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Simple Spells That Work Using Candles

The magic of you
The magic of you
There are so many ways in which you can create simple spells that will work for you, as behind each spell lies the desire and intention to manifest what it is that you so desire. So if your intentions are more to the dark side and you want to manifest pain, hurt, money loss etc for someone that you do not like then do remember karma is involved with all the spells that you choose to create, if it is a spell that bodes only harm then be prepared to be the recipient of your spell one day, if you do spells for the purpose of good intentions then you will be rewarded.

So what is it that you so desire at this moment in your life?

  • Meet a soulmate?
  • Get a new job?
  • Get back with your ex?
  • Buy a home?
  • Want more money?

The list can go on forever so we have created a simple spell that does work and is easy for you to follow.


  • A gold candle –  scratch your wish onto the candle such as soul mate, new job, own home, amount of money e.g. $3000… etc.
  •  3 gold coins, hold one in each hand with your palms open outwards, the other one next to the candle.

As you stare at the lit candle visualise your wish coming true and do take your time doing this. Then make your wish!

When you have finished blow out the candle and say a thank you for something you’re grateful for. Having an attitude of gratitude goes a long way in getting your spell to succeed.


Candle Spells Magic

We all at times resort to candle spells to help us manifest what we really want to happen in our life, such as to do with money, career, love, relationships etc. Spells can be powerful and we use words in the spells to invoke the energy that is required to manifest what we ask for. The golden rule for any spell that you choose to do is where it does not hamper any other person, and does not interfere with free will of others.

So do remember any spell that you want to do make sure that your intentions are in the right place and there is no harm to any one and of course not even to yourself. So be careful with doing spells as they do work! So be sure about what you want when you use spells.


The Use of Candles in Candle Spells

Create magic with candles with your spells
Create magic with candles with your spells
What has been used for aeons of time in many rituals and candle spells is the power of the candle. When a candle is lit for a ritual it establishes a focus for the person that is creating the magic spell or magic ritual. A candle is lit with having an intention a focus a purpose to be achieved. You can also use various colored candles for various spells and rituals invocations etc.

A candle when lit gives of a light which will glow away as the candle burns, as you go about making your candle magick etc, what you will notice is that the flame will get bigger much bigger when it has drawn energy to itself through the magic spell, invocation and intention.

The purpose of candles

The sole purpose of using candles is to invoke the powers and energies of those you wish to seek to help and assist you with the magic. And this is where candles are used as an effective tool in wicca. As long as your intentions are for the good of you and man kind then you will get wonderful results with using candles in your magic spells, rituals, invocations etc. It has been noted that natural candles made out of beeswax are more powerful as they are produced from nature. But it is always your intent that does make the world of difference in your magick.

Dressing a candle

You can add whatever oil that you prefer, or add a specific oil that is useful for a specific magic ritual.

  • To bring something to you, rub oil on the candle in a downward motion from the top to the middle and then from the bottom to the middle.
  • To send something away from you, rub the oil from the middle of the candle out to the ends. Never make a back and forth motion as this will defeat the purpose.
  • Dab any remaining oil from your fingers onto your third eye and onto your breast bone. Then you could say “I cleanse and consecrate this candle in the name of the Lord and the Lady. May it burn with strength in the service of the light.
  • Then proceed to state your intent or purpose of the candle.

Inscribing a candle

If you wish to inscribe a candle then you should use your Athame i.e. your ceremonial dagger and you can use the same principle as dressing the candle is used.

  • To draw something to you, write from the top to the middle, and then from the bottom to the middle.
  • To repel things, write from the middle to the ends.

So whatever magic you choose to do always make sure that it is with the right intention and will not harm anyone in any shape or form. The reason for this magic that is created is powerful and it does work. Many a person will go about and create magic spells but do not realize that they do actually work and they can harm. There are people that do harmful spells to others. This is not right and is not acceptable in Wicca. So always use your candles for the right intention when you do your magic.


Candles Spells And White Magic To Meet Your Soulmate

Wanting To Meet A Soulmate/Life Partner? Well Why Not Try Some White Candle Magic To Help You Manifest Exactly What You Want!

You have been single for a period of time now and you are looking for ways on how you can manifest a soul mate for life using candles spells and white magic. This can be achieved, but what is so important is that you do need to be specific in what you really desire to manifest.

Candles, spells and white magic to find your soulmate
Candles, spells and white magic to find your soulmate

It is pointless to say, "Universe I want a soulmate/life partner". Well it will come to you and when you get it, you might not be happy at all. Why is that, well you just asked but you did not specify exactly what you wanted.

When we are specific in what we ask for it is better for you as the Universe will bring that to you, so have a really good think over a couple of days, these following things.

  • The person you want to meet are they short or tall, young or old, fat or skinny getting the picture now be specific.
  • Would you like them to have a job, or a business, or a job that they love doing or a business that they are successful in.
  • What color eyes, or do you simply want someone with attractive eyes again be specific.
  • A neat and tidy person that takes pride in their appearance or a big slob your choice.
  • A great personality, a person that has a great smile, enjoys laughing with you, and can laugh at themselves, easy going but knows his priorities in life which is you!
  • Is he financial? Well that is great to ask for somebody who is financial in life, but that he will also enjoy spending his finances on you too!
  • A man that will love you for who you are!
  • A man that will enjoy spending time with you.
  • Well why not ask for the great lover also, this is also important because it is all part and parcel of a healthy relationship.
  • A person that you are compatible with and share a great chemistry, a person that you feel comfortable with, and share a great love between you both built on love, trust and respect.

You can create your own list or add more to this list it is all up to you, but do sit down and give it a go and see what you come up with and use the above as a guide only.

Do realize this is a serious matter, and not to be taken lightly so be wise in what you do ask for!

Candles Spells White Magic Method.

You will require the following for the soulmate ritual.

  • 1 white candle 12cm in height and 1cm in width
  • 2 imitation gold wedding bands
  • A piece of gold string.
  • In the evening on a waxing moon is the best time but also can be done any time you wish!

The ritual

Tie the two gold rings together using the gold string, this will bind the rings together which will bind you and your soulmate together.

Now put these tied rings over the candle, run them down the length of the white candle and let the candle sit in the middle of the joined rings. Now have your prepared  request to hand so you can start the ritual.

Light the candle and as you do you will read through your requests, stay with this lit candle and spend time putting out your request to the Universe, keep invoking what you would like to manifest till the candle totally melts to the bottom end of it.

When the candle has melted to the very bottom you then pick up the two gold rings that are still binded together with the gold string. You leave these rings binded with the gold string and put in a safe place.

It will not take long for you to meet your soulmate after doing this spell. Do be aware that the Universe always will bring to you what you do ask for as this spell will draw a partner who is best suited to you at this time in your life, or also it could bring to you someone who is “meant” to be with you.

Do also remember, that you do take responsibility for any results or consequences.


Never do a binding spell to keep someone in your life, as this is against their free will, and the relationship will only end in quarrel, sadness and the relationship will totally fail.

What you can do instead is a "free will" spell where it does not bind you both to each other rather it is simply putting to the universe what your intentions are towards your partner and if they are to be reciprocated then let it be through their own free will!


Candel Colors and Their Meaning

Candel colors and the significance of each color

Create magic using different colored candels.
Create magic using different colored candels.
Candle colors have some significance in creating, destroying and maintaining positive energies in life.

From the ancient days in the European feudal system candle burning of different colors has been associated with the circulation of energies and different colors stand for different meanings.

So whatever color candle was required to bring in a specific energy then that color would be used. As time progressed candles became very popular in creating spells. A candles power lies in your intentions and your focus of what it is that you so desire.  So do read on and learn about the different meanings for each color for candle magic that you wish to create.

Meaning of White

Let’s start with the color white which is quite common. The color white is a perfect balance of all positive energies which stands for the spiritual enlightenment, truth finding and clarity.

This white candle burning stands for unity as it can be readily seen in the peace rally worldwide.

Complete truth and purification goes by this color candle.

Meaning of Green

The next on the line is the green color, it stands for growth .In various corporate offices also one can see the green candle sticks are there as show piece. It stands for success, financial growth and good luck.

Good harvesting of the hard work and its following good luck is what this color stands for.

Meaning of Red

Red color candles do help in strengthening the magnetism in rituals around the world. The color gives health, sexual bliss, love and complete protection.

The attraction and desire is well described by keeping or burning this color of candle sticks.

Meaning of Pink

Pink color candle sticks burning or keeping shows the tenderness, love, friendship and fellow feelings.

It basically stands as a sign of feminist and purest form of love in the world. It is a known fact that during any meeting (informal) burning or keeping pink candle sticks gives joyful conversation.

Meaning of Gold

Gold candle are quite famous in the south East Asian countries where it stands for the attraction of the cosmic energies

In several Buddhist pagodas this color candle sticks can be found. The color stands for wealth, luck, masculinity, success and victory. This color candle has been in use from the ages of kings and queens.

Meaning of Purple

The next color on the line is the purple color which stands for manifestation.

This color candle sticks are rare to find but help in assisting making contact with the spirit realm people who have an escalated state of mind tend to use this color candle it also enhances the compassion and understanding of the people.

Meaning of Blue

Blue color candle sticks helps in the developmental the calmness in mind as well as for superior wisdom and inspiration. In various training institutes this color candle sticks can be found.

Meaning of Brown

Brown colored candles are used for its balanceing affect. It is basically earth’s color and stands for psychic powers and wealth.  It shows the earth magic at its best.

Meaning of Orange

Orange color candle sticks burning or keeping shows the cleansing property of the negative vibes as well it shows enthusiasm and happiness of the soul.

Power and luck is the significant sign of this color candles.

Candle Magic and Karma

The purple color candle sticks does not work entirely of its own but it needs blending with other color like white which dissolve the ego and bad karma of the person. Indeed candle colors do signify and personifies a lot of energies and vibes into the human world.


What Are Binding Spells

Witchcraft: Binding Spells and How They Work

Maybe you've read all of the Harry Potter books and watched every episode of Charmed or Bewitched, so you think you know what witches are all about. Modern witches don't exactly fit most of the TV and movie characters you've seen, however.

How to be a witch - what are binding spells - ribbons for binding

What is witchcraft? Are witches good or are they evil? Do they cast spells to cause bad things to happen? Well you get good witches and bad witches. The good witches practice their craft by creating spells, magic etc with a true intent with no harm to none. Where as bad witches do create spells, magic etc to harm and all they do is generate bad karma for themselves.


Witchcraft calls upon the powers of the universe much like a believer prays and believes in the power of God.

If you believe in God, and believe in what the Bible says, then you must believe in the powers of the universe as well.

You cannot take one side and then completely discount the other side. Therefore, universe power is real and witchcraft is one of the major ways that the universe's agenda is advanced.

Witchcraft, as the name suggest, is a ‘craft’ practiced by witches. The reason why it is called witchcraft and not wizard craft is that women mostly practiced it in ancient times. Therefore, in a way, witch craft is usually associated with women.

"What Are Binding Spells and How They Work"

A binding spell is something that stops a certain person from bothering another or hurting that person's life.

These spells can sometimes be considered curses because they affect another person’s will, but when used in the right context, they can be an effective form of self-defense.

Many people with relationship problems resort to binding spells to solve their problem when most of the time a binding spell should not be the first spell cast for a love problem.

Binding spells can also help to keep someone away from you. They can be used to direct someone's anger, love and attention towards someone or something else in their life so that they leave you alone.

An extreme binding spell is normally used to keep someone close to you so they do not move on with their life and stay to work the relationship out. Again this should be done to the highest good of both involved after all life is about free will. Now, we will learn about some common binding spells and how do they work.

  • A Very Basic Binding

Write the name of the person you wish to bind on a small slip of paper, wrap it with black thread or ribbon while thinking of binding them from doing whatever & pop it into an ice-cube tray & place it in the back of your freezer!

  • Freezer Binding Spell

To do this you will need- Black pen, piece of paper & some tin foil. Write the complete name of the person on your paper & write down everything that you wish for them to stop doing to you.

Wrap the paper in the tin foil & place in the back of the freezer. Whenever you decide that you no longer need this spell, take the tin foil out of the freezer, throw it into a fire & say- "My wish is no more, this person is free, undo this spell, without hurting thee."

  • Freezer Binding Spell to Stop an Enemy

You will need- Ice-cube tray, small pieces of paper, water, pen, sugar & honey. Write the name of the person/people causing you harm onto the pieces of paper.

Place the bits of paper in each compartment, & fill the tray with water. You can put the tray into the freezer now, or add sugar or honey to the water to sweeten them up & then freeze.

  • To Stop Someone Interfering in Your Life

You will need-piece of paper, pen, & a plastic freezer bag with a zipper closure! Write the name of the interfering person on a piece of paper & place it in the bag. Fill the bag 3/4 full with water, zip it shut & place in the back or your freezer.

  • To Stop a Liar

This spell is designed to stop someone from lying about you & indeed may even stop anyone from talking to you at all! Make a poppet of the person you wish to stop from lying. Sew up the lips & as you do so chant the following- "Let nothing of  ill will or lies fall from your lips"

Binding Spells

Binding spells are the most serious magic that a Witch can cast. Bindings can come in many different forms. The most common are cord bindings. Bindings can be either permanent or temporary. Both forms of binding spells are considered bad magic. This is because their sole purpose is to remove the free will of the target. This is nothing more than slavery. Most Witches agree that binding spells should be a last resort if used at all. A great deal of thought should be put in before doing a binding.

Try thinking of all other possible solutions that you can do to resolve your problem. Of course there are women that can be with a partner where they are very scared and frightened for their lives and want to leave them but are too scared to, well then this is where you can do a binding spell to stop them interfering with their life.


3 Most Effective Spell of Love Potions That You Too Can Prepare at Home

3 Most Effective Free Love Spells Potions That You Can Easily Prepare at Home

It is great that you can create your own easy love spells and potions that do work and are so easy to prepare. For many people the easier the better, some consider that the more involved a spell is the more potent it becomes, not so the truth of a spell all lies in the power of your intention. We have provided the following spells for you to create.

Love Spell no. 1

You can create this love spell when you desire to win the love of your lover. For this particular spell you will be required to have a square shaped piece of aluminium foil which measures up to 10 square inches. Within the centre arrange some arromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, peppermint and marjoram.

Bring love into your life with this spell of love
Bring love into your life with this spell of love

Then fold this foil with the herbs and store it away in a piece of clothing of yours. These specific herbs are related to love and will draw your lover to you by free will back to you.

Love spell no. 2

This particular spell works using candles which will regain lost love. You will need a pink candle and baste it with rose oil or rosemary oil. Then proceed to light the candle.

Then write down on a piece of paper all those great attributes, features, values etc of the man which you like so much, write these down underneath the light of the candle.

Keep your thoughts positive and stay optimistic proceed then to burn the paper to ashes. After a few days you will get positive results.

Love Spell No. 3

You can do this love spell to get a lover into your life! Of course you will need to have a really good think of what you want in a lover. Their qualities and attributes etc. So find a quiet spot sit down and write them down on paper.

Next get a gold candle and etch into the candle "bring my true love to me". After this you can proceed to light this candle, the best time to do this of course is on a Friday night on a full moon. Place beside this candle a moonstone then read out loud the list of qualities attributes that you seek to find in your lover. Let the candle burn down to nothing and then you can burn your list and scatter the ashes, after this you place the moonstone beside your bed, this will encourage dreams and visions of your future loved one.



Love Potions – To Attract Love

Love Potions – Recipes and Incantations to Attract Love

By Alison Yates
Expert Author Alison Yates

Ancient Love Potion recipes have been used for centuries to attract love. The ancient Greeks mixed special love potions called Philtres.

These special brews were used to bind a lover to them, and to arouse love and sexual desire in those who they adored, using magical ingredients such as Dittany of Crete.

Using candle magic to attract love into your life.
Using candle magic to attract love into your life.

Love Potion recipes, love spells and special love incantations have been passed down through the ages, and many people use them today, to help attract real love into their lives.

Love potions, to attract love from a particular person, are best mixed (by you) and drunk (by the object of your desire) at the start of the Waxing Moon. However, certain potions can be drunk by the person who wants to attract the love and affection, as it will help them become more attractive and desirable to the object of their desire.

It is good idea to have a Love Spell cast around the same time too, to help the Magic Charm manifest.

Moon Potion

This special Love Potion was passed down to my mother from her mother and before that.

Place a mix of dried herbs (2-3 teaspoons) on a saucer and leave on the window ledge in the light of the moon overnight (Full Moon is best). Use rosemary and sage as the herbs – add a pinch of dried Dittany of Crete if possible.

On an any evening of the Waxing Moon place the herbs in a bowl or cup and add boiling spring water. Let the herbs infuse for 10 minutes.

Add the juice of a small lemon and a teaspoon of honey.

Before drinking the Moon Potion say these words:

    Goddess of the Earth and of Prophesy
    Each wish in your name must come to be
    So with this loving Moon Blessed Tea
    I [your name] do ask this of Thee
    That, [your heart’s desire] be drawn to me
    So mote it be

When the potion is drunk, expect love and passion to come to you from your heart's desire.

Red Passion Potion

On the start of the Waxing Moon, add the following ingredients to a pan.

* 2 small glasses of red wine
* 1 small glass of cranberry or strawberry juice
* 2 cloves
* 2 drops of Dittany Essential Oil (use vanilla essence if you have no Dittany)

Heat and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Allow the potion to cool. You can keep the potion in the fridge. When the time is right and the opportunity is present, give one glass to your heart's desire and one for you. Be careful no one else drinks the potion before you need it!

Whenever you use Love Potions, make sure you are certain of the object of your affections, and be careful not to allow anyone else to drink them!

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The Art of White Magic

The Art of White Magic

White magic is used in various ways such as in healings, spell making, rituals, invocations etc and of course to counteract black magic. Being white magic it will always overide the black magic. Therefore creating white magic is safe as it does no harm to none, rather it is created to improve rather than to destroy.

Candel magic using candels and rituals
Candel magic using candels and rituals

For Good or Evil

People that practice white magic do believe that it does no harm, where as black magic does harm a person place etc. More so you will find people such as priestesses, priests, shamans, witches etc do make claims that the purpose of white magic is to bring about a positive result in their own lives and that of others. As such white magic is deemed to promote spiritual growth, heal the sick and bring good fortune.

White magic has also been used as a preventative such as to ward off evil spells, prevent illness and protect a house too name some. The best way to understand white magic that it is used to the highest good, and the outcome is a positive one, where as black magic is used to create pain and angst, sorry and hardship, and in some cases even death.

The beauty of white magic

When you practice white magic you are doing for a worthy cause, where you do not generate karma for yourself or the person that is requesting the white magic spell. To create a white magic spell etc. you are sourcing from the positive energies of the Universe, and this generates a powerful positive result with no harm to none. You feel at peace when practicing the art of white magic.

The ugliness of black magic

For many that practice black magic all they are doing is harm to themselves and others. Their world is dark and evil, the energies that they invoke to do their black magic spells are from the dark source where no light resides. A recipient that is on the receiving end of black magic, will suffer in various ways, their health gets affected, they suffer from mood swings, they feel that their identity is being taken over and they are being controlled by another force.

Life can for some become unbareable, and some people have even died from the forces of black magic and some have been driven to insanity. For the people that do create or request black magic spells will suffer through karma, and of course when a person who is the recipient of a black magic spell, does get this spell removed from them, this is where that energy goes back to the source i.e. the person that created and the person that requested it.

The art of white magic

To be able to absorb the essence of white magic, a person must totally dedicate themselves to only doing good with their white magic, that they are aware that no harm of any sort will come from it. The inner knowing and wisdom that is required to create white magic spells comes with time.

A wise person knows that when creating white magic and you come from the right space within yourself gives the spell the energy and purity it needs therefore it becomes a powerful white magic spell that will give profound results.

In conclusion

It is best to perform the art of white magic rather than the art of black magic. For every person that chooses to dabble in the occult it is important to understand that there is a an enormous difference between them and the results that are achieved. So if you are contemplating on creating spells then stick to the art of white magic.



Spell Of Love

Cupids arrow
Cupids arrow
When we experience the first flush of love we feel euphoric as all the love hormones swing into action to keep the attraction strong between you and your love interest. Every moment spent in the early days of love and romance are treasured and there never seems to be enough time in the day to see each other.

In time this euphoria will wane away, and this is where couples will settle into a deeper more meaningful and intimate relationship with each other. So if you want to create your own specific spell of love then we have it for you to create.

Spell of love

What you will require for this spell of love is the following

  • 1 pink candle
  • rose quartz crystal
  • a red string, pink string, white string
  • White piece of paper in a love heart shape

This is where you will need to have a good think prior to starting this spell of the love that you would like to have, and the person that you would love to share it with etc. Think of qualities attributes etc that you would like them to have.

Once you have all this too hand you can proceed with the spell. Enscribe the pink candle with the word "lovers united as one" then you can light this candle. As you stay with this candle focus on the light of the candle and visualize the love relationship you will love to have. Tie the three strings together so they are entwined with each other, the red string represents passion, pink love and white string purity of love. In this way you will experience all that there is with love in a loving relationship.

Once the candle has burned down this is where you can lay the white love heart  with the inscription "true love comes easily to me" in a special place such as your alter, place the rose quartz crystal with the three strings tired around it. Be patient as it will not take long before you will meet your true love.

The love potion blend.

You can create your own love potion blend using essential oils of Rose oil, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Lime, adding 3 drops of each to a 10ml amber or blue bottle which has a carrier oil of grapeseed in it. Where this blend on a daily basis, the scent is divine and will attract love to you.