How To Become A Spiritual Witch

Choose nature to explore your spiritual self
Choose nature to explore your spiritual self
For many modern witches it has become a trend rather to become a spiritual witch. With the new age ways of thinking of today it has had its influence on the craft. So many spiritual witches choose also to live a spiritual life on a daily basis. Here we give practical guidance in becoming a spiritual witch will help you with your craft which will also help you to connect with a higher power on your own terms.

1. You will need to feel what is right for you, where you will be required to set aside time every day or once a week for spiritual contemplation. Also consider what time of day suits you best. When you find a time that suits stick to that time frame for your spiritual contemplation.

2. It is important to find a place where you will not be disturbed and you are able to sit and relax, of course the atmosphere you choose should be quiet and very soothing in its appearance without to many distractions. For some they prefer to do it outside with nature.

3. There are some people that do have a preference to listen to music which can be nature sounds, classical, new age etc so whatever it is that can put you into a reflective and open mood then use it.

4. When you are able to be in an open frame of mind, this is where you can then close your eyes and do take a few deep breaths and allow your jaw and whole body to relax that is release any tension that you are holding in your body.

5. This is where you can let your thoughts wander toward your life. It does not have to be toward a person, rather towards your life force, or the energy within you, this is where you can try and feel this energy.

6. Can you feel the life force within you, this is where there is an unlimited amount of potential that resides with in you. So what is it that you want to do with this energy? Where would you like to direct it? Take this time to think about the direction you want your life to go.

7. Within the same time, keep also in mind how small you are in relation to this planet. Your life does not really matter in the scheme of things, all your problems become very insignificant, let them go.

8. Do realize that no matter how small you are that you are also huge, your ability to connect is infinite. Hitler and Gandhi are two people that were able to make an enormous difference in their connection to the rest of the world. So think about the differences that you can make, even if you find your situation limited.

9. Consider and ponder about the source of the energy that is within you. Do ask questions, such as is the same life flowing through other living beings, are we all connected in sharing this life source, is it precious, where does it come from, and where does it go? Those are just some of the questions that we have no answer to, again think how small you are and who are you to know the answers to all of life?

10. Do be wary of people that do claim that they know the correct way, every person is very unique in this world and we all find a way that will suit us. We all seek answers as that what does make us all humans. So open yourself to the questions you pose and receive the answers, explore possibilities as they are unlimited.

11. Your spiritual contemplation can be as deep or long as you feel it is comfortable for you, if you prefer you can just rest your mind throughout the meditation, as this will also assist you to become centered and steeped in spirituality. When you are done  what you will have experienced is an awareness. Be conscious of all the decisions you make on a daily basis big or small. Your actions are what will bring you that much closer to being the person that you really seek and want to be.

12. The last of human freedoms is having  the ability to choose one’s attitude in any circumstance so choose your own way.



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