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How To Become Psychic By Activating Your Pineal Gland

Deep within the inside of your brain in the middle part of it rests the pineal gland where it is believed the seat of the soul resides. What scientists have found that it produces melatonin, which affects sleep patterns. Within the metaphysical believers it is understood that the pineal gland is basically not activated or stimulated due to too much electronic stimulation and fluoride. But there are ways to activate the pineal gland for psychic awareness.

Benefits of activating the pineal gland

Within our bodies there are seven main chakras and the pineal gland is the sixth one. By activating the pineal gland it will also help the sixth chakra reach its full potential which would include clairvoyance, imagination, dreaming and psychic abilities.

By activating your pineal gland it will awaken your minds ability for prophecy. When a person is able to activate their pineal gland they will experience increased psychic awareness and psychic talents. On top of that it will help to activate the links between the physical world and the spiritual world.

There are three crystals within the pineal gland which assist with visionary capacity. These crystals are apatitie, calcite, and magnetite. Apatitie assists with inspiration, spiritual oneness, and of course psychic enhancement, where as calcite is for the expansion of ones psychic powers. Magnetite assists with meditation, visionary purpose, and assisting us with experiences in the physical world. What these three crystals do is create a cosmic antennae which aids in the transfer of signals between the different dimensional planes.

It is believed that our most famous prophets in our history had undergone pineal gland activation.

How to activate the pineal gland

To activate the pineal gland you need to raise the frequency in your body. This all can be done through meditation, yoga, visualization, dancing, chanting, drumming sounds, Tai Chi poses, Qigong positions also using stero grams, all of these methods do open the third eye that is the pineal gland and help you to be able to see beyond the physical world and into other dimensions. Of course any process does take practice and the more you practice the more you will be able to active your pineal gland in a short space of time.

When certain sounds are produced they can also active your pineal gland. Light is also a great stimulator of the pineal gland all you need to do is send beams of light to these spots in this order as written. In the front side, the back of your head, to the left of you, to the right of you, straight up and straight down, also breathe in deeply through your nose and then exhale through your mouth. Repeat the procedure several times before opening your eyes.

Here we have a youtube clip to help activate your pineal gland.


Attraction Spell To Bring Back A Past Lover

Reminiscing about a past true love? Now you want to bring them back into your life as you realize they are the love of your life? Create an attraction spell to bring your past love back into your present.

Get your past true love back with spells of magic
Get your past true love back with spells of magic
We all have experienced love throughout our lives, but there can be situations where we loved and still love and the only reason that you are not with this person today is because of circumstances of the past that kept you apart such as a misunderstanding that never was resolved as you were both young and full of pride, or you had to move and your lover did not want to move interstate/overseas with you and the relationship fell apart.

So there are many reasons why we are not with our old love of course we all move on and meet others go through lifes trials and tribulations but you know deep in your heart that you have a flame of love burning away for your one and only true love.

What you have also noticed that lately they have been really playing on your mind, and you are getting the urge to get in touch with them but you have no details of how to get in touch with them as this old first and true love is from years ago. Now that you are single again you wonder if they are married, or are they single again.

So if you are wanting to get an old lover back then you do it for yours and theirs highest good. This will then make you feel at ease when doing the spell as you are making it a free will attraction spell.

What you will need is as follows:

  • Your favourite red ink pen 
  • White paper
  • A piece of mica
  • A triangle shaped piece of  white satin fabric
  • Spell to be done on a Friday as Friday is governed by the Goddess Venus

Proceed to write your first name on a piece of paper and then write down your old lover’s name in full. Draw a circle around the two names and with your eyes closed you will chant the following:

“ I invoke Venus Goddess of Love to help me with my cause to bring back my true love (name) back to me and may it be to the highest good of him and me if our fate is meant to be it will be sealed and we will be together once again”

Cut the circle out, place the piece of mica on top of it and wrap it in the white satin. When you have finished you will need to find a body of water such as a running river, or the sea to place your spell in as the water will carry your message. After you have completed your spell remember to thank Venus The Goddess of Love.


Attract Love Spells That Do Work

Attract love
Attract love
Sometimes all we want is to attract love into our lives and we think that a love spell is the way to go.

Well what a love spell actually does is help you attain and attract love more easily as you are more focused when you do a spell and you feel your intentions when doing the spell.

Of course to attract love you have to be appreciative of yourself and love yourself first this is important. Also do consider the qualities that you seek in your future love partner. So put your order in before you do the spell! Be specific with what you are wanting and also if you want a future with them, so what type of future is it that you seek?

Attract love spell

What you will require is the following

  • 1 red candle, 1 pink candle, 1 white candle
  • 1 rose quartz crystal
  • 1 red garnet crystal
  • 1 moonstone crystal
  • Piece of  orange paper
  • 1 turquoise coloured pen

After you have contemplated and written the qualities and life that you seek when you attract love into your life with a partner this is where you can proceed with the spell.

Place the candles in holders, then place a corresponding crystal beside each candle i.e. red candle with red garnet crystal, rose quartz crystal beside pink candle, and moonstone beside white candle. On the piece of orange paper proceed to write with the turquoise colored pen the following:

“I attract true love into my life”

Then put this orange paper with the message in front of the white candle make sure that it will not catch alight so do keep a bit of a distance from the candle. Proceed to light the candles and chant the following:

“Venus Goddess of  love I ask that you bring and attract true love to me with all the qualities that I seek”

  chant 3 times.

Then as you gaze at the candles look at the list of qualities and life that you seek with your true love, then say aloud what is written on your list, feel your emotions that they are true and that is definitely what you want. Repeat this 3 times. Allow the candles to burn to the end and then say this chant:

“Venus Goddess of love I thank thee that you bring true love to me”

chant 3 times.

When all the candles have finely died out, proceed to pick up the 3 crystals and place them into a small mesh bag with the orange paper with the message. Leave these crystals in the bag beside your bed. Before you know it you will attract love, romance, and happiness into your life!