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A White Magic Spell Of Love To Make Him Love You

Magic spellsWe all want to be loved and appreciated and sometimes we do not get this from our partner we think that the love they have for us is waning so how do you make your partner love you again why with a spell of love of course! We have the spell that does work to make him fall in love with you again. What you need to know though is this spell is to make you more lovable! When you create this spell it will help you see the beauty in you where you will love and accept that you are you and there is so much to love and admire about you! And of course this is where your partner will fall in love with you again.

 This spell also works if you want to bring love into your life!

What you will need is the following

•    Mirror
•    1 pink candle
•    1 rose quartz crystal
•    1 amethyst crystal
•    3 drops Rose oil, 3 drops Ylang ylang and 2 drops of jasmine oil, 3 drops patchouli oil add all these drops to 10mls of cold pressed olive oil. Love blend

Now that you have all the above to hand apply the love blend to your temples, place the mirror in front of the 2 crystals and candle proceed to light the candle and chant the following:

“I invoke the love Goddess Aphrodite to imbue me with her love, that will allow the Goddess within me blossom and radiate out to all that see me, I am love, I am love, I am Love”

Repeat this chant three times then proceed to focus on the candle and pick up the two crystals and place them in your hands continue to hold these crystals and keep repeating to yourself the following

“I am love”

The more you repeat the above the more you will feel the energy of love envelope and intertwine within you. After the candle has burned low you can snuff the flame out, keep these two crystals beside your bed and apply the love blend on a daily basis to your temples and wrists.

What you will find is that you will have an inner glow that will radiate out, and others will become attracted to this glow, and your true love of course will appreciate the love that radiates from you and will simply love you that much more! Do thank Goddess Aphrodite that she has helped you with this spell.



The Magic Of Pink Meaning In Candle Power

Call upon Quan Yin to bring love into your life
Call upon Quan Yin to bring love into your life
When we want to have love come into our lives then you can use the magic pink candles to manifest love to come into your life.

The pink meaning relates to true love, sweetness, romance, femininity, tenderness, inner peace, harmony, affection, friendship and of course self love.

Using the pink meaning for self love and other attributes of pink for candle magic healing.

To find love we first must find it within ourselves which is called self love, that is the beauty of pink it allows us to have a tenderness for ourselves, to appreciate who we truly are, to explore the deep side of ourselves and gain inner peace as we accept ourselves with our imperfections as we realize that there is no perfect people only imperfect people, and that to experience true love is to see the beauty from within. Once you have been able to attain this for yourself it does open the door for you to love others more freely and with an open heart. You can create your own self love spell using the following:

You will need the following

  • 1 pink candle in the shade that you are drawn to
  • 1 rose quartz crystal set in a ring, or necklace or a chunk of rose quartz will suffice.

This spell will help you to invoke and feel self love for you. On the pink candle inscribe your name and a phrase such as “Krystal you are love” or “I love myself for who I am”. So do inscribe into the candle what does feel right for you.

Place the rose quartz crystal into your hands and light the pink candle, now you can gaze at this candle and continue to stay with this candle till it burns itself out, and through out this time continue to hold your rose quartz in your hands. Throughout the time of the candle burning, think about all the things that you do love about yourself. You can also invoke the following while you focus on the candle

“Goddess Quan Yin I call upon you for your healing power to be bestowed upon me for self love,  and to experience true love, sweetness, romance, inner peace, harmony, and femininity, may I truly love and accept myself for who I am”

When you have finished your spell for self love, do remember to thank Goddess Quan Yin for her bestowing upon you the healing you needed for self love. Keep the rose quartz crystal beside your bed as the beautiful magic of the rose quartz crystal will bring out the beauty of your true self  or where the ring or necklace that has rose quartz set in it that you used for your spell.





Create Your Own Magic Candles For Spells And Rituals

You can create your own magic candles
You can create your own magic candles
There is no need to run out and buy magic candles rather make your own magic candles.

The way a magic candle works is simple really, all you have to do is energize the candle with your own magic that you wish to create, for any spell that you are planning to do.

You can rub essential oils over a candle, inscribe it, hold it in your hands and let your intentions flow through into the candle. So do not disempower yourself do realize that you have the power to create your very own magic candles!

Magic candles and their power

We experience life through our intentions so if your intentions are for a great life you will strive for that where as some people get trapped in the void of negativity and focus on all that is bad and create more distention in their life. This is where they turn to using magic candles to help them get what they want out of life.

The beauty and magic of candles is that it gives us a focus when we choose to align ourselves with what we wish to attain, by creating magic in a candle it gives us the thought that it will come to fruition and this is where the magic candles power lay in your hands, with your thoughts of what you desire! You are the manifestation of the power of the magic candle. So many people believe that they do not have the power from within to create the magic like others can, this is not true, everyone has that power to create magic. At first you may be quite hesitant, not believing that you can do it but the truth is YOU CAN DO IT!

Creating your own magic candle

When you choose to create your own magic candle for a spell, or ritual this is where you need to have an awareness of what it is you wish to make magical in your life, so do sit and have a good think prior to creating your magic candle. As you wish so you will receive! Therefore your intentions must be pure, and for the right reasons and does no harm to no one else.

  • What you will require is a candle of your choice, color is important, so pick a candle for its color that you are drawn to.
  • Now you can proceed to inscribe, rub in essential oils that are significant for your purpose, as you do any of these things you focus on embuing the candle with the energies of your thoughts, hold the candle in your hands, and let it absorb the wonderful energies that you are sending too it.
  • Proceed to light the candle and watch how high that flame will be as it is your energies that have created energies to attract other energies from the universe to come to the “party” as such to manifest the magic you want to create

The power of intention lies within you for candle magic.

Do realize that you make a candle magic, it is up to you, to put the energies into it to make it powerful it is your intentions that give it the power. So be wise, and never rush into it. Rather contemplate how you would like to imbue the candle with your energy.

Candle Magic History

In aeons of time ago, a candle was used in rituals and spells etc. The witches of past also used their mind power to create the magic in their magical spells, and their magical candles, that were imbued with their mind power. It was their intentions that created the candle magic. So things have not really changed much only that we have become more aware of how everything works. Therefore you do not need to be a witch to create candle magic. Empower yourself and be your own creator of magic.







The Magic Of Red Meaning In Candle Magic

The Magic and Power of Red!

Use red candles in spells to invoke passion, romance and lust
Use red candles in spells to invoke passion, romance and lust
When we want to experience more passion in our lives then red is the color. The magic of red meaning when used in candle magic can invoke the powers of energy, passion, action and vitality. The color red exudes a very strong and powerful energy. For many lovers that want to experience more passion then the color red is where you can use it to create a powerful magic for your sex life bringing in the lust and passion. .Or on the other hand to bring passion into your life.

Creating candle magic with red meaning i.e. passion, lust, energy, vitality.

If you find that your sex life is lacking with passion, lust and vitality, or you are single and want to meet a love partner that will have passion, lust and vitality for you, then this is where you can use a red candle to create it for you. It is good to boost your sex life with the color red as it really does bring out the raw passion from within for lovers.

What you will require for this spell is the following

  • 1 red candle
  • Red jasper crystal

Inscribe on the red candle lust, passion and love, then proceed to light this candle and hold the red jasper in your hand, while the candle is burning think of the color red and feel this color imbue you with its magic giving you, passion, lust and love. As you hold the red jasper crystal in your hand let its wonderful energies be absorbed by you to stimulate your sex drive, and prolong your sexual pleasures, not only that it will also energize and cleanse the sex organs.

You could also consider to use any of the other crystals in your red spell magic as listed below

Pink tourmaline is a beautiful magical stone that will help to stimulate your libido and encourage you to share physical pleasure with your lover.

Red Jasper will stimulate your sex drive and prolong your sexual pleasure it also energizes and cleanses the sex organs.

Orange Carnelian is a brilliant recharging crystal which has power to energize creative centres, overcome impotence and restore vitality to female sexual organs.

Smoky Quartz will assist in helping to heal any hang ups that you may have about sexual matters, will enhance virility and will cleanse the sexual centres therefore passion will be able to flow freely.

Rose Quartz assists in opening your heart centre, and helps to restore love and trust between you and your lover.

It is also good to chant the following while the candle is burning

“Goddess Aphrodite I ask of you to help me to have more passion, lust and vitality with my lover or (future lover) imbue me with your magic and instill in me passion, lust and vitality”.

When you have completed this spell do remember to thank Goddess Aphrodite! Also place the crystal of your chosen choice under your pillow in your bedroom as this will continue to bring out the passion, lust and vitality in you.










Make Your Own Rose Spells To Find Love

Use roses to create love spells
Use roses to create love spells
Choosing to create rose spells for love is magic! Roses are the flowers that are sacred to Goddess Aphrodite there fore using roses is a powerful ingredient that is used in love spells.

Here we have some basic but powerful love spells that do work and are that simple using rose petals

To dream of your future husband

What you will need to do is to make a tea of wild rose petals, which you can buy from the shop. Then just before you drink your tea chant the following:

"Aphrodite, blessed be, grant me visions of my destiny"

With any remaining tea  can be poured into a bath you can add more rose petals if you like so that you can absorb the beauty of the Goddess Aphrodite.

To make friends with someone that you want to them to notice you:

You can make a tea of wild rose petals and mix it with honey. Then chant

“ I am a goddess, (name of person) do look at me, and see the true beauty within me”

At each sip repeat the above three times is sufficient. With the remaining tea you can pour it into a bath so that you absorb the beauty of the Goddess.

Rose Scent

The scent or rose essential oil is divine, you can also wear on a daily basis the essential oil of rose, as this will also attract a lover into your life!





Make Your Own Sex Magic Spells To Bring Out The Passion and Lust

Aphrodite the Love Goddess
Aphrodite the Love Goddess
Sometimes when we think our sex life could be lagging a bit and we want to bring back some passion, love and lust you might consider sex magic spells to give it that lift. Or it could be totally for the person that you love YOURSELF! Of course there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a boost in the love department, after all you are the one that knows your body best!….

Sex magic spells can be done in various ways that can assist you to get it all happening again, and why not as sex is a very important part of a love relationship with yourself and of course your partner. What I do believe so many people are not in touch with their true sexual ability and desires they go through the motions and have not experienced the ultimate in a sexual loving relationship.

That is why a spell can bring out the magic in you and your partner! Experience sexual bliss like you never have before, once you do you will want more time and again, and lets face it age is not a problem, rather the lack of desire, passion or lust and this happens because you have not been able to tap into that unique force that gives you the ultimate experience time and again.

Masturbation is it sinful or is it simply loving yourself???

Well that word masturbation appears to have a bad taste attitude to it by many a person but you got to be honest and realize that there is no sin in gaining self pleasure it is simply being able to love yourself in another facet. Of course every body has masturbated somewhere in their lifetime. It is simple your body was made for loving and to experience the joys of sexual feelings and all that goes with it! So next time you choose to masturbate rather than thinking it is sinful see it in its true light, that you are simply appreciating and loving yourself. When you can accept and enjoy self stimulation you are making love with your inner lover! So start masturbating in your private moments and enjoy the sensations, as you explore and get to know your body better you will become a better lover.

Visualization is the key

When you chose to explore your body then do imagine that you are in a sexual union with a deity that you want to strengthen and emphasize the qualities of the deity into yourself. You could also invoke the Goddess of Love, a God of healing etc.

So allow yourself to become aroused with all your senses and keep repeating the name of the deity as vividly as you can do use all your senses. At the moment of orgasm channel the energy into your goal i.e. something that is related to the deity, such as passion etc. Do thank and release the deity before you end the ritual. When you choose to work with a God/Goddess it can be intensely erotic.

You can also go one step further by invoking a God/Goddess into your own body, this is where you will deliberately surrender your ego. You will offer yourself complete for a higher purpose, once completed do let go of the God/Goddess and remember to say a thank you.

Sex Magic With A Partner

What happens between a couple when they engage in sex the energy starts to circulate and build up between the two people. The best way to achieve this is for the woman on top as in this position the woman does control the depth and rhythm of penetration, and she can get clitoral stimulation as women need more time to reach orgasm. Of course if you have a personal preference then go for that. Do also change your positions throughout the session.  Each position does have its energy.

The missionary position i.e. man on top this is where the chakras are placed on top of each other, and you can look into each others eyes, as this does enhance intimacy, contact and healing energy. So as you feel your partners passion and lust, they will feel yours and this is where it will really start to grow, so the more you focus on their erotic responses the more it will bring out your side and vice versa.

Invoke a Goddess for Sexual Healing

The best Goddess to invoke for sexual healing and to bring in the passion love and lust into your relationship is the ancient Greek Goddess of  love and beauty, That is Aphrodite and invoke her for healing so you can open yourself to experience the true depths of sex, passion and lust.  So do ask Goddess Aphrodite to instill in you the healing you seek and be open to receive it.

You could also visualize that you are with Aphrodite such as being on the beach swimming naked etc. See yourself that you are entering her healing waters where you will experience what you seek healing for. Always remember to thank Goddess Aphrodite for her healing. (For some women or men that have experienced sexual abuse, or rape then Goddess Aphrodite will help you to accept and overcome what has happened to you so you can enjoy a loving sexual relationship with your partner).

Sex Spell

The best way to create your sex spell that does work is simple what you will need is as follows:

  • 1 Red Candle
  • An item of your lover

What you need to do now is inscribe into the candle your lovers name and your name (do ask their permission for this and explain what the ritual is for). Now you can light the candle and invoke the following:

"I invoke Goddess Aphrodite to imbue my lover and I to become ablazed with passion, love and lust for each other"

Continue to focus on the candle and hold your lovers item in your hand, keep seeing the passion love and lust burn away for each other, your lover might want to join you in creating this spell so do let them be a part of this magic!. When you have finished your spell do remember to thank Goddess Aphrodite.











Attract Lover With A Magic Spell!

You can attract a lover with spells
You can attract a lover with spells
You are interested in creating a spell on how to attract lover into your life. Understandable that we at times will seek other ways such as adding some magic to get what we want. And that is fine as you are creating white magic.

Of course it gets to a stage where you have been patient and waiting to meet that right person for you, but nothing has happened. This is where the beauty of magic spells help as it really does help you focus on what you really want.

How to attract lover that you desire!

Well pretty pointless attract anyone! You do have to be specific in what you desire in a lover such as the qualities that you would like them to have, attributes, tall man, short man, big man, small man, athletic man, the choice is yours so you must be specific.

That is the point of this exercise of the spell you must focus on many other things such as what type of future do you seek, do you want a relationship to love someone or just for the sake of having someone in your life. Are you getting the drift now. So do write your list of wants that you desire in a person. Do be reasonable and logical if you do not have the attributes or qualities that you seek in yourself, then do acquire them ASAP.

Creating the attract lover spell

  • 1 orange candle
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 blue candle
  • A tbsp of each of these herbs, rosemary, marjoram, thyme. (these herbs have energies that attract love)

What you need to do now is inscribe the following on each candle. Red candle love, blue candle communication, orange candle confidence. The reason you inscribe different words onto each candle is to assist you to invoke what you need to attract a lover.

We all need confidence to believe in ourselves that we are loveable and there is someone that will love and accept us for who we are. Communication is important as you are communicating with other realms that are in the white light to help you with your spell. And of course love that is what you so desire to come into your life in the shape of a partner.

Mix the herbs all together and put them into a small mesh bag. Put them beside the candles. Now proceed to light the candles on a Friday of the full moon is best to create magic love spells. Now as you look at the flames of the candles you chant the following:

“Venus Goddess of Love help me to attract lover to me, that will love me for me and has all the qualities I so seek”

Now continue to sit in that space with the candles burning, gazing at the flames and silently or out loud cite the qualities and attributes that you seek. Let the flames of the candles burn out naturally. When this has happened you can put this bag of herbs underneath your pillow as this will encourage you to have dreams of your future lover.

Do remember to thank Venus Goddess of Love for helping you to attract love into your life.





Create Attraction Spells For Love

You can create attraction spells for love that are simple and easy to do and they do work!

Attraction spells for love
Attraction spells for love
There can be times when we have been single for a while and sure we are happy to be single rather than being in a relationship with someone just for the sake of having someone in your life, well what you really want is to experience that deep love with a partner, and you are thinking that the way to go about it is to create attraction spell for love.

Well this is great that you think this way as the world is your oyster and there are so many ways to attract love and the universe is more than happy to oblige you when you go about doing a create attraction spell for love. When we choose to do a spell it helps us to focus our intentions to really get what we want. It is the ritual that is involved that empowers the spell to work.

What you will need to do is find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed at all and think about the qualities and attributes that you seek in your future true lover. Think of the future that you would like to have with your true love, if you like you can write them down.

What you will need to create attraction spell for love

  • 10mls of jojoba oil or grapeseed oil
  • 3 drops  Ylang ylang essential oil
  • 2 drops Patchouli essential oil
  • 1 drop Cedarwood Atlas
  • 1 pink candle
  • 1 rose quartz crystal

Add the drops of essential oils to the 10mls of the carrier oil into a amber or blue glass bottle. When you place the lid on roll the bottle between your hands so it mixes the essential oils. Charge the oils with rose quartz crystal by placing the bottle near the crystal. You could also add a small rose quartz crystal to the blend.

Then carve a heart into the candle, light the candle near a window where it will receive the moonlight of a full moon on a Friday night is best. Apply some of the essential oil love blend onto yourself then chant:

“The Goddess Venus of Love grant me the love that I lack, through this scent my loving mate I will attract”.

Continue to chant this 3 times then read out the list of qualities of your love mate that you are attracting into your life.

“My true love will have these qualities (read from your list)”

chant this 3 times

As the candle burns naturally towards its end chant the following

“Goddess Venus of Love I thank thee for blessing me with a loving mate”

chant 3 times

Every day apply the essential oil blend and chant “Goddess Venus of Love I thank thee for blessing me with a loving mate”. Now that you have created attraction spell for love, do realise that before you know it you will be meeting your love mate.



Create A Spell To Reverse Breakup And Makeup

All you want is to reverse breakup and makeup with your ex as you realize more than ever that you are still in love with them. The answer is a reverse breakup spell…

You can reverse a breakup
You can reverse a breakup
Your relationship has ended and you are feeling pretty heart broken over it all and all you want is to reverse breakup and makeup.

We have a reverse breakup spell that will work of course only if your intentions are true, and that you are not in so much pain that all you want to do is have revenge i.e. get him back, hurt him, and send him on his way. Well dear friend this spell will not work for that.

Understandable we all have reasons why we want to get back with an ex, but it is has to be for the right reasons, nothing worse when you get back with an ex and you discover that after all the trouble you went through to get them back you suddenly realize or think that they are not for you. That is why it becomes very relevant and important that you do sit down and have a really good think why you want to reverse breakup and makeup.

Understanding the pain of a breakup

We are all very unique beings and we end up in a relationship for a time for a reason, sometimes it is for a season, a year or two or a lifetime. But there was a reason why you met and had a relationship. Sometimes we have to accept that a relationship has ended for our own good and that we should move onto bigger and better things.

And there can be times where a relationship ends usually over petty silly things and the ego’s get involved and a breakup will occur, or the breakup occurs for various other reasons. Each love relationship is very unique, and it can hurt deeply badly, the pain we experience after a breakup can be very intense for some people and that relates to the love that you feel for your ex.

A breakup is a shake up

Sometimes a breakup will happen because our ex partner has had enough and it gives you a big wake up call when they walk out of your life. This is where you realize that they were the love of your life and all you want is to get them back. It hits you hard the enormity of it all that they are no longer there in your life. So as a last resort you consider doing a reverse breakup spell.

Creating a free will reverse breakup spell

As long as your intentions are true and that you do love your ex then you do this spell to the highest good of both of you. Also have a really good think as to why you really want to get back with your ex and can you see a future with them, if it all seems good to you then you can proceed with the spell. You will require the following

  • 1 blue candle
  • 1 turquoise crystal
  • Dried or fresh rosemary, marjoram, sage and lavender

What you need to do is mix all the herbs together and place them in a small mesh bag with the turquoise crystal. Next etch into the blue candle the words “reverse breakup” then proceed to light this candle and chant the following:

“I invoke Goddess Aphrodite to reverse the breakup with (name) and I surrender this to the highest good of (name) and myself”.

Hold the mesh bag in your hands and stay focused on the flame after invoking Goddess Aphrodite, now proceed to visualize yourself as being happy, confident and feeling great regardless of the outcome (as it is a free will spell). When the candle goes out of its own accord place this mesh bag of herbs and crystal near your bedside as this will help to invoke dreams. Do remember to thank Goddess Aphrodite in helping to reverse the breakup!

Now all you need to do is relax and leave it in the hands of the Goddess for your positive outcome.



Attraction Spell To Make You Attractive To Men

Want to meet your future partner? Then why not get some extra help and create an attraction spell to make you that much more attractive to men.

You can create an attraction spell to get love
You can create an attraction spell to get love
We all want to appear attractive to the opposite sex and have the sexual attraction happening as this is the first thing that does attract a man to a woman. So if you observe the animal kingdom you will find the attraction is sexually related. There are people that really feel that they do not have the attraction factor happening for them and seek to do an attraction spell to attract the lover of their dreams. So it is only natural to make oneself attractive enough to the other sex.

If you stop to consider what type of lover you want to attract, of course you would want them to have a clean and neat appearance, fresh breath confidence, that they do look after themselves, are confident, have a great personality and great sense of humor so do you have these traits that you seek in your lover?  Of course what is most important in attracting a lover is to be your true self and try and not be someone that you are not. After all you want them to fall in love with you not a fake image of you!

If anything it is great to have a mystique about you now that is very alluring, as is an aura of elegance, the feminine you, this is your great attraction and appeal to men. So to add the magic of attraction we have the attraction spell to attract the opposite sex..

Make yourself more desirable and attractive spell

  • 1 pink candle
  • Rose oil
  • Pink rose quartz crystal
  • Moonstone crystal

The spell process

Take time to assess all your attributes the good the bad and the ugly, acknowledge the bad and ugly and realize that these aspects are worth improving, the good attributes are your treasures. Do also realize nobody is perfect. Now write down all the attributes that you would like to have.

Now you can anoint the candle with the rose oil start from the bottom and go up to the top of the candle. While you are doing this think of all the attributes that you would like to attain and visualize them about yourself.

Also channel love and desire, confidence and attractiveness into the candle. After you have done this you can then proceed to carve into the candle what it is that you want such as “ I wished to be loved for who I am from my true love”.

When you have finished writing on the candle then proceed to light it, then take a crystal into each hand and look at the flame of the candle feel the emotion of love in the flame as the candle burns away, visualize yourself with all the qualities you want to attain to be attractive, such as confidence, self love, healthy self esteem, inner and outer beauty, that you have beautiful and stunning eyes, that you have great sex appeal, that you are very feminine and sensuous etc. Then chant 3 times the following:

"Venus Goddess of love let me see my true beauty in me that will make me attractive to all that see me, may my true love find my true beauty in me".

Keep seeing all what you seek as the candle burns down to nothing. Then put the pink rose quartz crystal and the moonstone beside your bed, as this will aid you in having visions of the new you and seeing your next love partner.

What you will notice is that you are attracting more attention from the opposite sex after you have done a spell like this. No doubt it will be up to you who you choose to date from all these attentive males that are paying attention to you! So when you have finished your spell do remember to thank Venus the Goddess of love.