to condemn you.

Although anyone could be accused of witchcraft, chances were higher if you were widowed, if you were middle aged, if you had few or no children, if you had a temper, if you were suspected of petty theft or other small crimes, if you were of a Puritan background or if an accused witch herself accused you of witchcraft. If you were poor and depended on the neighbors, they would often accuse you of witchcraft – problem solved.

The Salem Witch Hunt and Trials

During the frenzy of the Salem Witch Trials, fifty nine people in total were accused of witchcraft. Fifty two were women and seven were male. Out of these, fourteen women were hung and so were five men. The townspeople were convinced that these people were witches, but what caused this frenzy? The Salem Witch Hunts started off with one woman, a slave woman named Tituba, being accused of witchcraft by two young girls and it snowballed from there. Typically, a woman who was accused was middle aged or older with a strong willed personality and either wealthy or extrememly poor. Many of those accused in the Salem witch trials were linked to property – women did not usually inherit property but if there were no husbands or brothers, they occasionally did inherit. This did not sit well with the puritan lifestyle of Salem and many women who were outspoken, wealthy or independent were falsley accused of witchcraft to get rid of them. Women who tended to the sick and dying were accused of witchcraft, and women everywhere were at the mercy of spiteful young girls who would behave erratically and blame others, pointing the figer of witchcraft.

At the outset of the trials, men were not accused of witchcraft. During the height of the frenzy, men who were accused of being witches were in fact related to women who had been accused initially. One of the most famous men accused of witchcraft was John Proctor. He was a well off farmer and tavern keeper who was married to a woman from a prominent family in Salem.

Globally, over the period of the witch hunts it is believed that more than 80,000 people were persecuted and killed. These were primarily women, many of whom held the knowledge of herbal folklore and other learning leaving a hole in our knowledge today. Religion was a driving factor, with many people backing up their accusations with the bible "Thou shalt not suffer a witch". Others blame the shifting economic climate and an effort to maintain power over the poor. No matter the reason, thousands of people were senselessly persoecuted, tortured and punished.




What Is Psychic Energy?

Every living and past plant, animal, human, etc has a psychic energy field around it where it is understood to be the “personal space” of the living and non living. Every country is rich with history and you will find many different places around the world where many mysteries are held and yet they pulsate with psychic energy for us to learn, decipher and understand what they are trying to tell us. Whether it be a tomb, an old village, a pyramid, sacred grounds their psychic energy is much alive today. The psychic energy of people from those centuries or eras still can be felt to this day.

Does your psychic energy get passed on through the generations


It has been found that psychic energies do get passed on through the generations, you can find families that are rich with clairvoyants, mediums, clairsentients etc. Generation after generation you will find members that are very gifted. This is where the psychic energy has passed on to a certain member or members of the family to carry on the psychic energy of the gifts of being psychic in more ways than one.


Psychic energies from mystical places.


There are many places around the world that are loaded with psychic energies such as Lourdes, The pyramids in Giza, Avebury in England, Ayers Rock in Australia, Machu Pichu in The Andes, Sedona in Arizona and Tibet just to name some. These amazing mystical places are loaded with psychic energy fields where we can experience the gifts of healing, inspiration and many blessings.



Your psychic energy field


It is important that you look after yourself in more ways than one as your psychic energy field will benefit from this in a big way. It is vital that you stay in a positive mind set always as this will keep your energy at a positive level. To understand better the impact of your thoughts why not do the following experiment.


  • You will need two bunch of fresh flowers of your choice. One bunch that you are grateful and happy to spend your money on and the other bunch when paying for it feel resentment towards it.


  • Place each bunch in separate vases in separate rooms.


The flowers that you were happy to pay for this is where you will speak lovingly towards these flowers, and show gratitude towards them and that you were happy to buy them and you love their beauty.


The other vase of flowers where you bought them with resentment is where you will speak negatively towards these flowers, that you resented spending money on them, that they look wilted and they have no scent to them and plainly you regret buying them and that they were a waste of your time and money.


Do this for a week and watch the difference for each bunch of flowers. Where you were positive these flowers will have a longer life span and will stay fresh longer, where as the bunch you spoke and thought negatively about will wilt and die much faster.


Now this will make you understand better why it is important to believe in the worth and weight of all positive thoughts as they become psychic energy as you now have become aware of this experiment.


Protect your psychic energy


The more we become in tune with other peoples objects places etc of their psychic energy this is where we really need to protect our own psychic energy centres which are called auras that envelope our body. The energy is invisible to the naked eye.


The best way to protect yourself is with the white light, simply visualize a white light filtering and enveloping your auric field. You can also cleanse your auric field by having a bath in salt water or even go for a swim in the ocean.






Psychic Attack Protection

Are you experiencing psychic attack? If you are then you need to protect yourself.
Are you experiencing psychic attack? If you are then you need to protect yourself.
Lately have you been feeling exhausted and are finding it hard to have a good nights rest? You feel as if there is a heavy lid over your everyday happiness, and you find that you cannot function right and you do not know why. Understanding energy this could be viewed as you experiencing psychic attack and this is where you will need psychic attack protection from the person who is doing this to you whether it is consciously or unconsciously as they have formed an intention to harm you.

It could possibly be a mother in law who resents you for stealing her precious daughter or son, and when she sees you she gives you the “evil eye” look when ever she can. Or does your ex have strong negative emotions, thoughts even if you have not been together for some time. Or could it be your “frenemy” who could be jealous of you simply because you still have your figure after all these years.

We all have a dark side to ourselves which is the shadow side where it is a storehouse of negative feelings. When these emotions are not acknowledge and released, this is where the shadow side of you can get into the drivers seat and take over. This negative energy can cause real problems for someone else. As an example I have a friend who got a great promotion and there was a substantial increase in her income. She had such enthusiasm and so much energy for doing her new job, but not long after she could barely drag herself to work. The cause of her problem became obvious, as there was a psychic attachment that was connected to her father, he was very proud of his daughters success, but inwardly he was jealous of her success, and he was also retrenched from his job. All my friend had to do was cut the psychic connection between them i.e. psychic cord. All the positive cords were left in place.

Psychic attack is it really real?

Never discount psychic attack as too far out there, as it is REAL and it happens all the time in varying degrees. You do need to protect your self from psychic attack and also how to clear yourself of any negative energy that comes from outside yourself.

It is true that people can be so nice to your face but inside themselves they are seething away and sending you negative vibes and are psychically attacking you, with their thought forms. The more energy sensitive you become the more you will be able to pick up on these things.

Consciously and unconsciously

A conscious psychic attack is where the person is totally aware and are seeking ways to do you intentional harm,  they may seek out various spells to harm, voodooism, black magic etc they create a negative energy mass to harm you as there intention is to get you and make your life a living hell. Harm can be sent towards you to either get you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

An unconscious attack is where a person will have subconscious negative feelings for you and it is these subconscious feelings that are doing the psychic attack. So be wise with the company that you choose to keep and that includes family.

Various reasons as to why someone might attack you psychically

  • Fear
  • They are very negative about themselves and others
  • They could be envious of your career, partner, looks and your home
  • They are jealous of you
  • Your life is going really well while theirs is very stagnant.

 When you concsciously send negative energy thoughts towards someone and with the intention to inflict harm, then it will all come back to you one day as whether you believe in it or not Karma will come your way that is what goes around comes back to you multiplied. PS No one gets an exemption card from experiencing KARMA.

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

 These symptoms may vary from person to person and in varying degrees

  • Having nightmares
  • Feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly and for no apparent reason.
  • Having pains in the same place at the same time on an ongoing basis.
  • Lack of concentration and feelings of laziness while doing simple daily tasks.
  • Having unusual painful, and in more severe cases, headaches which are accompanied with dizziness and or vomiting.
  • Feeling that you are being watched and seeing shadows.
  • A very strong psychic attack that could be inflicted on someone is to experience that they are having a heart attack, and having the feeling to want to commit suicide.

How to deal, heal and protect yourself from psychic attack

The more aware you are of any unusual changes in your life this is where you can take immediate action  for yourself and start to deal, heal and protect yourself from psychic attack.

You can ask for guidance from your spirit guides and guardian angels to help you to stop the attack and to protect you from them, faith is not required as they will do the work for you. If you are aware of your attacker do not send them ill will back rather it is better to send them pure white energy of light directly from the Source, Universe or from the GOD of your own belief. Send your attackers loving thoughts rather than fear, anger, or hatred and it is best if you try and feel compassion toward them and send them blessings from above so they can get help to heal their own darkness. We are all souls and we are all here to experience a journey on earth. So embrace this soul who is in pain and realize you have the wisdom to know better and be grateful for that.

Protecting yourself

The more sensitive you are the more in tune you will be with whom is attacking you psychically. So every time your attacker comes to your mind, send them love and light from the source.   Always protect yourself in a white light of protection this is easily done by imagining a beam of white light  enveloping you day in day out, and at the same token this white light is puryfing your aura daily. You can also wear an essential oil of frankincense, juniper, cedarwood atlas, cypress either of these essential oils are cleansing and purifying of energy attachments and psychic attack.  When we are emotionally vulnerable this is where the psychic attack can really manifest itself, so choose to stay in the light, and always lift your spirits you have only today, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is a mystery. Live in the moment, always protect yourself with the white light; and to your psychic attackers send them love and light.









Do You Want To Be A White Witch?

White Witch Magic
White Witch Magic
Do you want to practice as a white witch also known as the good witch? There are many more benefits to you when you choose to practice as a white witch. There are no repercussions or karma generated as you are doing spells, chants, potions etc for the highest good and no harm to come to none. Where as if you were to practice as a black witch then you would generate so much karma for yourself and you would dabble with energies that are on the dark side which could overtake you and create such havoc with your life that you would regret becoming a black witch.

The path of a white witch

For many that choose the path of a white witch has been a path of enlightment where they embraced many learnings from various sources of inspiration, there are many witches that are doctors,  school teachers, psychologists, healers, naturopaths  etc. They practice the white craft where they do no harm to others only good, they are always learning about the craft, and are open minded in embracing other ways of assisting them to become a true white witch in this fast paced world that we live in. So if you are interested in becoming a white witch you can do this simply by being true to the craft when you choose to practice as a white witch.

To become a white witch

Do your best to source as much information from books etc about the witches ways as this will help you to take on board what feels right for you, as there are many insights that will be revealed to you, some things will feel right and there could be other information that will make you want to run. So you be the judge of what feels right for you to take on board with all the information you receive about becoming a white witch.

Rituals and rites

When you choose to become a white witch there will be rituals and rites that will help to make changes in yourself, you will also need to become aware of sigils, symbols and look into the mystic sciences. Whatever you feel resonates with you then take it on board. Strive to learn as much as you can as there is so much to learn and understand. You will also need to create a space which you will dedicate to the craft where it will be free of the darker energies and any stresses you may experience from day to day living. It is your personal space dedicated to the craft a space that feels right to you. You could also have in this space if you like for your magic and ceremony uses as follows:

  • Different colored candles
  • Various herbs
  • Various essential oils
  • Various incense types and scents
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Chalice
  • Athame or wand
  • Crystals
  • Divinatory tools such as tarot cards, scrying mirror, runes, crystal ball for gazing, pendulums or any other divinatory tool that you create yourself.


Discover and use magic that you can fully embrace and utilize for yourself, you can use candles etc, and it is advisable that you always start off with small simple spells until you fully understand the power of spells that you create.

Of course you can go about making your own personal spells rather than follow other witches spells. All you need to do is tune into your intuition to guide you to help you create the perfect spell for what ever purpose. Keep a notebook (your own personal shadow book)

It is best that you start to record all your spells, rituals, chants in this book and any other relevant information such as your dreams, phases of the moon, astrological charts, symbols, sigils etc. This is your own personal book so do not let others open it or use it. The reason for this as there are people that could put a negative vibration on your book without meaning too and this could upset the intentions you have in your book. So keep it to yourself!

The rules to live by

All white witches live by these four simple laws/rules that help them to stay on track and to be the best white witch possible. As you do not want to be tempted to dabble on the dark side and generate unnecessary harm to yourself and others. Follow these rules/laws and you will be a great white witch.


By living each day as if it is your last means you are really living in the moment and your life is fulfilling in every way. You see any obstacles as opportunities and you know how to use magic to make an even better outcome for yourself. You are also able to look at yourself and make any appropriate changes that will help you become a better witch and of course the people around you will benefit also.


Fill your life with love, do anything and everything with love in your heart, when you create a spell think with love and this will help you to create very effective magic spells that will work. Why? Because you are coming from the right source i.e. LOVE.

This is where you will also be able to take personal responsibility for all of your actions and of course you will be able to love yourself and embrace all of who you are. Then your intentions and magic will always come from a right space.


By learning everything and everything about the craft and jumping out of the box and taking on board and understanding other mystical insights will help you more than you can imagine, it will open your world to so much more, your soul knows that it is here to learn life lessons, and of course some will be more difficult than others but with your right intentions, knowledge and understandings you will go far in being a great white witch. So understand that your soul is here on a journey along the path of the white witches ways of learning and understanding.


Enjoy your life as a great white witch and this does not mean that you live your life in poverty, rather you enjoy the many benefits that you will reap from creating spells, etc for the good of others, you know you have the power to create change for others but you are also there to do spells, readings etc only to the highest good of a person etc. You are here to enjoy doing and practicing the white craft  and to enjoy prosperity and abundance in its many forms. Do only good with your craft.

The Law: Harm None

This is where you create magic and live your life where you do no harm to none. Your intentions are always to the highest good of yourself and others. You always think ahead when you are planning to do a spell, magic etc where it will do no harm to none. As long as you live by this code you will do no harm to others and that is the best way to go about being a great white witch.






Old Witches Omen

Witches and omens
Witches and omens
In the days of yesteryear where time stood still, and everybody had the time to stop and have a chat, this of course helped many people to become observant of nature and its way, and of course the uncanny and mysteries of life itself. The old days had wise old women who were seen as witches for what they could foresee and their tales that where prophetic and many are too this day. Here we have some interesting old witches omen for you to take note of.

Leave by the same door that you entered if you don’t then bad luck will follow you.

  • On the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve you are to hold a silver coin and eat herring as this will bring prosperity to your family.
  • If a black crow flies through an open window or door this means that someone in the family will die soon.
  • If a sparrow hits your window it is bearing news of a death, you will shortly after this hear of a death of someone you know.
  • If a flowering tree blossoms a second time later in the year, this signifies a death in the family.
  • If you drop a knife or fork onto your floor then expect a male visitor if you drop a spoon then you will have a female visitor.
  • If you spill salt then it is believed that quarrels will erupt in your home, pour water on the salt to subdue or dilute the impeding argument.
  • To protect yourself from jealousy wear a small red ribbon tucked away in this way people will not be jealous of you.
  • If a man licks your arm pits he will love you forever
  • When you put on your clothes and find an item has been put on inside out then expect to have a day where every thing goes wrong!
  • If you see a spider dangling in front of you then you will hear some news from family or friends, the bigger the spider the bigger the news.
  • If a baby keeps pushing out its tongue then you will have a visitor come to see you.
  • If a cactus plant has not flowered for years and then suddenly flowers this signifies an imminent death in the family.
  • If you want to see your future husband then sleep on a piece of bread.

Do take note of these tales and as time passes you will find that these tales have a great element of truth in them.


Are Psychics Real?

Psychic gypsy
Psychic gypsy
There are many really gifted people in the world where they do have an inner true vision so yes answering your question are psychics real. Some people are naturally blessed with the amplified gift of vision whereas we all have this inner gift yet for some people they need to work on themselves to bring this ability to the fore where as many others it is amplified from a young age. Of course we are all very unique beings and as mentioned before there are many real gifted psychics in the world that have been able to predict accurately of events to happen for people and world events. There are many psychics that are used by the police to find missing people or to solve a mysterious death etc.

These real psychics are ordinary people like  yourself where they live, breathe and eat like you do, have money issues, relationship issues etc and yet they are able to assist many a person with their gift of vision. For some real psychics they perceive their gift as a burden as always knowing what was going to happen for someone good or bad has made them see it as a burden.

Many psychics that work for the police where they attend murder scenes will experience what the victim went through, their pain and their emotions, this of course can be very draining to them emotionally, physically and mentally. For many psychics they are also able to see exactly how the murder transpired and see the murder therefore being able to give police very accurate details and information to assist a case. So you can imagine to offer your services to assist humanity can at times become very detrimental to your health in more ways than one.

A real psychic

If you are getting a reading done by a psychic then you will know if they are real and genuine with their gift as they will tell you something very relevant that is happening in your present life, also your past of certain things that did happen. Of course there are many that will actually give you names and places, sometimes dates etc. They can also tell you of your family members in spirit and able to give apt descriptions sometimes very profound. Not only that they will also be able to provide you with accurate details of future events that will unfold for you as they have an inner vision that will see what it is.

A real psychic will not ask you questions and they will be very specific with the information that they do provide to you, this is where you can experience moments of how did they know this. It is their gift of seeing and hearing the universe whisper the messages through to them.

A real psychic will tell you things easily and will not ask for confirmation for each piece of insight they divulge to you rather they will keep telling you things that have transpired or will transpire. A gifted psychic will give you a reading and at the end of it they could possibly ask you if you had any questions to ask of them. Do ask if you do have any as they could provide you with the information that you seek.

A genuine psychic has the ability to see for you and there can be occasions where a psychic can turn around and tell you that they are sorry as there is nothing there for them to give you, this can happen from time to time. If this happens to you then do appreciate them for their honesty and ask if they can recommend you to another psychic put simply they are not meant to do a reading for you and that is ok.

There can be times where a psychic will read for you and they have foretold things for your future and it turns out for others instead. This can happen from time to time but what you will discover is that most of the reading is about you.

If a psychic keeps giving you vague information that does not seem relevant to you and keeps asking you questions then close the session with this person and tell them that they are not providing you with accurate information an that it is very vague. You do not need to sit through a reading where you know what they are telling you is just not applicable to you in any shape or form.

There are many fake psychics in the world who are only doing readings to make money for themselves and yet there are many genuinely real psychics that are very gifted, if you get a reading done from one of these psychics then you have been blessed!





Understanding The Witches Ways

witches waysIf you are interested in becoming a witch then it is good to learn about witches ways. The more knowledge that you can source and gather for yourself the better of you are. There are many witches covens that abound, but which one is right for you? Learning the craft which involves creating magic through spells, invocations, incantations etc. What one must understand the witches ways are not easy as you become very dedicated to the craft and it becomes a way of life.

Choosing to become a witch is it for you?

For many people they get a fascination to do with the craft and little do they realize that it really is a dedication of yourself to the craft which is involves continuous studying and becomes a life long venture dedicated to the craft of the witches ways. When we think of a witch we conjure up sorcery and magic and evil ways. This could be true with some witches covens but there are also white witches that strive to create only white magic which is the true essence of a great witch.

Of course every white witch will know what the dark side is about and what it involves. For many they get tempted and choose to practice the black side more so than the white. That is why it is very important if you choose to become a witch that you do choose the right witches coven for yourself. These days you will find many witches are turning to the spiritual ways of  practicing witchcraft.

Dedication to the craft

Once you choose to dedicate yourself to the craft it becomes a very interesting journey for yourself as you start to explore the many aspects involved in creating spells and incantations etc. There is so much to learn and to be understood, knowing the significance and meaning of anything that you choose to use in a spell is also important.

The deeper you get into this the more you will learn and the more it will hold you in good stead in becoming a great white witch. This  is where you can be of good service to man kind, as there are so many people that are turning away from the craft but there are still more that are interested in learning the craft but for the wrong reasons. Some people choose to learn the craft to empower themselves with magic so they can control the lives of others and create mayhem and madness.

There are people that look for the services of a witch to create black magic and this is why it is important if you choose to become a witch then it is best to stick to being a white witch.

The dark side of witchcraft

For many witches that get involved in the dark side of witchcraft find that they do suffer in time. This is where they are tormented by the very dark energies that they have invoked in the spell making to create hardship, misery, breakups, poverty, misfortune, etc for others. No doubt in the past they started out to be a white witch with great intentions and the lure of money for their services has tempted them to move away from the light and into the dark.

The light side of witchcraft

The beauty of a white witch is enormous as they are able to help so many people that come to them for healing and spells etc. When a witch knows all the various herbs that heal and in ways that they heal, the power of crystals, the nature spirits and elements this is where a white witch can do much good for the world in general.

When you embrace to become a white witch and practice white magic only, this is where you will be able to gain great power as you are working to never to harm any one, or any place, situation etc. You come from the light source with your ways.

Knowledge is power

The more you can learn about the craft the better off you will be, there is so much to learn and to understand that is why it is stated that to learn the craft it becomes a lifelong venture. Do be critical with whatever information that you get as there are a lot of people that do not know much about the craft and will write anything just to sell their book etc. So do source your information well on anything and everything to do with witchcraft. As this will hold you in great stead when you choose to source a coven that you would like to join.

Joining a Coven

When you are considering to join a particular coven then it is important that it does feel right for you, there are many covens where if you choose to leave they make it difficult and will want to create “witch wars” with you. Then definitely do not join a coven that will only create trouble for you. There are many great covens that you can join that do have a lot of friendly and good witches that want the coven to be a great place for all witches, and yet there are other covens where all they want is power over each other etc.

Your gut instinct will tell you which one is right for you. So do take your time, learn a lot about the craft before you choose to join a coven this way you are not ignorant rather you have a wealth of knowledge and resources to do with the craft.

In conclusion

For many women that choose to become witches and make it their way of life feel that it is the way for them. They dedicate their lives learning the craft which of course there is so much to learn as it involves so much. So if you are willing and happy to become a witch then go forth with and become one. Becoming a white witch is a rewarding journey for many as they do a lot of good in this world.





History of tarrot card

Discover the interesting history of the tarrot card

One of the most common fortune telling techniques used in the world is tarot reading.

This method of forseeing the future is quite popular and practiced in so many different parts of the world and the popularity of this fortune telling process is growing day in and day out.

The way to predict your future through tarott card readings
The way to predict your future through tarott card readings

The origin of the tarot originated in Italy in the late 14the century most probably in 1391-92.

The cards function in the way that there are Tarocco (cards) which represent different forms of interpretations.

The assessment of foretelling the future of a person is done by allowing the person to take out single or double cards which mainly represent the mysteries of life.

There are in total 56 minor images with 14 incorporated figures in the four assimilated series (clubs, swords, gold and goblets).

The text of these cards are mainly in Hebrew terms. Each image stands for a mystery or we can say have a meaning in it.

The 56 minor images all have specific meanings relevant to each card which relate to life and circumstances. A reading can provide an insight to a person about there future using the Tarocco.

The trend for tarot reading which originated from Italy had taken over in Europe within 50 years, and within 100 years it became world wide.

As the tarot card became a very popular divination tool to tell a persons future.  In the late 16th century pirates also used the tarot cards to see what forutnes they were going to amass as they planned their piracy by the analysis of the tarot card readers.

In Ireland tarot readers were banned and the death penalty was imposed if you were caught using  the tarot. 

In the past even kings and queens also used this method to foretell the future. Tarot card reading is and will remain a popular way of delving and foretelling the  future of peoples lives.



How To Spot A Witch

Do You Have Natural Witch Characteristics? How To Spot A Witch in You!

Spot the witch in you
Spot the witch in you
Do you think you have the natural characteristics of a witch? Of course there are many people that would dispute the fact that witches have certain characteristics about them and will state that they do not exist.

Personally I believe they exist, for many witches it was a knowing that they had from a child, they were drawn to herbs, crystals, healing, magic, and spells, they instinctively knew that they could make things happen, and when they become adults they embrace the craft and all its ways. There are ways in which you can spot a witch.

I do believe that natural witch characteristics do exist and if you spot them in someone who has not had the opportunity to learn about witchcraft or wicca this is where it could really open up endless possibilities to a person that has a true calling in life.

No doubt you were drawn to this article as you have been experiencing things around you that you just cannot explain so this is where I have gathered strong indicators as a guide to what to look out for.

Witch Indicator

There are some natural characteristics of a witch that may not always strike you as being a real first as they are associated more so with the psychic realm.

You find that you are able to make random predictions of the future, for yourself and others, you are also able to pick up on feelings and thoughts of others and experience psychic dreams. You can also sense the energies around you or whenever you enter a room and you have also seen ghosts. Of course this could be very frightening for some as there is really no one to talk about all this rather you feel that you are a little out of control of it all.

There is nothing necessarily unique to being a natural witch in this, but there will often be a strong trend for clairsentience.

Natural divination abilities

This is where once again it is attached to the psychic realm, but you find it is all natural to you and you have a knowing to be able to read the tarot cards, astrology, runes etc you are able to give readings and see the energies that surround a person. You sense the energies in the divination tools that you use they talk to you, this of course will hold you in great stead when you choose to use witchcraft tools during your spell or ritual works.

Runs in the family

Another great indicator of natural witch characteristics being present is that it runs in families, there are generations of witches in many family histories. If you looked into your past you could find that your great great great grandma was a practising witch, or you findout that your aunt is a witch etc. So if you find that it is in your family background then it will be easier for you to understand what is actually happening and it will make it easier for you to find your true path at a much earlier age.

Moon cycles

Born a natural witch myself I found that I was restless and excitable leading up to and including a full moon before I learnt to recognise this for what it really is.

So once you get onto the path of learning the craft all will start to make more sense to you, and you will able to chanel and use the energy of the moon to use in your spells etc. The full moon radiates such powerful energy and when you stare at the full moon you will be able to see this awesome energy.


A natural witch will find that she is drawn to either the sea, gardening, herbs etc and has a great love of nature, has a knowing and is drawn to various plants etc as she knows their healing power and magical uses.


What you also find which is a natural witch characteristic is that you will be drawn to animals and you have an inner knowing of their characters and their powers, you find it easy to communicate and identify their connection to the world around them, and how they can benefit you in your spell work, protection etc. You are able to take on the energy of an animal with shapeshifting. Many witches will choose their name on the basis of their alikeness to a particular animal which they share similar traits.


If you are an intuitive worker then this is also a strong sign that you have natural witch abilities. You would have observed this throughout your life whether it was at school or your job. A natural witch just has an instinct on how things should be done apart from thought processes and there are no words to explain the logic behind it all. Best described as an inner knowing as it comes to you and you know instantly what to do.

Channel healing energies

What you will also find that is a natural witch characteristic is that you will be able to channel healing energies. People find your touch very soothing and comforting to others that are in need and if you choose to develop this skill further, you could be able to work in psychic healing.

In conclusion

No doubt the information provided has been insightful and useful where hopefully it has enspired you to investigate any of your abilities and gifts that you have. It does need to be said though, that displaying natural witch characteristics will only be the beginning of your journey.

Wicca is a religion and witchcraft is a skill used to create magic, there is so much to learn to the craft and a lot of study and practise is required for you to be able to use your abilities. Of course you will learn much quicker and make rapid progress than others but there is a lot of hardwork so be prepared.

Blessings to all.