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Phases of the Moon and Witchcraft

phases of the moon Phases of the Moon

The Moon is more important than you may realise. The key to success in casting your spells and achieving healing magic is to work with nature rather than against it. At certain times the moon is in the prime position to enhance your spells, find out when you should be working your magic for full effect.

For maximum effect and potency, you should cast your spells on the full moon. Like many farmers will follow a moon calendar when planting out their seeds, so too should witches follow the phases of the moon.

How Do The Phases of the Moon Affect Us?

The moon effects everything – from our moods and menstrual cycles to our behaviour and the actions we take. Have you ever noticed that kids get just a little crazy when the moon is full? They are more open to the cycles and aren’t constrained as much as we are by society.

There are four phases of the moon. These are the New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and the Waning Moon. Each of these phases has a seven day period, adding up to a 28 day lunar month. It typically goes three days leading into and three days leading away from – you can cast your spells at any point in these days as well as on the exact day.

This gives you plenty of time to cast your spells, we all know how busy life is and we can’t all plan to do our spells on one night. These are the phases of the moon and how they are traditionally used in magic.

Phases of the Moon Explained

New Moon: Usually, we will have two days of the new moon. This is a good time to rid ones self of things.

Waxing Moon – The moon is increasing in size of visibility during a waxing moon. Focus on doing spells of increasing your gain such as spells for love, money or power.

Full Moon – The most important phase of the moon for casting spells. Magic is much more powerful at this phase of the moon and so spells should be undertaken with care. The most power for your spells will be the date of the actual full moon, with the three days on either side still being powerful, but slightly less so.

Waning Moon – The moon is decreasing in size and visibility during a waning moon. This is a useful time to undertake spells that make things go away, it’s a good time to undertake a spell to get rid of a slanderer or someone else who is making your life uncomfortable.


How To Clear A Crystal

how to clear a crystalHow To Clear A Crystal

When using a crystal for a love spell, you want that crystal to be clean and powerful, not filled with the remnants of other healings or spells. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is. You will know if a crystal needs to be cleared, it will feel hot and heavy, almost as though it is drained. A cleared crystal will be bright and tingly and feel cool or even cold to the touch. You will get a definite positive energy from a cleared crystal

Sea Salt

This is the most traditional way to cleanse a crystal and dispel any negative energy, almost like a psychic disinfectant. If you have a crystal that is overloaded with negative energy, a salt cleansing is the most effective to restore balance. You can use sea salt for a cleansing either with water or dry. To use with water, mix a teaspoon of salt with cold water in a glass, place your crystals into the water and allow them to soak overnight. It is important that you do not use a metal or plastic container, glass is best.

To use a dry salt cleansing, place sea salt into a glass bowl and bury the stones in the salt. If your crystals have points make sure that they are facing downward. Leave the crystals buried in the sea salt overnight. If your crystals have been involved in a spell or healing that was particularly strong leave them in the salt for another day or two.

If you live by the ocean, you can use salt water directly from the ocean.


This cleansing takes more time, but it is just as efficient. Wait until the full moon and simply place your crystals outside from the full moon to the new moon. Waning moons are a good time to clear crystals and dispel negative energies. The amount of time that your crystal will need to be in the moonlight will depend on how full of negative energy your crystal is. You will know your crystals are cleansed once they feel lighter and brighter.

If your crystals need an extended period of time in the moonlight, be sure to bring them back in during the day. Sunlight can fade your crystal’s color and fine cracks may also appear in your crystals from the heat of the sun.

How do you clear a crystal? Share with our readers


Love Spell – Attract Your Lover For Free

love spell for freeYour Free Love Spell To Attract The One You Love

To complete this spell you will need:

1 x red candle

1 x pink amethyst crystal

1 x photograph of you

1 x photograph of your love

1 x paperclip

Step 1 Clear your crystal.

If your crystals have been used for previous spells or healings or you have bought a new crystal its important to free your crystal of negative energies. If your crystal is looking and feeling drained and dull instead of sparkly and cool then you should do a cleansing just to be safe. If you would like instructions, check out our article on how to cleanse crystals.

Step 2 Love Spell Instructions

Hold the cleansed crystal in your hand and concentrate on your desires. It is important to set your intentions, charge the energy in your crystal and to clear your mind of everything except your loved one.

Take the two photographs and put them together so that the faces are facing one another. Now your loved one will only be able to see your face and he won’t be able to look past your face. Keep the two photographs together and in front of you as you complete the spell.

Light the red candle, take the crystal in your hand again and focus your thoughts on your loved one. Take a moment to be clear your mind and be open to the universe.

Step 3 Recite the following spell:

I call on forces higher then I,

To awaken the dreams that I hold in inside

Through this connection you know my need

I ask for love's enchantment with all speed.

May this work for me in the most correct way attracting

the love I need today….

I call on thee in perfect love & trust working

with me sending what’s just…

Harming none and helping all is how it Shall be

This I make true

Repeat three times

Step 4

Once you have completed the spell, be sure to take the photographs still paper clipped together and place them in the bottom of your underwear drawer. Your loved one should soon appear if it is meant to be.

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What Is Psychic Energy?

Every living and past plant, animal, human, etc has a psychic energy field around it where it is understood to be the “personal space” of the living and non living. Every country is rich with history and you will find many different places around the world where many mysteries are held and yet they pulsate with psychic energy for us to learn, decipher and understand what they are trying to tell us. Whether it be a tomb, an old village, a pyramid, sacred grounds their psychic energy is much alive today. The psychic energy of people from those centuries or eras still can be felt to this day.

Does your psychic energy get passed on through the generations


It has been found that psychic energies do get passed on through the generations, you can find families that are rich with clairvoyants, mediums, clairsentients etc. Generation after generation you will find members that are very gifted. This is where the psychic energy has passed on to a certain member or members of the family to carry on the psychic energy of the gifts of being psychic in more ways than one.


Psychic energies from mystical places.


There are many places around the world that are loaded with psychic energies such as Lourdes, The pyramids in Giza, Avebury in England, Ayers Rock in Australia, Machu Pichu in The Andes, Sedona in Arizona and Tibet just to name some. These amazing mystical places are loaded with psychic energy fields where we can experience the gifts of healing, inspiration and many blessings.



Your psychic energy field


It is important that you look after yourself in more ways than one as your psychic energy field will benefit from this in a big way. It is vital that you stay in a positive mind set always as this will keep your energy at a positive level. To understand better the impact of your thoughts why not do the following experiment.


  • You will need two bunch of fresh flowers of your choice. One bunch that you are grateful and happy to spend your money on and the other bunch when paying for it feel resentment towards it.


  • Place each bunch in separate vases in separate rooms.


The flowers that you were happy to pay for this is where you will speak lovingly towards these flowers, and show gratitude towards them and that you were happy to buy them and you love their beauty.


The other vase of flowers where you bought them with resentment is where you will speak negatively towards these flowers, that you resented spending money on them, that they look wilted and they have no scent to them and plainly you regret buying them and that they were a waste of your time and money.


Do this for a week and watch the difference for each bunch of flowers. Where you were positive these flowers will have a longer life span and will stay fresh longer, where as the bunch you spoke and thought negatively about will wilt and die much faster.


Now this will make you understand better why it is important to believe in the worth and weight of all positive thoughts as they become psychic energy as you now have become aware of this experiment.


Protect your psychic energy


The more we become in tune with other peoples objects places etc of their psychic energy this is where we really need to protect our own psychic energy centres which are called auras that envelope our body. The energy is invisible to the naked eye.


The best way to protect yourself is with the white light, simply visualize a white light filtering and enveloping your auric field. You can also cleanse your auric field by having a bath in salt water or even go for a swim in the ocean.






Psychic Attack Protection

Are you experiencing psychic attack? If you are then you need to protect yourself.
Are you experiencing psychic attack? If you are then you need to protect yourself.
Lately have you been feeling exhausted and are finding it hard to have a good nights rest? You feel as if there is a heavy lid over your everyday happiness, and you find that you cannot function right and you do not know why. Understanding energy this could be viewed as you experiencing psychic attack and this is where you will need psychic attack protection from the person who is doing this to you whether it is consciously or unconsciously as they have formed an intention to harm you.

It could possibly be a mother in law who resents you for stealing her precious daughter or son, and when she sees you she gives you the “evil eye” look when ever she can. Or does your ex have strong negative emotions, thoughts even if you have not been together for some time. Or could it be your “frenemy” who could be jealous of you simply because you still have your figure after all these years.

We all have a dark side to ourselves which is the shadow side where it is a storehouse of negative feelings. When these emotions are not acknowledge and released, this is where the shadow side of you can get into the drivers seat and take over. This negative energy can cause real problems for someone else. As an example I have a friend who got a great promotion and there was a substantial increase in her income. She had such enthusiasm and so much energy for doing her new job, but not long after she could barely drag herself to work. The cause of her problem became obvious, as there was a psychic attachment that was connected to her father, he was very proud of his daughters success, but inwardly he was jealous of her success, and he was also retrenched from his job. All my friend had to do was cut the psychic connection between them i.e. psychic cord. All the positive cords were left in place.

Psychic attack is it really real?

Never discount psychic attack as too far out there, as it is REAL and it happens all the time in varying degrees. You do need to protect your self from psychic attack and also how to clear yourself of any negative energy that comes from outside yourself.

It is true that people can be so nice to your face but inside themselves they are seething away and sending you negative vibes and are psychically attacking you, with their thought forms. The more energy sensitive you become the more you will be able to pick up on these things.

Consciously and unconsciously

A conscious psychic attack is where the person is totally aware and are seeking ways to do you intentional harm,  they may seek out various spells to harm, voodooism, black magic etc they create a negative energy mass to harm you as there intention is to get you and make your life a living hell. Harm can be sent towards you to either get you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

An unconscious attack is where a person will have subconscious negative feelings for you and it is these subconscious feelings that are doing the psychic attack. So be wise with the company that you choose to keep and that includes family.

Various reasons as to why someone might attack you psychically

  • Fear
  • They are very negative about themselves and others
  • They could be envious of your career, partner, looks and your home
  • They are jealous of you
  • Your life is going really well while theirs is very stagnant.

 When you concsciously send negative energy thoughts towards someone and with the intention to inflict harm, then it will all come back to you one day as whether you believe in it or not Karma will come your way that is what goes around comes back to you multiplied. PS No one gets an exemption card from experiencing KARMA.

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

 These symptoms may vary from person to person and in varying degrees

  • Having nightmares
  • Feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly and for no apparent reason.
  • Having pains in the same place at the same time on an ongoing basis.
  • Lack of concentration and feelings of laziness while doing simple daily tasks.
  • Having unusual painful, and in more severe cases, headaches which are accompanied with dizziness and or vomiting.
  • Feeling that you are being watched and seeing shadows.
  • A very strong psychic attack that could be inflicted on someone is to experience that they are having a heart attack, and having the feeling to want to commit suicide.

How to deal, heal and protect yourself from psychic attack

The more aware you are of any unusual changes in your life this is where you can take immediate action  for yourself and start to deal, heal and protect yourself from psychic attack.

You can ask for guidance from your spirit guides and guardian angels to help you to stop the attack and to protect you from them, faith is not required as they will do the work for you. If you are aware of your attacker do not send them ill will back rather it is better to send them pure white energy of light directly from the Source, Universe or from the GOD of your own belief. Send your attackers loving thoughts rather than fear, anger, or hatred and it is best if you try and feel compassion toward them and send them blessings from above so they can get help to heal their own darkness. We are all souls and we are all here to experience a journey on earth. So embrace this soul who is in pain and realize you have the wisdom to know better and be grateful for that.

Protecting yourself

The more sensitive you are the more in tune you will be with whom is attacking you psychically. So every time your attacker comes to your mind, send them love and light from the source.   Always protect yourself in a white light of protection this is easily done by imagining a beam of white light  enveloping you day in day out, and at the same token this white light is puryfing your aura daily. You can also wear an essential oil of frankincense, juniper, cedarwood atlas, cypress either of these essential oils are cleansing and purifying of energy attachments and psychic attack.  When we are emotionally vulnerable this is where the psychic attack can really manifest itself, so choose to stay in the light, and always lift your spirits you have only today, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is a mystery. Live in the moment, always protect yourself with the white light; and to your psychic attackers send them love and light.









Learn How To Increase Your Psychic Powers

You can increase your psychic powers
You can increase your psychic powers
We are all born with psychic powers and there are some people that are very psychically gifted naturally, and others have to learn how to expand and increase their psychic powers which of course takes you on an interesting journey in life. We have been conditioned by society to hide our abilities. Where as in some cultures it is revered and encouraged. What you also find that in some families there is generation after generation of  gifted psychics in the family. For some people this can be hard to believe that we are all born with psychic powers but it is true we all are.

Some people that are highly gifted use it for the good of mankind and there are others that will exploit there gift and do much harm rather than good. If you are choosing to increase your psychic powers  then make sure that you use it for good purposes only! Traveling the journey of becoming more psychic is more about personal and spiritual growth. As you explore and travel to new spiritual realms, you will learn about your life purpose. It is wise to put your faith and trust in your higher powers hands, the collective mind or the universe and trust that they will lead you to use your gifts well and wisely.

Here are some great ways to help you to increase your psychic powers


You need to meditate on a regular basis and stick to a regular time frame and location where you will not be disturbed. Try and start with 15 minute daily sessions and work your way to longer sessions.

Slow down and relax

This simply means slow down and become the observer of your life, by choosing to live in the moment. When you do this you will notice so much more and you will take notice of all the messages the universe is whispering to you. What you will also notice is that a lot of coincidences will appear in your life. The more you are at peace the more you will become aware and your psychic powers will increase as you become more aware of the information being received by your mind, body and emotions.

Your imagination

The faculty of imagination enables you to rehearse before you make a move. What you can do is teach yourself to visualize by placing an object in front of you and observe it very carefully such as features, light, color, markings etc. Then proceed to close your eyes can you still see it, does it look the same to you or is it different. Keep practicing until the two images are identical, the more developed your imagination is the more psychic you will be!

Stop and listen

It is good to stop and listen from time to time through out your day and join in the stillness, slow yourself down and just listen. This gives you an opportunity to let information come through to you, as when you are busy speeding around or stressing you cannot hear the messages.

Keep a diary

Once you start becoming more observant you can experience more vivid dreams so do pay attention to these dreams and keep a record of them in your diary. Take note of any symbols or emotions as these will have a meaning specific to you.

You do need to practice

The more you practice the more skilled you will become it does take discipline and practice lots of it. Start by determining who is calling you, or predict what day you will get the mail, try to let faces come to you naturally. You can also do a course, workshop or seminar. There are also free online psychic groups and forums for people who are interested in learning more and communicating with other interested, knowledgeable people. Why not do some psychic skills tests as a way of practicing more. There are many websites that do offer free ESP testing.

Never misuse your psychic powers for personal gain

Your psychic powers are meant to help other people, some people become very selfish with their special skills and abuse the gift and then tend to lose it.

Choose to become a positive person with a positive attitude

This is where you have to do things for yourself that have meaning and add value to your life and makes you happy, it is important that you do take time out on a daily basis. The more you are able to stay in a positive mind set the more relaxed you will become and it will be that much easier for you to increase your psychic abilities.





Are Psychics Real?

Psychic gypsy
Psychic gypsy
There are many really gifted people in the world where they do have an inner true vision so yes answering your question are psychics real. Some people are naturally blessed with the amplified gift of vision whereas we all have this inner gift yet for some people they need to work on themselves to bring this ability to the fore where as many others it is amplified from a young age. Of course we are all very unique beings and as mentioned before there are many real gifted psychics in the world that have been able to predict accurately of events to happen for people and world events. There are many psychics that are used by the police to find missing people or to solve a mysterious death etc.

These real psychics are ordinary people like  yourself where they live, breathe and eat like you do, have money issues, relationship issues etc and yet they are able to assist many a person with their gift of vision. For some real psychics they perceive their gift as a burden as always knowing what was going to happen for someone good or bad has made them see it as a burden.

Many psychics that work for the police where they attend murder scenes will experience what the victim went through, their pain and their emotions, this of course can be very draining to them emotionally, physically and mentally. For many psychics they are also able to see exactly how the murder transpired and see the murder therefore being able to give police very accurate details and information to assist a case. So you can imagine to offer your services to assist humanity can at times become very detrimental to your health in more ways than one.

A real psychic

If you are getting a reading done by a psychic then you will know if they are real and genuine with their gift as they will tell you something very relevant that is happening in your present life, also your past of certain things that did happen. Of course there are many that will actually give you names and places, sometimes dates etc. They can also tell you of your family members in spirit and able to give apt descriptions sometimes very profound. Not only that they will also be able to provide you with accurate details of future events that will unfold for you as they have an inner vision that will see what it is.

A real psychic will not ask you questions and they will be very specific with the information that they do provide to you, this is where you can experience moments of how did they know this. It is their gift of seeing and hearing the universe whisper the messages through to them.

A real psychic will tell you things easily and will not ask for confirmation for each piece of insight they divulge to you rather they will keep telling you things that have transpired or will transpire. A gifted psychic will give you a reading and at the end of it they could possibly ask you if you had any questions to ask of them. Do ask if you do have any as they could provide you with the information that you seek.

A genuine psychic has the ability to see for you and there can be occasions where a psychic can turn around and tell you that they are sorry as there is nothing there for them to give you, this can happen from time to time. If this happens to you then do appreciate them for their honesty and ask if they can recommend you to another psychic put simply they are not meant to do a reading for you and that is ok.

There can be times where a psychic will read for you and they have foretold things for your future and it turns out for others instead. This can happen from time to time but what you will discover is that most of the reading is about you.

If a psychic keeps giving you vague information that does not seem relevant to you and keeps asking you questions then close the session with this person and tell them that they are not providing you with accurate information an that it is very vague. You do not need to sit through a reading where you know what they are telling you is just not applicable to you in any shape or form.

There are many fake psychics in the world who are only doing readings to make money for themselves and yet there are many genuinely real psychics that are very gifted, if you get a reading done from one of these psychics then you have been blessed!





Understanding Crystal Magic And Their Power

Rose quartz
Rose quartz
The amazing beauty and wonders of crystal magic are vast and unique, each crystal that you choose to have in your life will be drawn to you. When you go in search of a specific crystal there will be a vast array and you find that you are physically drawn to a specific one! Well the crystal chooses YOU!

There are so many crystals that you can pick from, and each one has its unique crystal magic that you can use for spells, incantations, invocations etc. Mother nature has created crystal magic for all mankind to benefit from. You do not need to be a witch to experience the power of crystal magic. We are all gifted to experience and understand the true beauty of crystals.

An experience with black obsidian

There was a time where I was experiencing a lot of negative energy within my own home where it got to the stage where it was becoming unbearable to live in. These energies were there from time past as they built my home over a path that was used in rituals aeons of time ago, where there was a circle that was created for magic. So you can imagine how active my home was from these energies. But there was more negative energies that came to my home compliments of some friends that I had and those energies stayed to interact with the energies that were there already.

So to rid my self of all this and to put peace into my home and lay the ritual path to rest, I lit a gold candle every day for 7 days, and I used a black obsidian which I lay near the candle to absorb these negative energies.

On the seventh day I found that the energies were gone, I lay my black obsidian outside to absorb the energy of the sun and later the energy of the moon. In this way my black obsidian was cleansed and purified. As was my home, the black obsidian created its magic in my home.

The most fascinating part was when I went to purchase my black obsidian there was a vast array to pick from yet there was one piece that drew me to it and when I lay it in the palm of my hand it became alive and active and pulsated away, sending such an incredible heat through out my body. The black obsidian chose me! Today I use this black obsidian in my healing work. Also I use this amazing magic crystal to heal and activate my third eye.

Finding Crystal magic for you

There are so many beautiful crystals that have such beautiful magic within them, and they heal and manifest through their qualities and attributes. Research which crystal it is that you would like to have that will help you with whatever life situation, health issue, financial abundance that you seek. Allow the crystal to pick you when you go looking through the crystal shops. The one that comes alive in your hand sending you their energies this is the one for you.

Cannot find a particular crystal but you really want it ASAP

This is where magic unfolds like you would not believe. All you will have to do is get a picture of it. If you have a crystal book and you have the picture of the crystal or of course get it uploaded on the internet, this is where you can simply lay your hands onto the crystal and experience its magic! Ask the crystal to experience its magic time and again. You will be amazed.

Looking after your crystals

It is important that you do respect your crystals and value them, and give them a great clean from time to time. You can soak them in mineral water, and leave in the sun and moon light this helps them to discharge any energy work that they were used for and then to recharge themselves with natures healing life force.


How To Become A Spiritual Witch

Choose nature to explore your spiritual self
Choose nature to explore your spiritual self
For many modern witches it has become a trend rather to become a spiritual witch. With the new age ways of thinking of today it has had its influence on the craft. So many spiritual witches choose also to live a spiritual life on a daily basis. Here we give practical guidance in becoming a spiritual witch will help you with your craft which will also help you to connect with a higher power on your own terms.

1. You will need to feel what is right for you, where you will be required to set aside time every day or once a week for spiritual contemplation. Also consider what time of day suits you best. When you find a time that suits stick to that time frame for your spiritual contemplation.

2. It is important to find a place where you will not be disturbed and you are able to sit and relax, of course the atmosphere you choose should be quiet and very soothing in its appearance without to many distractions. For some they prefer to do it outside with nature.

3. There are some people that do have a preference to listen to music which can be nature sounds, classical, new age etc so whatever it is that can put you into a reflective and open mood then use it.

4. When you are able to be in an open frame of mind, this is where you can then close your eyes and do take a few deep breaths and allow your jaw and whole body to relax that is release any tension that you are holding in your body.

5. This is where you can let your thoughts wander toward your life. It does not have to be toward a person, rather towards your life force, or the energy within you, this is where you can try and feel this energy.

6. Can you feel the life force within you, this is where there is an unlimited amount of potential that resides with in you. So what is it that you want to do with this energy? Where would you like to direct it? Take this time to think about the direction you want your life to go.

7. Within the same time, keep also in mind how small you are in relation to this planet. Your life does not really matter in the scheme of things, all your problems become very insignificant, let them go.

8. Do realize that no matter how small you are that you are also huge, your ability to connect is infinite. Hitler and Gandhi are two people that were able to make an enormous difference in their connection to the rest of the world. So think about the differences that you can make, even if you find your situation limited.

9. Consider and ponder about the source of the energy that is within you. Do ask questions, such as is the same life flowing through other living beings, are we all connected in sharing this life source, is it precious, where does it come from, and where does it go? Those are just some of the questions that we have no answer to, again think how small you are and who are you to know the answers to all of life?

10. Do be wary of people that do claim that they know the correct way, every person is very unique in this world and we all find a way that will suit us. We all seek answers as that what does make us all humans. So open yourself to the questions you pose and receive the answers, explore possibilities as they are unlimited.

11. Your spiritual contemplation can be as deep or long as you feel it is comfortable for you, if you prefer you can just rest your mind throughout the meditation, as this will also assist you to become centered and steeped in spirituality. When you are done  what you will have experienced is an awareness. Be conscious of all the decisions you make on a daily basis big or small. Your actions are what will bring you that much closer to being the person that you really seek and want to be.

12. The last of human freedoms is having  the ability to choose one’s attitude in any circumstance so choose your own way.