Binding Spell That Works For WeightLoss

binding spell
Binding spell for weight loss
When creating a binding spell you are putting the power of manifestation into this binding spell. Your complete focus on achieving a result creates the energy behind the actual binding spell. There fore it becomes powerful as it manifests itself so be careful what you want to bind! A binding spell can be used for many purposes but a lot of thought is required if you really do want to create the binding spell do be aware of what you are actually requesting and the consequences of the binding spell as they really do work!

You do not need to be a witch or ask a witch to create a binding spell, everybody has the power within to create a powerful binding spell. All spells are based on intention and focus, which brings forth the energy that is summoned to make it work and this is also applies to binding spells.

What are binding spells used for

Binding spells are mainly used to bind another person to you, or when you want someone out of your life you will bind them. You could also create a binding spell to bring you love, luck, weightloss, happiness, basically whatever it is that you so desire! As long as you are aware of the outcome that it will bring.

When creating a binding spell to bind another person to you, this is where you can create disharmony to the other person’s free will. And this is something that you really do not want to do. Many people do these love binding spells, and find that they do get the person but things do not flow smoothly in the relationship and there is always discord rather than happiness.

My best advice to you is to create binding spells for yourself and if you are finding that there are people that are very negative towards you, or are psychically attacking you then yes do a binding spell that will keep them away from you. It is always best to do a binding spell with the best of intentions, when you start to go against free will then you are going into the darker side of binding spells and this is best to be avoided as there are always repercussions to what we choose to do with a binding spell.

Create a binding spell for weight loss

You will require a half metre length of blue cord or blue string. On a new moon sit down and have a good think as to why and what is stopping you from losing any excess weight. Then proceed to tie eight evenly spaced knots, as you tie each knot proceed  with saying as follows:

    First knot:

    By knot of one, I now embrace a reduction in my appetite.

    Second knot:

    By knot of two, I bind myself to desire healthy food choices

    Third knot:

    By knot of three, I bind my urge to binge, gorge, splurge and gobble junk food.

    Fourth knot:

    By knot of four I bind myself to enjoy exercising and I no longer oppose it.

    Fifth knot:

    By knot of five, all excess weight I carry will quickly start to dissipate.   

   Sixth knot:

    By knot of six I bind myself to enjoy smaller servings of healthy food

    Seventh knot:

    By knot of seven, my insecurities go and self worth blooms and continues to    grow.

    Eighth knot:

    By knot of eight, I bind any setbacks and achieve and enjoy healthy weight loss.

Then tie the two ends together and visualize yourself  reaching your goal weight easily and decree

This final know, I set this binding spell, so each and every single cell in my body. My mind works together now to bind me to this weight loss strategy, where my ideal weight will be reached quickly and easily so mote it be.

Put your blue cord in a safe place such as your alter if you have one if not then do keep it in a place where nobody else will be able to touch it.


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