Candles Spells And White Magic To Meet Your Soulmate

Wanting To Meet A Soulmate/Life Partner? Well Why Not Try Some White Candle Magic To Help You Manifest Exactly What You Want!

You have been single for a period of time now and you are looking for ways on how you can manifest a soul mate for life using candles spells and white magic. This can be achieved, but what is so important is that you do need to be specific in what you really desire to manifest.

Candles, spells and white magic to find your soulmate
Candles, spells and white magic to find your soulmate

It is pointless to say, "Universe I want a soulmate/life partner". Well it will come to you and when you get it, you might not be happy at all. Why is that, well you just asked but you did not specify exactly what you wanted.

When we are specific in what we ask for it is better for you as the Universe will bring that to you, so have a really good think over a couple of days, these following things.

  • The person you want to meet are they short or tall, young or old, fat or skinny getting the picture now be specific.
  • Would you like them to have a job, or a business, or a job that they love doing or a business that they are successful in.
  • What color eyes, or do you simply want someone with attractive eyes again be specific.
  • A neat and tidy person that takes pride in their appearance or a big slob your choice.
  • A great personality, a person that has a great smile, enjoys laughing with you, and can laugh at themselves, easy going but knows his priorities in life which is you!
  • Is he financial? Well that is great to ask for somebody who is financial in life, but that he will also enjoy spending his finances on you too!
  • A man that will love you for who you are!
  • A man that will enjoy spending time with you.
  • Well why not ask for the great lover also, this is also important because it is all part and parcel of a healthy relationship.
  • A person that you are compatible with and share a great chemistry, a person that you feel comfortable with, and share a great love between you both built on love, trust and respect.

You can create your own list or add more to this list it is all up to you, but do sit down and give it a go and see what you come up with and use the above as a guide only.

Do realize this is a serious matter, and not to be taken lightly so be wise in what you do ask for!

Candles Spells White Magic Method.

You will require the following for the soulmate ritual.

  • 1 white candle 12cm in height and 1cm in width
  • 2 imitation gold wedding bands
  • A piece of gold string.
  • In the evening on a waxing moon is the best time but also can be done any time you wish!

The ritual

Tie the two gold rings together using the gold string, this will bind the rings together which will bind you and your soulmate together.

Now put these tied rings over the candle, run them down the length of the white candle and let the candle sit in the middle of the joined rings. Now have your prepared  request to hand so you can start the ritual.

Light the candle and as you do you will read through your requests, stay with this lit candle and spend time putting out your request to the Universe, keep invoking what you would like to manifest till the candle totally melts to the bottom end of it.

When the candle has melted to the very bottom you then pick up the two gold rings that are still binded together with the gold string. You leave these rings binded with the gold string and put in a safe place.

It will not take long for you to meet your soulmate after doing this spell. Do be aware that the Universe always will bring to you what you do ask for as this spell will draw a partner who is best suited to you at this time in your life, or also it could bring to you someone who is “meant” to be with you.

Do also remember, that you do take responsibility for any results or consequences.


Never do a binding spell to keep someone in your life, as this is against their free will, and the relationship will only end in quarrel, sadness and the relationship will totally fail.

What you can do instead is a "free will" spell where it does not bind you both to each other rather it is simply putting to the universe what your intentions are towards your partner and if they are to be reciprocated then let it be through their own free will!


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  1. I have been by myself already for more then six yrs, I want to find some one that really respect me and love me,some one who really like to enjoy life, and share our life and moments together.

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