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History of tarrot card

Discover the interesting history of the tarrot card

One of the most common fortune telling techniques used in the world is tarot reading.

This method of forseeing the future is quite popular and practiced in so many different parts of the world and the popularity of this fortune telling process is growing day in and day out.

The way to predict your future through tarott card readings
The way to predict your future through tarott card readings

The origin of the tarot originated in Italy in the late 14the century most probably in 1391-92.

The cards function in the way that there are Tarocco (cards) which represent different forms of interpretations.

The assessment of foretelling the future of a person is done by allowing the person to take out single or double cards which mainly represent the mysteries of life.

There are in total 56 minor images with 14 incorporated figures in the four assimilated series (clubs, swords, gold and goblets).

The text of these cards are mainly in Hebrew terms. Each image stands for a mystery or we can say have a meaning in it.

The 56 minor images all have specific meanings relevant to each card which relate to life and circumstances. A reading can provide an insight to a person about there future using the Tarocco.

The trend for tarot reading which originated from Italy had taken over in Europe within 50 years, and within 100 years it became world wide.

As the tarot card became a very popular divination tool to tell a persons future.  In the late 16th century pirates also used the tarot cards to see what forutnes they were going to amass as they planned their piracy by the analysis of the tarot card readers.

In Ireland tarot readers were banned and the death penalty was imposed if you were caught using  the tarot. 

In the past even kings and queens also used this method to foretell the future. Tarot card reading is and will remain a popular way of delving and foretelling the  future of peoples lives.