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Phases of the Moon and Witchcraft

phases of the moon Phases of the Moon

The Moon is more important than you may realise. The key to success in casting your spells and achieving healing magic is to work with nature rather than against it. At certain times the moon is in the prime position to enhance your spells, find out when you should be working your magic for full effect.

For maximum effect and potency, you should cast your spells on the full moon. Like many farmers will follow a moon calendar when planting out their seeds, so too should witches follow the phases of the moon.

How Do The Phases of the Moon Affect Us?

The moon effects everything – from our moods and menstrual cycles to our behaviour and the actions we take. Have you ever noticed that kids get just a little crazy when the moon is full? They are more open to the cycles and aren’t constrained as much as we are by society.

There are four phases of the moon. These are the New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and the Waning Moon. Each of these phases has a seven day period, adding up to a 28 day lunar month. It typically goes three days leading into and three days leading away from – you can cast your spells at any point in these days as well as on the exact day.

This gives you plenty of time to cast your spells, we all know how busy life is and we can’t all plan to do our spells on one night. These are the phases of the moon and how they are traditionally used in magic.

Phases of the Moon Explained

New Moon: Usually, we will have two days of the new moon. This is a good time to rid ones self of things.

Waxing Moon – The moon is increasing in size of visibility during a waxing moon. Focus on doing spells of increasing your gain such as spells for love, money or power.

Full Moon – The most important phase of the moon for casting spells. Magic is much more powerful at this phase of the moon and so spells should be undertaken with care. The most power for your spells will be the date of the actual full moon, with the three days on either side still being powerful, but slightly less so.

Waning Moon – The moon is decreasing in size and visibility during a waning moon. This is a useful time to undertake spells that make things go away, it’s a good time to undertake a spell to get rid of a slanderer or someone else who is making your life uncomfortable.


Spell To Stop A Slanderer

how to stop a slandererIs Someone Telling Untruths About You?

Do you need to stop a slanderer? Many of us have a time in our lives when someone slanders us or tells an untruth that can affect our lives. If someone is trying to negatively influence others against you, or you have a day in court where your opponent is influencing people dishonestly, this can be a good spell to use. You must know the identity of the person trying to do you harm with slander or untruths.

Clear your mind

First you must calm and clear your mind. To do this you should take a moment to meditate so that your mind, focus and intentions are clear. You should sit in a quiet space and make sure that you are comfortable. Use crystals to help focus your thoughts and clear your mind. You might use one crystal or a combination of what works best for you. Some calming crystals include any of the blue stones; aquamarine, blue calcite or turquoise. Crystals used to reach a higher state of consciousness and clear the mind include purple or clear stones. Amethyst, clear quartz and chraroite are all effective crystals at calming a troubled mind.

  • aquamarine
  • blue calcite 
  • turquoise
  • amethyst
  • clear quartz
  • chraroite

Note – this spell requires the use of liquid. You will need either vodka, denatured alcohol or water. If you are using water you should cleanse it with your crystals first. Be sure to choose an appropriate crystal and place it into the glass of water for a few hours. You want to ease your troubles, so any of the above crystals would work well. If you have a crystal that works well for you, you could also use that to cleanse and purify the water and prepare it for use in the freezer spell.

Set Your Intentions

Once your mind is clear and free from stress and confusion, make yourself aware of who is slandering you. Picture their face in your mind, focus on your desire to stop this person harming you. Remember, you do not want to harm them, only stop them from slandering and harming your reputation. By setting your intentions and your focus with a clear mind the spell will be more effective.

How To Create A Freezer Spell And Stop A Slanderer

  1. Take a freshly sharpened pencil – it must be extremely sharp and pointy
  2. On a fresh piece of parchment, write the name of your slanderer using your pencil
  3. Set your intentions once more while writing on the paper
  4. Fold the paper in half, and keep folding it until it is too small to fold anymore
  5. While you are folding, be sure to repeat your desires and intentions – that they stop lying, mocking you and turning others against you. You are trying to freeze their actions.
  6. Pour vodka, denatured alcohol or water over the paper. It is a good idea to do this over the sink.
  7. Place the folded, wet paper as far back into the corner of your freezer as possible. If you have used water you will need to place it into a freezer bag so that it doesn't stick – we need to remove the paper once we are finished.
  8. Leave the paper there for 30 days. This is most effective done on a waning moon, but time is sometimes more urgent and we cannot wait for the waning moon.

This should freeze the slander out and stop the harsh words and lies against you. Remember it is your intentions that infuse this spell. Adjust this spell as you feel comfortable.

What To Do With The Paper

After the 30 days have passed, you can tear the paper up into tiny pieces, burn the paper and let the ash fly away on the wind – be very aware of fire, or you can bury the paper in a far corner of your garden. Do not bury it too close to your house, ideally bury it away from where you live.

Do You Have Experience With A Slanderer? What Other Spells Can Help?


How To Clear A Crystal

how to clear a crystalHow To Clear A Crystal

When using a crystal for a love spell, you want that crystal to be clean and powerful, not filled with the remnants of other healings or spells. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is. You will know if a crystal needs to be cleared, it will feel hot and heavy, almost as though it is drained. A cleared crystal will be bright and tingly and feel cool or even cold to the touch. You will get a definite positive energy from a cleared crystal

Sea Salt

This is the most traditional way to cleanse a crystal and dispel any negative energy, almost like a psychic disinfectant. If you have a crystal that is overloaded with negative energy, a salt cleansing is the most effective to restore balance. You can use sea salt for a cleansing either with water or dry. To use with water, mix a teaspoon of salt with cold water in a glass, place your crystals into the water and allow them to soak overnight. It is important that you do not use a metal or plastic container, glass is best.

To use a dry salt cleansing, place sea salt into a glass bowl and bury the stones in the salt. If your crystals have points make sure that they are facing downward. Leave the crystals buried in the sea salt overnight. If your crystals have been involved in a spell or healing that was particularly strong leave them in the salt for another day or two.

If you live by the ocean, you can use salt water directly from the ocean.


This cleansing takes more time, but it is just as efficient. Wait until the full moon and simply place your crystals outside from the full moon to the new moon. Waning moons are a good time to clear crystals and dispel negative energies. The amount of time that your crystal will need to be in the moonlight will depend on how full of negative energy your crystal is. You will know your crystals are cleansed once they feel lighter and brighter.

If your crystals need an extended period of time in the moonlight, be sure to bring them back in during the day. Sunlight can fade your crystal’s color and fine cracks may also appear in your crystals from the heat of the sun.

How do you clear a crystal? Share with our readers


Love Spell – Attract Your Lover For Free

love spell for freeYour Free Love Spell To Attract The One You Love

To complete this spell you will need:

1 x red candle

1 x pink amethyst crystal

1 x photograph of you

1 x photograph of your love

1 x paperclip

Step 1 Clear your crystal.

If your crystals have been used for previous spells or healings or you have bought a new crystal its important to free your crystal of negative energies. If your crystal is looking and feeling drained and dull instead of sparkly and cool then you should do a cleansing just to be safe. If you would like instructions, check out our article on how to cleanse crystals.

Step 2 Love Spell Instructions

Hold the cleansed crystal in your hand and concentrate on your desires. It is important to set your intentions, charge the energy in your crystal and to clear your mind of everything except your loved one.

Take the two photographs and put them together so that the faces are facing one another. Now your loved one will only be able to see your face and he won’t be able to look past your face. Keep the two photographs together and in front of you as you complete the spell.

Light the red candle, take the crystal in your hand again and focus your thoughts on your loved one. Take a moment to be clear your mind and be open to the universe.

Step 3 Recite the following spell:

I call on forces higher then I,

To awaken the dreams that I hold in inside

Through this connection you know my need

I ask for love's enchantment with all speed.

May this work for me in the most correct way attracting

the love I need today….

I call on thee in perfect love & trust working

with me sending what’s just…

Harming none and helping all is how it Shall be

This I make true

Repeat three times

Step 4

Once you have completed the spell, be sure to take the photographs still paper clipped together and place them in the bottom of your underwear drawer. Your loved one should soon appear if it is meant to be.

Have you had success with a love spell? Share your stories with our readers below


What Is Psychic Energy?

Every living and past plant, animal, human, etc has a psychic energy field around it where it is understood to be the “personal space” of the living and non living. Every country is rich with history and you will find many different places around the world where many mysteries are held and yet they pulsate with psychic energy for us to learn, decipher and understand what they are trying to tell us. Whether it be a tomb, an old village, a pyramid, sacred grounds their psychic energy is much alive today. The psychic energy of people from those centuries or eras still can be felt to this day.

Does your psychic energy get passed on through the generations


It has been found that psychic energies do get passed on through the generations, you can find families that are rich with clairvoyants, mediums, clairsentients etc. Generation after generation you will find members that are very gifted. This is where the psychic energy has passed on to a certain member or members of the family to carry on the psychic energy of the gifts of being psychic in more ways than one.


Psychic energies from mystical places.


There are many places around the world that are loaded with psychic energies such as Lourdes, The pyramids in Giza, Avebury in England, Ayers Rock in Australia, Machu Pichu in The Andes, Sedona in Arizona and Tibet just to name some. These amazing mystical places are loaded with psychic energy fields where we can experience the gifts of healing, inspiration and many blessings.



Your psychic energy field


It is important that you look after yourself in more ways than one as your psychic energy field will benefit from this in a big way. It is vital that you stay in a positive mind set always as this will keep your energy at a positive level. To understand better the impact of your thoughts why not do the following experiment.


  • You will need two bunch of fresh flowers of your choice. One bunch that you are grateful and happy to spend your money on and the other bunch when paying for it feel resentment towards it.


  • Place each bunch in separate vases in separate rooms.


The flowers that you were happy to pay for this is where you will speak lovingly towards these flowers, and show gratitude towards them and that you were happy to buy them and you love their beauty.


The other vase of flowers where you bought them with resentment is where you will speak negatively towards these flowers, that you resented spending money on them, that they look wilted and they have no scent to them and plainly you regret buying them and that they were a waste of your time and money.


Do this for a week and watch the difference for each bunch of flowers. Where you were positive these flowers will have a longer life span and will stay fresh longer, where as the bunch you spoke and thought negatively about will wilt and die much faster.


Now this will make you understand better why it is important to believe in the worth and weight of all positive thoughts as they become psychic energy as you now have become aware of this experiment.


Protect your psychic energy


The more we become in tune with other peoples objects places etc of their psychic energy this is where we really need to protect our own psychic energy centres which are called auras that envelope our body. The energy is invisible to the naked eye.


The best way to protect yourself is with the white light, simply visualize a white light filtering and enveloping your auric field. You can also cleanse your auric field by having a bath in salt water or even go for a swim in the ocean.






Spells For Luck, Prosperity And More

You can create romance with magic using spells.
You can create romance with magic using spells.
Needing some luck in your life? Why not create some magical spells that will help you to bring in some luck or prosperity to you. Or possibly romance into your relationship. Here we have some great insightful ways in which to bring luck and prosperity, love and peace into your life in various ways. Enjoy the spells for luck, romance, prosperity and more as follows

Create Luck with socks

It does sound odd that socks will help you to create luck but they do all you need to do is as follows:

You can either wear green or brown socks the choice is all yours. What you need to add to these socks is either of these herbs that is rosemary, cinnamon or basil. Wear these socks as often as you like or for as long as you like! These herbs help to bring the luck too you in more ways than one.

Create Prosperity

If you are finding that money is getting a little tight and you want an extra flow of abundance then why not create this spell to bring in the dollars for you.

What you need to do:

You will need to enscribe on a green candle the words "prosperity comes to me easily" once you have done this, you can light the candle, as it is lit stare into the flame of the candle and think and see all the ways you would like to prosper in and see it coming to you easily and quickly. Once the candle has burned down you can then bury it into mother earth.

Create romance

If you are tired of the everyday and want to add some magic to your relationships then it can be easily done with this spell, as it will bring true romance into your life.

What you need to do

On a friday night around 7pm you will need to annoint two red candles one with jasmine and one with rose essential oils, surround each candle with rose petals and place them at least 2 feet apart. Proceed to light them then sit back and gaze into the candle flames, feel them burn into your heart, do this every night and each night bring the candles closer to each other, until on the seventh night both candles are burning together. The next day bury this wax into the earth and know that romance is definately coming your way.

Harmony Spell

If you are finding that everything in your life is becoming an effort, and there is alot of pressure where you have to shoulder respssonsibility and you have to keep moving no matter how hard and difficult everything is, this beautiful spell will help to lighten your load, help to rebalance your energy and bring harmony again into your life.

What you need to do

Bake a loaf of magical bread, which contains petals of lavender and rose, pull the bread apart while it is still warm and share it with all the people that you love, this is helping to flower harmony which will radiate outwards in your life, and inwards into your heart.

Or try some of the following such as:

  • Use lots of candles in the south to bring fame and fortune to your home
  • Wear purple if you want to feel wealthy and wise as it is the color of royalty and riches
  • Keep your stove and oven clean and in perfect working order, as they represent the family's prosperity
  • Wearing the color red whether it is visible or as underwear as this will keep you safe when you are travelling
  • Put an aquarium in your home or office for business growth or career advancement.
  • Tape three chinese coins that are tied together and place inside a section of your wallet so that it will never be empty of money.
  • You can place a heavy quartz crystal or ball on the outside corner of your desk as this will help to anchor good fortune to you.

Lift your spirits with essential oils

Creating your own personal blends that will help to lift your spirits and also why not create your own personal prosperity blend as follows:

Uplift your spirits

2 drops bergamot, 2 drops sweet orange 1 drop of lavender blend these into a carrier oil of 10 mls of oil. Apply this every day and you will notice that your spirits will start to lift and you will have a brighter outlook on life.

Prosperity blend

3 drops bergamot 3 drops ginger add this to 10mls of a carrier oil, apply this blend on to yourself on a daily basis and watch how you will easily attract prosperity into your life.











Create your own money spell
Create your own money spell
Feeling the pinch and you are wanting to experience more prosperity in your life? Well you can create a spell for prosperity. And it will come to you in various ways such as falling from the sky. I do have to admit that it was only a note that floated past me on a light wind, which I grabbed straight away. Be prepared to receive this abundance in different forms.

Are your intentions good to receive this extra money that you seek? It is also good to help yourself visualize that you are receiving the abundance that you seek, whether it be something that you really want, such as a holiday, or making payments on your mortgage etc. The more you feel and believe that it will happen this all helps with your spell making for prosperity.

A candle money spell

What you will require is as follows

•    Green candle represents money

•     White candle represents you

•     Oil

You can do this spell any time you like but it is best that you do it the same time each day. You need to do this for nine days. Annoint each candle with oil and as you do this think of the money that you are manifesting for yourself.  Place the candles nine inches apart and each day bring them closer together.  Then proceed to chant as follows:

"Money, comes easily to me

In abundance three times three

May I be enriched in the best of ways

Harming none on its way

This I accept, so mote it be.

Bring me money three times three!"

It is important that you repeat this for nine days, and each day move the white candle one inch closer to the green candle, when the candles are touching each other your spell is complete. Do make sure that you visualize the money pouring in from the universe as this is the source of your spell work.









Protection Binding Spells That Work


Protection binding spells do work!
Protection binding spells do work!
There can be times when we experience psychic attack from people that wish us ill will, they create spells, send across their bad thought wishes to you or practice voodooism to affect you, and the reason they go to such extremes is because they do not like you for whatever reason. To stop a person doing this to you is easy and it can be achieved with a protection binding spell. All you are creating is an energy of protection from this person so they no longer can attack you in any form.

What you will need is as follows

If you have a photo of the person that is doing this to you all you will need to do is to have two copies of the same photo then you put them face to face proceed to bind them with a pink ribbon and say the following

I bind you with the pink ribbon of love to protect my self from your harmful ways. All the harm you seek to me will be mirrored back to thee.

Leave the photos binded facing each other with the pink ribbon, put it in a safe place and leave it binded for the time that you think is necessary. Whenever you think of this person send them positive thoughts. Of course it can be hard to do as you know that they have harmed you, but this is the best way to go.

Protection binding spell using water

This is where you can write down a protection binding spell on paper including the person’s name that is doing you harm, basically you will freeze up their intentions towards you and this person can no longer harm you in any way.

I bind (name of person) to receive all what you wish to me. May all your harm past, present and future be frozen where it will not harm me or any one else any longer.

Place this message into a small plastic container with water and put it into your deep freezer, keep it there as long as you wish.

What needs to be pointed out is that these protection binding spells even though they are simple they do WORK! So do make sure that you do these protection binding spells only for a valid reason that you are genuinely being attacked in a negative way from a person or people that you know.





Binding Spell That Works For WeightLoss

binding spell
Binding spell for weight loss
When creating a binding spell you are putting the power of manifestation into this binding spell. Your complete focus on achieving a result creates the energy behind the actual binding spell. There fore it becomes powerful as it manifests itself so be careful what you want to bind! A binding spell can be used for many purposes but a lot of thought is required if you really do want to create the binding spell do be aware of what you are actually requesting and the consequences of the binding spell as they really do work!

You do not need to be a witch or ask a witch to create a binding spell, everybody has the power within to create a powerful binding spell. All spells are based on intention and focus, which brings forth the energy that is summoned to make it work and this is also applies to binding spells.

What are binding spells used for

Binding spells are mainly used to bind another person to you, or when you want someone out of your life you will bind them. You could also create a binding spell to bring you love, luck, weightloss, happiness, basically whatever it is that you so desire! As long as you are aware of the outcome that it will bring.

When creating a binding spell to bind another person to you, this is where you can create disharmony to the other person’s free will. And this is something that you really do not want to do. Many people do these love binding spells, and find that they do get the person but things do not flow smoothly in the relationship and there is always discord rather than happiness.

My best advice to you is to create binding spells for yourself and if you are finding that there are people that are very negative towards you, or are psychically attacking you then yes do a binding spell that will keep them away from you. It is always best to do a binding spell with the best of intentions, when you start to go against free will then you are going into the darker side of binding spells and this is best to be avoided as there are always repercussions to what we choose to do with a binding spell.

Create a binding spell for weight loss

You will require a half metre length of blue cord or blue string. On a new moon sit down and have a good think as to why and what is stopping you from losing any excess weight. Then proceed to tie eight evenly spaced knots, as you tie each knot proceed  with saying as follows:

    First knot:

    By knot of one, I now embrace a reduction in my appetite.

    Second knot:

    By knot of two, I bind myself to desire healthy food choices

    Third knot:

    By knot of three, I bind my urge to binge, gorge, splurge and gobble junk food.

    Fourth knot:

    By knot of four I bind myself to enjoy exercising and I no longer oppose it.

    Fifth knot:

    By knot of five, all excess weight I carry will quickly start to dissipate.   

   Sixth knot:

    By knot of six I bind myself to enjoy smaller servings of healthy food

    Seventh knot:

    By knot of seven, my insecurities go and self worth blooms and continues to    grow.

    Eighth knot:

    By knot of eight, I bind any setbacks and achieve and enjoy healthy weight loss.

Then tie the two ends together and visualize yourself  reaching your goal weight easily and decree

This final know, I set this binding spell, so each and every single cell in my body. My mind works together now to bind me to this weight loss strategy, where my ideal weight will be reached quickly and easily so mote it be.

Put your blue cord in a safe place such as your alter if you have one if not then do keep it in a place where nobody else will be able to touch it.


Create Your Own Spell Of Love Potion Using Essential Oils

Use Essential Oils For Love SpellsWhen choosing to use essential oils to create spell of love potion, this is where you can really get creative and make your own signature Spell of Love Potion especially for you or for your loved ones, or friends. You can create some really great magical blends where the scents are so heady and alluring to the senses. And once you get the knack of creating very unique and individual spell of love potion not only for yourself and others this is where you can if you like start making your own personal essential oil spell of love potion business, that will become very profitable if you have the right intentions behind your business.

The more you choose to make a blend that is very specific, the more potent the blend becomes, as you are looking at many aspects of a person, and the essential oils also have many aspects to them and when you put it all together this is where the essential oils will empower you with qualities that you seek and to manifest a partner that has the qualities that you want in them.

When you create it for yourself, you empower yourself, you don’t disempower someone else. You are supporting and nurturing your self, and sending your intention out into the ether with a positive spin.

The beauty in essential oils is that they are carriers of the truth, so when you mix the essence of you with the essence of a plant or flower, this is where you will concoct a formula that is based in love and truth!

Here we have some great blends that you can create to bring in the love and passion into your life.

Attract a life partner

If you want to attract a life partner then you can create the following spell of love potion.

2 drops Sandalwood

2 drops Rosewood

3 drops Sweet Orange

Blend these drops into 10mls of a carrier oil such as jojoba, macadamia, apricot, or borage, then proceed to coat your body with this luscious blend before you go out onto a special event, or you can also use on a daily basis the choice is yours.

To mesmerise someone

If you want to mesmerise and initiate an intimate connection why not try anointing your wrists, throat and heart chakra with this love potion blend.

1 drop Patchouli    

3 drops Jasmine

 (this is assuming your jasmine oil is in a 3% blend with jojoba. If you have pure jasmine just use one drop).

1 drop Mandarin    

Mix these drops with 10mls carrier oil of your choice and apply the scent is divine.

Sensual woman

If you want to bring out the sensual woman in you that will bring out all that woman in you do make the following blend for yourself.

5 drops Bergamot   

5 drops Palmarosa  

5 drops Ylang Ylang

Mix all these drops into 30mls of carrier oil of your choice, and feel the sensousness unfold in you.

In conclusion

With essential oils you can create so many different and very unique blends for yourself and others, simply by understanding the profile and characteristics of each essential oil. It is best to always purchase the therapeutic grade essential oils rather than the imitations. When looking for a true essential oil it should have an expiry date, and a batch no. on the label. This is a guarantee that you are purchasing authentic essential oils.