Be Inspired To Create Your Own Tarot Deck

You can create your own tarot deck that is unique or a set of reading cards that you are inspired to create.

Create your own unique tarot deck
Create your own unique tarot deck
If you are a person that enjoys reading the tarot and want to make your own set of tarot this is easily done. What you will require is a lot of patience, and of course time. It is pointless to rush it all, rather do take your time when creating them. Personalise this deck and make it very unique this will then give your tarot deck that you create a great power that unfolds for you to use.

How to create your tarot deck or angel cards, or cards of your own imagination

It  is up to you to decide how many cards that you will like to have in your tarot deck if later you wish to add more you can. Do consider what type of meanings that you want to be presented in each card. Create pictures with your own artistic hands, color or paint them.


  • A piece of cardboard the color of your choice
  • Paints, colored pencils, crayon, texta colors etc

On a piece of cardboard with a lead pencil out line how many cards that you would like to create, you can then cut them out or alternatively you can leave the cardboard whole until you have created all your cards and then proceed to cut them out to be laminated. On the reverse side of cardboard you make the outline again for all your cards that is if you are leaving the card board in one piece, this is where you create your own unique picture, design that will be on the back of each tarot card that you create.

So do take your time in creating, put a lot of thought, sit and meditate on each card that you wish to create, put a meaning on each card. So this is a chance for you to bring out your creative forces after all your unique set that you create possibly one day you will be able to market them. If you like you can also add 3 yes cards and 3 no cards when you do a 1 card spread to get an answer to a query. You could also ask for blessings for your tarot deck and that you are guided and given insights to give profound readings for others.

Ways in which you can use your new deck

When you create a deck of cards you can read them in so many ways such as the following:

1. Create a deck then when thinking of  a particular question and you seek an answer this is where you can pull out a card from your deck, then shuffle your yes and no cards, then pull one out to cover the card from the tarot deck this will also give you the yes or no answer to your question.

2. You can use the yes or no cards on their own for any question that you have and want an immediate answer.

3. Create a 3 card spread for past present and future to anything that you want to know about.

4. Another great way to read cards is to shuffle the deck and lay out 5 cards then read these cards and when seeking further insight to a card you lay another card on top of it, reading this way will help you gain more insight to a situation to the meaning of a card.

In conclusion

Creating your own deck of tarot cards, or cards of your choice that you are inspired to create is a great way to help you read for yourself and others. This deck then becomes very personalised and unique one of its kind original and the best. What you will find is that these cards will become your greatest tool if you are a witch or a lay person.


I created my own personal reading cards, and found them to give me very profound insights and am able to give accurate readings for others. Now my cards just read to me with depth and wisdom it is like each of my cards have their own third eye imprinting me with their message to give to the people I read for.


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